March 2019
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March 2019

March is the first month of Spring!  It's the time of the year when plants begin growing again, maple tress produce sap which is turned into maple syrup and animals start to wake up from hibernation.  It's also when some households decide to do some spring cleaning.  
Furthermore, March 14th is Pi Day which celebrates the number pi (π).  Pi Day reminds everyone that it was first used to find the circumference of a circle around 4,000 years ago!  Most mathematicians, teachers, and students celebrate Pi Day by doing fun activities such as having a pie eating contest!   
Lastly, college basketball is a very popular sport in the United States.  It has one of the most popular tournaments in sports during the month of March.  The championship tournament is nicknamed March Madness and 68 college teams will get into the tournament.  
With flowers starting to emerge and grow this month how are you planning to bloom? 

The Literacy DuPage Staff

In March, we will be celebrating Women's History Month and St. Patrick's Day.  This Tutor Newsletter edition identifies many links and resources to use with your learner around these themes.
Mentor's Tutor Tip 
from Karen Fuist 

Ordinal numbers are a part of our everyday life.  We use them to tell the dates.  We use them to give instructions at work or at home.  This lesson will help our learners use ordinal numbers.
(These worksheets are found on

Levels 0-1
  • Use this page as a listening, speaking, reading and writing exercise.  Have the learners listen to you say the words, and then they repeat.  Then have them read the words and write them.  Worksheet #1
Levels 2-3 (all of the above)
  • Have your learner say their name, address, phone number.  Make a 911 emergency card to keep by their phone at home with this information on it.  Worksheet #2
Levels 4-5 (all of the above)
  • Use ordinal numbers and write complete sentences.  Worksheet #5
Levels 6-7 (all of the above) 
  • Read the description of the people and write the name under the right picture.  Worksheet #6
Now that your learner either learned the ordinal numbers or reviewed them, it's time to apply what they learned.

All levels
  • Follow the directions on the worksheets using ordinal numbers to teach hand washing.  Worksheets #7, 8, 9
This month's curriculum about taking one's temperature is designed for beginning level students but can be adapted for higher level learners.   The pictures provide a base for vocabulary development (nouns and verbs), sentence structure, and sequencing.  The activity page allows students to practice with the vocabulary, read text, sequence the sentence strips, et cetera. 

Text source:  First Words in English,    Mrowicki, Linda
Health Literacy Curriculum

Use these curriculum links for instructional materials to teach about taking one's temperature:

Use these links to increase your Health Literacy Awareness:

Lisle Library adds to its Adult Literacy Collection
Stop in the Lisle Library  to check out the More Novel Scenes series of reading books for your learner including Special Delivery, Up a Tree, Dollars to Donuts, and Field of Vision. These new items from well known literacy/ESL publisher, New Readers Press, help learners develop their reading, comprehension, conversation, listening, and pronunciation skills while enjoying stories about characters in real-life situations. Topics in each book cover helping someone expecting a baby (Special Delivery); helping a neighbor (Up a Tree); learning about running a donut shop (Dollars to Donuts); and issues while working on a farm (Field of Vision). 
The Lisle Library has many materials to help you and your learner navigate through your tutoring sessions. Books, CDs, DVDs, pre-loaded Kindles, and easy reading weekly and monthly newspapers are available in the Literacy/English Language Development (ELD) section. Remember to check out under Programs/Literacy/ELD/Sites to also use the many free apps and website links from the Library's Literacy Room computers, your home computer, or any mobile devices. 
For more information or to reserve the Library's Literacy Room for tutoring, please contact  Jean Demas, 
Literacy Librarian, 
630-971-1675, x1002.


Literacy DuPage and 
College of DuPage 
Team Up  to  Offer 
Expanded Learning, 
Tutoring Opportunities

Literacy DuPage and College of DuPage recently signed a memorandum of understanding designed to improve student learning and employment opportunities and increase efficiency.  

The collaboration will benefit both students and the DuPage community.  The agreement will result in the significant expansion of program resources for students.   This will increase access and success for Literacy DuPage's students by providing a pathway for them to enroll in Adult Education and other courses and supports offered through the College.

The Literacy DuPage office is relocating, effective July 1, 2019, to the College of DuPage, Main Campus.  Watch for more information about this change.
Tutor In-Service Workshops

Tutor In-service Workshops are tentatively scheduled April 22, June 1 and June 11.   Further details will follow soon. 
It's Race Time Again!
Join fellow tutors and Literacy DuPage staff by participating in Laps for Literacy - the Human Race with Literacy DuPage and Giving DuPage on Saturday, April 27, 2019 !   Registration is now open! Visit our website to sign up to run the 5K or fitness walk for literacy!  Tutors register themselves using  this link .

Tutor/Learner Participant Pairs:
For tutors that sign up with their learner, a board member will sponsor their student to run or walk.   Contact Diana Heppner , in the LDP office, with con firmation of your learners name, age, gender, and T-shirt size to activate this opportunity. 

Attend Annual Literacy Conference
The 28th Annual On The Road to Literacy conference, hosted by Literacy Volunteers of Illinois, will be held on March 23, 2019, on the University of Illinois Chicago campus.  Click here for conference and registration and fee information.    
This terrific conference for tutors offer 20 plus workshops in a variety of areas.  Come and learn new strategies, techniques and materials to use with your learner.   Hope to see there! 
Conversation Starter:

Some of the conversation starters this month include questions such as:

→  "What was your first job?"

→ "What do you like about your job?"

→ "What jobs did your parents have?"

You can access the full conversation starter activity by clicking here .