March 2020 - Virtual Dance Edition
All Ecstatic Dances should be Temporarily Closed.
Virtual Dances are now happening Everywhere!
In order to stop the spread of the Corona Virus, all in person social dances should be stopped at this time. In response to the need for social interaction and dance, in a time of physical distancing, many Event Producers and DJ's have started Online Dances and Watch Parties. An Online (Virtual) Dance is like a conference call (like on Zoom) where everyone can see each other dancing in their own homes, and a Watch Party is like being able to watch a small gathering of people dancing together, or DJ making music.

Inspirational Audio

Zeitgeist Podcast
with Zack Geist and Tyler Blank
The Origin and Language of Ecstatic Dance
Zack and Madeleine speak with Tyler Blank, Founder of EcstaticDance.Org and co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Oakland (to which many refer to as the “Mothership” of the current international Ecstatic Dance Movement.) They discuss the history of Ecstatic Dance and the amazing transformation that can occur from dancing and experiencing ecstatic states of consciousness. Hear about Ecstatic Dance from the perspectives of these community leaders.

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