MARCH, 2020    

We're heading for the middle of Europe!  We look forward to seeing many of you in Luxembourg for this year's Interim Meeting; it promises to be a very special time.

We are all looking forward to   Foundation Night on Saturday of the conference as we celebrate the hard-fought right to vote for women while supporting the programs of The FAWCO Foundation.

Join us for the Not So Silent Auction, Live Auction, High End Raffle drawing and more. Or try your luck at the Ballot Boxes, where for just five Euros or Dollars, you get a surprise gift! There will also be a Costume Contest, dancing and more!  The Friendship Quilt raffle will be drawn on Sunday.

It would not be a Foundation Night without costumes...come dressed as your favorite suffragette, whether you want to be Susan B. Anthony or Mrs. Banks from Mary Poppins, feel free!  And don't forget, the suffragettes not only wore purple, green and white (UK) or purple, yellow and white (US), they also wore colors to represent their professions: Social workers wore dark blue, educators and students wore green, writers wore white and purple, and artists wore pale rose. And if you don't want to wear a costume, come dressed as you are and purchase one of our ready-made sashes, with slogans already on them!

See you in Luxembourg!

Tracy Moede, VP Communications

The 2020 Development Grant ballot is now live online. Make sure that your club is represented in the voting for this year's Development Grants! Click below for the interactive ballot.
REMEMBER: All ballots must be submitted online.  There will be NO PAPER BALLOTS at the IM. The deadline for submitting your ballot is Saturday, March 21 at 12:00 noon CET.  Each FAWCO club is entitled to one vote.  The ballot MUST be submitted by either the Club President or the FAWCO Rep.

The FAWCO Foundation greatly appreciates the generosity of FAWCO and FAUSA members who kindly donate beautiful items for our high-end raffle.  This year, we have been given two beautiful items: an elegant hand-crafted leather necklace, embroidered with Czech beads, black agate, hematite, mother of pearl, pearl and tinted agate crystals AND a classic MCM purse, well known as a luxury fashion accessory and seen on the arms of celebrities. The raffle drawing will be held before Foundation Night so you can show off your beautiful items at the gala! You'll truly be going in style!   You need not be present to win.


Whether you're attending the Interim Meeting in Luxembourg or not, you can still support the philanthropic goals of FAWCO.
Become a Benefactor! There are five levels to choose from but all of them will make you a woman of action!

By donating to The FAWCO Foundation, you will be making a difference in the lives of women and children worldwide.  
We are very pleased to offer this lovely charm celebrating Women's Right to Vote and the beauty of Luxembourg.
Even if you're not attending the Interim Meeting in Luxembourg, you can still own one of these beautiful silver charms.  To purchase the 2020 charm, please contact 
Proceeds from the sale of the charms will go to support the programs of The FAWCO Foundation.

The Foundation now has a closed group on Facebook called The FAWCO Foundation Friends. This group is by invitation or ask-to-join only. Members can engage in group chats, ask questions and post text files to share.  
Here you will find the most recent developments and news about the Foundation. Join us!  
There is also a FAWCO Foundation  public page. Your family and friends who join our public page will find Foundation related news. Let them know they can be a part of your FAWCO-related world!  
Nan de Laubadére
Development Grant Administrator
Nan, a member of AAWE and FAUSA, has been the DG Administrator for the past five years. Previously, she served for three years as the Foundation's VP Programs. She and her committee review every DG application, checking that all grant requirements have been met, before adding the nominated projects to the DG ballot. Identifying club names are removed to ensure anonymity. The Foundation is grateful to Nan and her team for volunteering their time and energy to ensure the DG selection process is fair and transparent.

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Live Auction
"Victory Is In The Vote!"
The Live Auction Catalog is available to everyone, whether you will be at the Luxembourg IM or not!
Our members and sponsors have donated a wonderful range of Live Auction items, with destinations from Morocco to Moscow! We hope that you will take the time to look through the catalog and find items that you absolutely must have. We encourage you to join in on the bidding on Foundation Night.
Unable to attend Foundation Night in Luxembourg?
You can still participate in the Live Auction! Take at a look at the offerings. If an item piques your interest, simply write the lot number and title of the item, with both the MINIMUM and MAXIMUM amount you wish to bid, and email it to . (There is no link available, please cut and paste the email address.) The deadline for sealed bids is Friday, March 20, 2020. Your bid will be printed and then sealed until the Live Auction begins. The auctioneer will receive the sealed bids and will open them when the item is on the auction block.
The proceeds of the Live Auction will support the Education Awards and Development Grants.
Happy bidding and good luck - let's have fun and do good at the same time!
Lauren Mescon
    Not So Silent Auction  
Want to bring an item for the Silent Auction? Silent Auction donations can be anything from jewelry and scarves to photos, artwork, handcrafts or anything you like. Because big or small, It All Adds Up!  
Please remember a few things regarding the Silent Auction:
Please bring only two items!   
And you will need to pre-register your items   . This will make the registration and drop/off process run much more smoothly and allow our Silent Auction team to get organized before the conference even begins. There will be very specific times for drop-off of items so please look at your Agenda for times.   
Contact Carol-Lyn McKelvey at
with any questions.
  This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of the FAWCO Friendship Quilt
"A Stitch In Time"
The 2020 Friendship Quilt, lovingly assembled by Roberta Zöllner (Munich IWC), measures 92" (230cm) square and contains 121 squares submitted by 47 FAWCO members from 17 different FAWCO clubs and FAUSA.
Please visit the 2020 Quilt page for information on how to purchase your raffle tickets by US$ check, US$ bank transfer, or international bank transfer.  
If your currency is NOT included in the AFEX Bank Details document OR if you have ANY questions, please contact Kathy DeBest (Treasurer) at We are unable to process Quilt ticket purchases by credit card or PayPal. Of course, cash (USD and euros) is always accepted at the IM. 
FAWCO Reps: If you are coming to Luxembourg, simply download the raffle tickets , sell them to your members, fill them out and bring both the tickets and the corresponding cash amount to the conference. You can turn them in at The FAWCO Foundation table.  
March to the Ballot Box..
Don't forget to put your ballot ($5 or 5€) in the box!

Shelly Schoeneshoefer
Education Award Administrator

Shelly is a member of AWC Hamburg. She served on the EA selection committee before taking over the job of EA Administrator. She receives all the Award applications and removes the applicants' identifying information prior to sending the applications to the pre-selection team. This ensures a fair and unbiased process. Onc e the pre-selection team rates the applicants, the top three are sent to the final selection team, which ranks them 1-3. The FAWCO Foundation appreciates the work and effort that Shelly and her teams extend to the EA program.