Maintain A Healthy Workplace: How Telemedicine Can Help
Help prevent the spread of illness! 

We can help your employees avoid contact with sick people at the doctor's office, save money and time, and reduce their time off by giving them an option to utilize telemedicine instead! 

Did you know up to 70% of medical issues can be solved over the phone? Call a doctor (US-based) anytime, & get a prescription written, if medically needed. No visit fee when you kidding!

With   FreshBenies , your staff get 24/7 access to talk to a U.S. Board-Certified doctor in your state. They can diagnose and prescribe medication for a variety of common illnesses. 
  • On-demand healthcare-wherever, whenever
  • Treatment for common medical issues such as colds, flu, poison ivy, respiratory infections, bronchitis, pink eye, sinus problems, allergies, urinary tract infections and ear infections
  • 10 minute average doctor response time
  • Visits for all ages-from children to seniors
  • U.S. board-certified doctors with an average 20 years practice experience
  • Upon request, Teladoc can share visit information with your doctor
  • Can be offered as a voluntary add-on or an employer-paid benefit 
With this very affordable option, your employees can have peace of mind, avoid wait times and germ-ridden waiting rooms. The best part? If they have a high deductible health insurance plan, they are also avoiding the high cost of an office visit. 

We have personally used this benefit in our office for years and highly recommend it. 

How Can We Help? 
Most of our clients understand that we are a full-service agency, but we find that some aren't aware of everything we can offer to help you run your business. 

Here are some ways we can help: 
  • Developing well rounded benefits packages; not just medical, dental and vision - we also offer life, disability, accident, indemnity, gap and other solutions.
  • DOL compliance services
  • Payroll service connections
  • Benefits administration 
  • Referral source for Property and Casualty coverage
  • Referrals for many other business services
We offer a full suite of products to fit your needs and want to be your go-to agency.
If you are seeking anything specific, please let your Advisor know. Our people are well connected and are committed to helping our clients grow. 
Help Keep Your Data Current
For the sake of compliance, we require all employers to send us a list of new hires and terminations as they happen. 

The continued accuracy of your company census is important, as it allows for timely enrollments and terminations and helps you avoid complex payroll changes and billing issues. 

Along with sending you the emailed or faxed monthly update request, we have created a simple form that you can fill out and send to us as changes happen, rather than waiting for us to request them. 

To view and save the form please 

*Be sure to save the link as a favorite so that you can update us any time you have changes. 

No time for the form? You can also email Belinda with your changes. Be sure to include hire date and salary information, or termination date. 

Questions? Call us at 740-363-5433
Monthly Tip! 
You need medical attention, but which service is the best fit for your medical needs? Which one costs more?

 Call 911 or go to an emergency room (ER) if you have a life-threatening condition. For everything else, see your primary care
physician (PCP) or family doctor first. If seeing your PCP isn't possible, it's important to know your options, especially
before heading to an ER.
Getting care at the best place for your condition could save you up to $1,800 compared to an ER visit.

Your health insurance plan has a specific network - it's obvious to start there, but how do you know whether you should visit the emergency room, urgent care, or a primary care physician?  Check out this  helpful example from United Healthcare. 

As always, if you have questions about how a service is covered, we are here to help.

Spotlight: International Medical & Employee Travel
Do you or your employees travel internationally for business or pleasure?  

Now more than ever, employers are in need of health plans that will keep their traveling employees safe, healthy and productive on international short-term and long-term assignments.

GeoBlue is a leader and innovator serving the needs of world travelers. These health plans combine unsurpassed service with state-of-the-art mobile technology to help expats, their families and business travelers access trusted doctors and hospitals all around the globe.
  • GeoBlue Traveler provides group supplemental medical benefits and services for business travelers outside of their home country for trips lasting up to 180 days.
  • GeoBlue Expat combines comprehensive global benefits with a new generation of medical assistance services. This plan is designed for international assignees and their families when they leave their home countries for six months or more.
  • GeoBlue also offers individual plans for a variety of travel scenarios, long and short term, multi-trip, and even coverage for missionary groups. 
Contact your Advisor for a quote today. 
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High Deductible Help
Since the ACA, many of our clients have been forced into a high deductible plan. Consider helping reduce your employee's healthcare spending by adding a plan to help cover their deductible. We offer very affordable accident, hospital and critical illness coverage that can help cover that high deductible - paying members cash to use toward medical expenses or even household upkeep, childcare, and any other expenses that come with a major medical event.  Protect your employees and show that you care. 

Ask us about it today! 740-363-5433 

Jim Roesch,  CEO and Chief Visionary Director