Literacy DuPage - Classroom tutoring has a SPARK all on its own
MARCH 2020
At Literacy DuPage, we’re closely monitoring and evaluating developments of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and local health and government authorities. We are committed to providing a safe environment for our tutors, students and staff. 
As such, our office is temporarily closed and field support is suspended. We have implemented a telework policy for our staff and are making every effort to ensure our tutors and students have continued support from Literacy DuPage.
To learn more about our COVID-19 preparations, please visit our website: .
Following is a message from Dan Deasy, Literacy DuPage Board president-elect. He’s also the manager of Continuing Education Operations and Grant Compliance at the College of DuPage: “While we very much want to help our students continue their learning, in an overabundance of caution, we are acting aggressively to limit the potential spread of the Coronavirus. We realize that suspending face-to-face tutoring, training and classes is an inconvenience. We must, however, do everything possible to safeguard the wellbeing of our students, staff, teachers and tutors. Thanks to all of you for your continued commitment to adult literacy, which improves the quality of life for our students.
For more information about COVID-19 at the College of DuPage, please visit
Classroom-based tutoring is now at Literacy DuPage

In July 2019, the College of DuPage and Literacy DuPage embarked on a journey, forming a new partnership together. This partnership is designed for greater reach, greater impact and greater success in the community. 

As part of the partnership, throughout the fall 2019 semester Literacy DuPage assumed responsibility of COD's People Educating People, or PEP, program. The PEP program supports adults enrolled in the English Language Acquisition (ELA) and High School Equivalency (HSE) programs at the College of DuPage. 

Classroom tutors support instructors and provide guidance to adult students enrolled in ELA and HSE programs at the college and help in the following classes: ELA, reading, writing, and basic math. The instructor decides who the tutor works with (whether individual, small groups or both) and what material would be the most helpful material for the learner(s). 
An instructor's classroom perspective

Seven years ago, Mary Anne was assigned her first class at COD, and a PEP tutor was also assigned to that class. From that initial experience, she realized that PEP tutors brought so much to the classroom and were critical to the classroom's success. She has been using them in her classes ever since!  

The volunteers do just about anything and everything in Mary Anne’s classroom, from assuring all students sign the attendance sheet, to working with individuals on current class material or reviewing past material, to leading small reading groups preparing for state testing.
When asked what Mary Anne likes about PEP:   

"The tutors are everyday heroes! They’re incredibly dedicated to helping people learn English. And they truly make a difference in our students' lives. I also appreciate their ideas and support as they help me be a better teacher."
A PEP tutor's classroom perspective

Tutor Bonnie began volunteering as a PEP tutor in the spring of 2008. Bonnie tutors in English classrooms and specifically enjoys working in lower-level English classes. Currently Bonnie tutors in Mary Anne's classroom. Bonnie's background is not in education, but she discovered the PEP program and thought it could be something she would enjoy.

Bonnie enjoys assisting both instructors and students interested in developing their English skills for family, work, education and everyday communication. Bonnie feels supported and encouraged by the COD staff and instructors in the program.
When asked what Bonnie has gained/learned from PEP: 
"I have gained a huge appreciation of the impact of learning English has on adult students who have children in their homes. The parents who are looking to improve their lives and also what it will mean to their children's future. I believe education and the ability to communicate with one another is very important for everyone as a person and to the community."
Literacy DuPage - Classroom tutoring has a SPARK all on its own
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