Rev. Andrew Guthrie
Who am I? They mock me, these lonely questions of mine.
Whoever I am, Thou knowest, O God, I am thine!"
from  "Who Am I?" by Deitrich Bonhoeffer

Who am I? For some of us, this is a persistent question, a pondering that plagues us our entire lives. For others we never give it a second thought, and just make our way through life accepting the roles and responsibilities in front of us. But whatever the case, there are times in our lives when we have to give an answer, and accounting of who we are. Maybe it's when we have our first children and we have to become parents for the first time, or when a job we've had suddenly turns into a career, and we're now a carpenter, or an electrician, or an accountant. Or maybe it's that point in our lives, after we've been going to church forever, and we finally have to decide for ourselves, and not for anyone else, that we are followers of Christ. For some this happens at baptism, but for many more of us it's at a different point in life, sometimes even when we don't expect it. 

This self searching is also true of the church. Congregational life goes in waves, sometimes stable, and sometimes through periods of time in which everything changes. In her book  The Great Transformation , Phillis Tickle argues that the church goes through 500 years cycles of rebirth and rejuvenation. At the end of these periods, there is the need for an intellectual "rummage sale." Practices, ideas, beliefs, etc. that have become stale are sold off, making room for something new. Jesus came in a time like this, when the Jewish faith of his time was in turmoil; 500 years later the original church councils laid out the faith in a series of creeds; in 1000 CE, after a few centuries of simmering conflict the churches of the east and west split; 500 years later a monk in Germany name Martin Luther hammered 99 thesis to the church door in his hometown. Today, 500 years later we are again in one of these periods, in the great "rummage sale" that Tickle, and others, call the "great emergence." 

In each of these periods, the church has had to declare anew just who it is. Today as we seek to answer this question, one of the things I am aware of is that while a cosmic rummage sale is surely underway, the persistent question of our identity as a people doesn't mean throwing everything out. Rather, it means stripping back the facade of the church, and engaging with the foundations of our faith. What is it we do, what is it about who we are that is essential to our identity as a church? And what are the non-essentials, the things that have brought life, but that are not necessary for our mission and witness? This is not so much about needing to do, or not do, certain things, and more about figuring out our essence. 

During Lent I'll be preaching on the theme of "Foundations." After all the small group meetings in which I was able to meet the members of First Christian, several themes emerged, topics that were consistent. This will be the basis of this sermon series. Who are we, as a church? What are our foundations? Because whatever comes next will be built on what has been most important in this place. As we journey together through lent, I hope you'll join me in this quest. It will take lots of prayer, listening, and imaginative inquiry as we boldly move into our future together. 
Blessings, Rev. Andrew Guthrie
We will also have an Ash Wednesday service at First Christian Church at 7pm in the Sanctuary.
Bible Study:
When: Tuesday mornings  at 9am, 3/12-4/16
Where: Panera Break at Tippecanoe Mall (2415 Sagamore Pkwy S, Lafayette, IN 47905)

Book Group:
When: Wednesday Evenings, 3/13—4/17 at 7:00pm @ Church
To oder the book "What Is the Bible?" for the Book Group click the link below or you can pick one up at church.
Reading info will be at
Online Book  Study
"Present and Centered"
"How dependent are you on your smartphone? And how much does that distract you from the world around you? Join us for this online journey through lent as we explore the role of smartphones on our daily lives. Don't worry: you wont be asked to give up your smartphone  cold turkey;  but if you're like me, you will be challenged."  
Visit  to follow along!
**Congregational prayer requests will remain in the bulletin for 2 weeks unless office is otherwise notified**
M. Charlene Bowman--Mulberry; Sally Brunger—Mulberry Health (324); Marylou Curtis—Westminster (3404); Sue England--Cumberland Point (105); Charles Fairfield--Signature Health Care; Marilyn Galloway--Creasy Springs (201); Gordon & Joyce Hamilton--home; Barbara Harvey—Mulberry Hills; Vernetta Lynn—Five Star Residences; Lucille Maris—Westminster (3201); Suzie Mounts—Elmcroft (124); Flo Peters--Friendship House (320); Wanda Sharp--Indianapolis; Ralph Ward—Five Star /formerly Rosewalk (87); Ruby Ward—son Marcus Haley’s home; Connie Zarzour—home 
Dear Friends, 
On behalf of The Salvation Army, we want to thank First Christian Church for your continuing support of our kettle campaign this past Christmas season. Your commitment over the years is greatly appreciated as together we work alongside the Greater Lafayette community to help those in need.  The amount you helped to raise at Macy's on December 15 was $113.48!! 
Audrey Schneider
A big shout out to those that helped to make our reception such a welcoming event for the “Music of the Faiths Festival” . To those that brought food and drinks, made coffee, punch and sandwiches and the guys that put up tables and moved furniture to stretch us out a little, and everyone that just pitched in to do what needed done-- Thank you!! We received lots of appreciation from the choirs and guests that attended.
This is our month for the Food Pantry sign up at the Gathering Place. Thursday March 21st from 3:45-6:15pm and then Friday the 22nd from 11:45am-3:00pm. You can drop off your donations at the Gathering Place or the Narthex.

As this winter seems to never end, we are thankful that every child and youth through age 18 can keep warm by using their fleece blanket they received through our Jubilee program in 2018. As I begin to prepare for Jubilee 2019 and hope to be able to provide fleece blankets to each child again, I could use your help. Donations of fleece or money to purchase fleece would be appreciated. Each blanket is made using 4 yards of fleece. The front and back of each blanket are different, either a print and solid color, or 2 different coordinating prints. Please consider helping with this project. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me. Thanks for your support and help with Jubilee Christmas. Sandie Hauser, Coordinator  
The Bryan College Chorale and Chamber Singers will present a concert of sacred choral music as part of worship at First Christian Church in Lafayette, IN on Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 10:00 am. The program will consist of a variety of sacred literature, including traditional, classical and gospel music.

The Bryan Chorale consists of 44 singers representing eleven states across North America and one foreign country. Under the direction of Dr. Kimberly Keck, the group’s concerts and recordings have been received enthusiastically throughout the United States and six tours to Europe, including Lincoln Center in New York City and Westminster Abbey in London. Twenty members of this group toured Europe last May to sing in Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany.

The Chamber Singers, a nineteen-voice select ensemble within the Chorale, is under the direction of Dr. David Luther and is in constant demand for church concerts. Their travels include eight tours to the Bahamas, two tours to California and two invitations to sing at The Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado, said this about the Chorale: “What a blessing the Bryan Chorale was to our Focus staff. The concert was superb. Their voices combine power and blend in a way that has an almost mesmerizing quality–and makes you
want to leap to your feet in applause.”

Bryan College, located in Dayton, TN, is a four-year, Christian liberal arts institution with a mission “to educate students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world.”
Pension Fund of the Christian Church by Greg Smith
I have the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors of the Pension Fund of the Christian Church. This general ministry of the church is based in Indianapolis and the Board consists of Clergy and non-clergy from around the United States and Puerto Rico. The board meets twice a year for a couple of days. 
The Pension Fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) provides pension and retirement savings accounts for clergy and lay employees of congregations, regions, general ministries and church-related colleges and seminaries of the Stone-Campbell (Restoration) Movement. Pension Fund manages over $ 3 billion in net assets on behalf of those serving in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and related international ministries. 

During 2018, we provided Pension Plan payments of nearly $ 127 million to recipients. Also, during 2018, we were able to provide ministerial relief to clergy in financial need of over $ 2 million. We recently provided emergency relief for churches and ministers in need in Puerto Rico after the hurricane and to northern California after the fires. 
Greg Smith

We have a group that will be using the church building for an art and science camp June 3rd-7th and July 29th-August 2nd. They will use the top floor from 8am-5pm and Fellowship Hall from 11am-1pm. You can find more information about this group at or to register your child.
Youth & Kids Activities for March
Contact Michelle if you need a ride at 765-490-9297 or

March 10th Game Night at Pizza King on Veteran's Memorial & 18t St.
from 4:30-6pm. Pizza provided just bring money for a drink
and a friend.
March 17th Bowling at Arrowhead Bowling Alley from 11:30-1:30pm
Cost: $10
March 24th Lunch and put together more packets for those in need
March 31st Movie at the new Eastside 10 theater at noon
(Movie to be announced)
March Muggers
Dave & Suzie Kelsey

March Deacons
March 3rd
10am Service
Team Leader: Hilgediek's
Serving: Gaye Hilgediek
Serving: Sam Hilgediek
Serving: Lou Hill
Serving: Marsha Hill
Set Up & Clean Up: Lou & Marsha Hill

March 10th
Team Leader: Hilgediek's
Serving: Gaye Hilgediek
Serving: Sam Hilgediek
Serving: Lou Hill
Serving: Marsha Hill
Set Up & Clean Up: Hilgediek's

March 17th
10am Service
Team Leader: Kathy Stirlen
Serving: Linda Brammell
Serving: Richard Brammell
Serving: Zack Dismore
Serving: Roberta Pilotte
Set Up & Clean Up: All Available

March 24th
Team Leader: Sandie Hauser
Serving: Dee Chitty
Serving: Crystal Cover
Serving: Kathy Kremer
Serving: Gery Kremer
Set Up & Clean Up: All Available

March 31st
Team Leader: Harriet Beeler
Serving: Sue Dismore
Serving: Richard Shaw
Serving: Paula Floyd
Serving: Letcher Floyd
Set Up & Clean Up: All Available