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March 2019
March 2nd
Springfield, VA
World Parrot Trust
March 10th
Jacksonville, FL
The Contented Companion
March 16th
Alexander, NC
A Parrot's Point of View
March 23rd
Cary, NC
No Place Like Home
March 23rd
Fairfax, VA
The Contented Companion
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There is always something new to learn to improve the lives of our parrots in captivity, from parakeets to macaws.  We hope you'll join us often!
Springfield, VA
 Lauren Schmaltz
World Parrot Trust Administrator USA
We have a very special guest speaker joining us this month, and sure hope you will join us. The World Parrot Trust is doing many great things world wide to help wild parrots, so no matter which species you most appreciate, there is most likely a project underway to help them.  We will also have a special auction to help raise some money for the Trust, specifically for their Africa programs. Please join us!!
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Living with a Disabled Bird
Living with a parrot is challenging, no doubt about it.  So, does that mean that living with a handicapped parrot is more difficult?  Not necessarily!  The basics still apply - ample cage space, good nutrition, proper avian vet care, environmental enrichment and safety.  With a few adjustments, you can help your bird live fully with its disability.  Dawn Grace has some tips for caring for a disabled bird, click here
Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds
Almost every bird will need more than one home. Sometimes it is because people have not taken time to understand how to live successfully with a parrot; but most often it is simply because our lives change. It's no ones fault, it's just what needs to happen. So it is really important that we promote adoption as a positive way to find a bird companion.  To l earn more about our process go to
SAMMIE and SALLIE are white bellied caiques. Perhaps you have a definition of what a "busy" parrot is, but in caique standards that should be multiplied several times over. Caiques are very food motivated, and especially enjoy fruits. These two came with a reputation of lunging, but we've given them a 40" wide cage so this behavior has greatly diminished. A wider cage would be even better! Having more space to move and play can often solve some problems, because birds appreciate their personal space, just like us. And they all need room to move and play, otherwise sitting sedentary in a cage can lead to all kinds of physical and mental oppression.  We want them to go to a home where someone is willing to provide them a 48" minimum wide cage, with good prospects for an outdoor aviary as well (which they are just discovering at The Landing now).  Oh, and don't forget the toy and food bill for caiques can be substantial!
PHOENIX  is a 10 year old female greenwing macaw, that is pretty young by macaw standards. (This Phoenix is not to be confused with the Phoenix who is the titular head of our organization, in case you were wondering!).  She is quick to give you a "hi!" and if you have an outdoor aviary, this would make her the happiest of all. She enjoyed being outdoors most in her first home, but a safe enclosure is a must. When Phoenix hears the vacuum (is it the sound of the rainforest?) she's up for bath by bowl or mist.  Her favorite toys are things she can shred or preen. Don't forget macaws will go through an abundance of toys and activities, so be prepared for that expense of time, money, and creativity!
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Transport help upon occasion, join our Volunteer Facebook page ( click here ) where we post for help; become a    Chlorhexidine for cleaning at The Landing; unsulphured and unsweetened banana chips; coconut oil;  flax seed; 2-door wire travel carriers, Midwest is a good brand; and Kamut and quinoa grains. We also really appreciate your support by shopping with us at  or using our Amazon affiliate button ( click here  or on our home page to find it).
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2019 "Step-Up" Workshop Dates
Carole teaching a grey to match colors
Sometimes we think that a bird must learn to step onto our hands, but this may actually be the last thing we teach, as it requires the ultimate level of trust. However, there are many ways to have a positive relationship, and touching is not always the best or only approach. That's why our "Step-Up" workshops, which actually stands for " S kills T Empower  P eople to U nderstand P arrots" can be very helpful.  
2019 workshop dates are: June 28-30 and August 23-25, and there is very limited space. This intensive 3-day event is designed to give people an abundance of information about parrot care,  from behavior and health, to nutrition and enrichment. In addition to lectures, there will be hands-on  training sessions, cooking classes, and time to discuss issues of specific importance to you. We will work with  the adoptable birds at the Phoenix Landing facility, so you can teach behavior, foraging and feeding new foods first-hand. All of us can learn new things to improve our relationships with our parrots. Anyone with parakeets to macaws will benefit!  More information at: