March 2020 Newsletter
During these difficult and uncertain times, it can be incredibly beneficial to focus on self-care. At this point, many have forgotten all about that New Year’s Resolution, and reverted back to old habits especially with the added stressors within our current environment. Take this time to reflect upon how well you are taking care of your own needs. Learn More
What is Self-Care?
How Can I Practice
More Self-Care?
How Can I Help My Students Practice Self-Care?
Director's Corner - How Can I Support Self-Care in My Program?
Additional Articles
How often do you engage in an activity that you consider to be self-care?
A. A few times a day
B. At least once a day
C. A few times a week
D. Once a week
E. Once a month
F. Less than once a month
Poll Results: February 2020 Newsletter
Which of the following statements reflects your approach to promoting children’s development?

A. Every moment of the day is an opportunity to promote children’s development - 397 responses or 78%
B. Several daily activities provide occurrences to promote children’s development - 53 responses or 10%
C. Children’s development is only promoted in large and small group activities - 35 responses or 7%
D. I am not sure about the best time to promote children’s development - 26 responses or 5%

511 total responses
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The Importance of Self-Care | CCEI

The March edition of the CCEI newsletter focuses on ways to include self-care into the daily routine among teachers, administrators, and parents, as well as how to build these habits with students. Most people get into the child care industry...

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