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March 2020    

We hope this newsletter finds you and your family well and enjoying a milder winter with some really lovely sunny days!

We are pretty sure however, you are not enjoying the news and headlines of the last few weeks.  The spread of the Coronavirus and the growth in new cases outside of China have prompted health concerns but also a sharp market correction in stock markets around the world. And more recently, a crash to worldwide oil prices, fuelled in part by a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia.  

In the short to mid term, we can expect weaker economic growth and a decrease in corporate earnings.  It will take time for China to resume production and for the disruption in global supply chains to be repaired.  This will worsen as cases outside of China continue to grow.  However, other factors are supporting the markets.  China is stimulating its economy with monetary and fiscal policy and other countries are following with the goal of trying to stabilize the economy and the markets while this disruption runs its course.

Corrections are a natural part of the investment cycle over the long term.  We will certainly experience many more in our lifetimes.  Investors who stay invested, rather than trying to time the markets and flee to safety, have been rewarded.  
This market decline represents an opportunity to buy quality companies at attractive prices.  We have many charts, statistics and historical data showing this if you are interested. 

Our advice ~ stick with our existing long term plan, which takes into account stock market volatility.  Your plan has been carefully constructed to reflect your personal objectives and investment time horizon.

If you have any questions concerning the current state of affairs, please be sure to connect with us and we can discuss your portfolio and the market situation in greater detail.

Best wishes,                     
Karen, Richard, Janet and Sheila
Ensure you have all of your slips before you file !
Some areas to watch for:

* If you have a Non-Registered investment in a Fee-based account, make sure you have the page from the annual statement that shows the advisory fees that can be used as a tax deduction.  


* Non-Registered accounts also issue a T5008 to report on capital gains that must be declared as income.  This is essential to include in your income tax package.  


* Depending on the type of investment you hold, companies may have until March 31st to issue T3 and T5 slips.  Filing too soon may have you missing valuable information.


* If you have online access, you may be able to find whether a slip has been issued for your specific investment and print a duplicate.


Be sure to call us if you have any questions.  

The Days are Long but the Years  are Short

The markets are currently having a meltdown, similar to a toddler throwing a tantrum.  There is merit, absolutely ~ but on the longer term span of a child's life, this episode represents just a blip.

Here is a great piece from Guardian Capital taking a look at the market situation.                   

Your home is where your heart is ~ but it can also be your best financial friend.

Manulife Bank has an "All in One" program that has unique features and is fan attractive alternative to a Reverse Mortgage.  

  Check out  this great article with a comparison chart and be sure to call us if you wish to explore this concept in greater detail.

Could the surge in market volatility signal the  end of the market cycle?

Another great article giving us a good understanding and view of the current unexpected and exogenous events that are proving to be very disruptive to our economy.  

Click here to read more on the Oil situation and COVID-19 from our friends at Invesco.
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Market Watch   

For those with more of an interest in what has happened in the markets this past week, click here for an in-depth update from TD.
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