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MARCH 2020

Along with NYC and the National Board, the Philadelphia Chapter will be celebrating TTN 20th Anniversary in many ways. All Philadelphia chapter members are invited to attend events hosted in NYC June 8th and locally in Philadelphia in September (stay tuned for more details). We invite you and your friends to mark your calendars and join to acknowledge the milestone TTN reached this year.
  • Our Philadelphia 20th Anniversary Celebration Planning Committee is looking for members who would like to help launch this special event. If you would like to participate and become a member of that committee, please contact Fran Jonas or Lorraine Gordon.
  • Check your mail box in the upcoming weeks for information form the Reach Out Campaign and check our Chapter Opportunities page for exciting roles and engagement with Philadelphia chapter leaders.
If you have any questions or feedback about our member's services and opportunities please feel free to contact me.

On behalf of the Steering Committee members and myself we hope you are having a positive and fulfilling experience.

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Chair, TTN Philadelphia  
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Help Job Seekers! Donate Clothing to Career Wardrobe --  Many Drop-Off Locations Available
A way to assure that your nice clothing is used for a great purpose is to make a tax-deductible clothing donation to Career Wardrobe for women and men who are entering the work force.
The goal of Career Wardrobe, an independent nonprofit 501(3)c, is to help people who are transitioning into the workforce dress appropriately and with confidence. Work clothes are distributed to individuals who are preparing to interview for work. When they are offered a job, they are eligible for three additional work outfits - all free of charge.
Professional clothing should be clean, contemporary, stylish and suitable for today's workplace. Casual and formal clothing can be donated for resale that directly benefits the Career Wardrobe program. For ease of transporting, clothing is accepted, neatly bundled, in bags or taped boxes, but not on hangers.
What's Needed:
  • Professional and Casual Clothing for All Identities: Suits, dresses, separates, shoes and maternity wear of all sizes; scarves, ties, belts and jewelry; purses, briefcases and wallets.
  • Uniform Items For Individuals Entering Service or Medical Fields: Scrubs, white tops/blouses, polo shirts; black, navy and tan/khaki bottoms; black or white shoes, clogs or sneakers, steel-toed boots.
  • Other Items: Coats and formal wear; new/unused toiletries, beauty products and make-up; gift cards to serve individual client needs and/or office purposes.
Drop off Locations, Dates and Times:
  • Center City:
    Monday through Friday, 10 AM - 7 PM
    Saturday 11 AM - 6 PM
    The Wardrobe Resale, 1822 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130
  • Delaware County:
    Monday through Friday, 10 AM - 6 PM
    Saturday 11 AM - 6 PM
    The Wardrobe Resale, 62 West Marshall Road, Lansdowne, PA 19050
  • Main Line:
    2nd Tuesday of the month, 6 PM - 7:30 PM (curbside assistance available)
    St. George's Church, 1 West Ardmore Avenue, Ardmore, PA 19003
See  for tax receipt forms, pricing guidelines and other suburban drop-off locations.
Peer Groups: "Collections", Bonuses and Longevity
People often ask how Peer Groups manage to keep fresh and find interesting topics, some after years of meeting. A recent message from one of our liaisons gave an example of the organic ways that groups remain stimulating and original.
This group has been in existence since 2012. But they have been through many changes. In the last year or so they have welcomed several new members which, in and of itself, keeps the group engaged in new ways. The liaison shared, This past month we went for the first time to the home of one of our newer members. She has a world-class collection of furnished antique doll houses. We toured them on the first floor and then went to the finished basement (with a kitchen) and held our meeting at her dining table.  They found that a number of their members have "collections" that are important to them. They returned to their chosen topic of Epiphanies: Those aha! Moments. But thought the topic of collections might resonate at another meeting.
The liaison noted that over the years they have enjoyed some "unexpected bonuses to their get togethers". Being open to new members who bring fresh ideas, new perspective and different exposures is one way that groups have stayed vigorous. That, and being open to those bonuses, whether an unexpected topic, a chance to be together in a new space or an activity that adds to the Peer Group experience and shakes things up.
Maybe some other groups want to think about the "collections" that are important to their members. What have you collected?... What do you wish you had collected?... What collections did you have to think about giving up if (or when) you down-sized?... A topic, new and fresh, resulting from one group's experience, that may resonate with others.

Transition Peer Groups are a benefit of TTN membership.
GCThe Giving Circle
First, a huge thank you again to everyone who contributed to our 2020 grant.
In our last update, we told you about our huge successes - increasing our Giving Circle Membership by nearly 40%; 90% retention of Giving Circle Members; increase in our gift to $30,000!
But we can't rest on our laurels. Here's what we've been doing to build on our success.
We've rolled out a new theme for The Giving Circle:  Harnessing the Power of Collective Giving. As you can see, this theme focuses on the incredible enhancement of our giving power when we pool our resources with like-minded friends. You will see this theme reinforced on our webpage and other communications.
We're actively working on our 2020 grant process:
  • All Grant applications have been submitted by Feb 28;
  • Members of the Grant Committee will review the grants against our objectives to support women and/or children in Philadelphia, and conduct site visits throughout March and April;
  • Final voting on the grant recipient will be on May 21.
In this regard, another success of note is that The Giving Circle has a record number of grant committee volunteers this year to review the grant submissions and make site visits.

As you're likely aware, the 2019 grant was made to the PA SeniorLaw Center, a great organization supporting grandparents raising children whose parents are unable to care for them. In addition, a special grant has been made to the Wagner Institute's GeoKids program, from a fund established in memory of Stephen Vineberg, husband of TTN and Giving Circle member, Susan Vineberg.
If you want to become the kind of donor described above, contact  Carol Cunningham and join us.
Once again, thank you for your continued support!  
TTN Programs, Activities and Resources Having a Positive Impact!
On February 12th, over 50 TTN members and guests attended the screening and discussion of the film Lives Well Lived: Celebrating the Secrets, Wit and Wisdom of Age. The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive including this comment: "It was a hallmark TTN event. The kind of engaging, thought provoking afternoon that I believe TTN is all about. Great connections among women as well". 

To keep ourselves accountable, participants filled out a self-addressed postcard answering the question "What is one positive action you will take after seeing the film?". We were heartened by your responses such as:
  • Be open to more opportunities.
  • Stay active and involved with people.
  • Keep a positive outlook. Be grateful for each day.
  • Learn something new every day.
  • Be intentional about my time and activities.
  • Work and practice a more positive attitude about my own aging process.
  • Engage more actively outside my home.
  • Celebrate this stage of my life as a gift.
  • Be open to new groups of people and explore new opportunities.
  • Leave good footprints.
  • Let people know how important they are.
  • Write one positive thing that happened every day in a journal.
We also know many of you are mulling over a decision on whether " To Stay or To Move" as part of your positive aging process.   TTN has a housing page on our website with resources you may find helpful.   Take a look HERE.   Stay tuned for a future Program on this topic. If you have expertise in this area, contact  Marsha Yankelev , Program Committee Chair.
About Program Committee
The recent TTN brand work reveals that TTN are warm, intellectually curious, actively engaged, impactful and fun!   Programs Committee aims to offer educational, personal growth activities that align with who we are. Here's what's coming up and what we're looking into:
  • Health and Wellness Theme: Join us on March 25th to learn more about the Female Foot After 50, common foot and ankle issues, and options available to alleviate pain so we can stay active and on our toes. We are pleased to have Dr. Elena Wellens from Rothman Orthopaedics as our presenter.   More info HERE.
  • Positive Aging Theme: The purpose of enhancing creativity is not only for enrichment; it's a vital resource for meeting the challenges of aging well in today's accelerated pace of change. We now have two sessions for the workshop "Am I Creative? 7 Steps to Activate Your Creative Brain". This workshop is highly interactive and impactful, led by TTN member Aili Pogust. The added date is June 16.   LINK.
  • Positive Aging Theme: On May 6, TTN will offer a discussion with author Ann Atkins on "Making Life Meaningful - Every Step of the Way". Ann will share stories from her biographies of three iconic women, Eleanor Roosevelt, Golda Meir and Marie Curie and how they persevered to make their lives meaningful. "The audacity of these women to live out their destiny, making their lives meaningful, challenges us to do the same." If your life map needs an update and you're looking for insight and inspiration, carve out time to attend this moving session. You won't be disappointed. LINK.
  • Social Issues Theme:   This is a new area in our Programming. First up is an educational session on Climate Change on March 16, with TTN member Martha Morgan. Q&A session to follow. We're also working with TTN member Madeline Sherry about Homelessness in Philadelphia and what we can do collectively and individually. Fact based, educational, practical sessions to give us clarity and ways for moving forward.
Your ideas for topics are always welcome.   Your expertise across the three themes is needed to shape and deliver future programs. So much to explore and love bringing TTN women together to dig deeper.
Contact  Marsha Yankelev , Program Committee Chair
How Do You Navigate the SIG Webpage Again?
Every month there are always a few questions from members on how and why to use the SIG web page.  Hopefully, this is an easy-to-understand step-by-step review. 

The SIG page is important because it is the only place where members can sign up for new SIGs.  Make sure you check the SIG page at the beginning of each month.

The SIG page is divided into two main categories:  Newly Forming SIGs and Existing SIGs.

The first category listed in a green box is NEWLY FORMING SIGs. These offerings are 'wanna be' SIGs.  They come about in these ways.  
  • A genre of SIG has no openings so a new SIG is offered here in that genre.  
  • A a member has a good idea on starting a SIG and is willing to lead it.   She contacts the SIG Chair, it is discussed, and the Chair puts it up as a new offering. 
  • Based on the changing interests of this vibrant and engaged group of women, a new avenue for SIGsis developed and offered. 
The contact info for Newly Forming SIGs is the Chair, Sally Mazzarella.  The first step is to email her your interest in the SIG.  One of the most important steps in forming a new SIG is the organizational meeting.  If no one agrees to attend an organizational meeting, the SIG will not have an opportunity to form.   We need at least the interest of 8 members to hold an organizational meeting.  There are usually about three options to choose for the meeting date/time.  The chair will use the date most interested members can attend.  If there is no commitment to an organizational meeting after a few months, the SIG will be taken off the website due to lack of expressed interest and commitment.  

In February, we had two organizational meetings. As a direct result you will see one SIG moved from Newly Forming SIGs to   Existing  SIGs !  Go to the SIG page and spot this new offering!   

Which brings us to the second category, Existing SIGs.  It too is headed by a green box.  Each of the SIGs listed in this category are open to all members until the SIG reaches it's maximum number.  You can scroll through the list of SIGs, which are divided by genre:  Active Life, The Arts, Book Clubs, etc.

At the beginning of Existing SIGs you will see blue and orange genre names in rectangles.  Simply click on the genre in which you are interested. It will take you directly to those SIGs.  When you are finished, at the end of the category you will see in a light blue text, "back to Existing SIGs", click on that.  It will take you directly back to the top of Existing SIGs.

Each SIG listed has the SIG lead's contact information.  Simply email the lead and tell her of your interest.  Be sure to put TTN and the name of the SIG in the subject line.  She will contact you shortly.  Please be patient, remember, we run on 'volunteer power'.

At the beginning of the month, be sure to check out the SIG  webpage if you want to join a SIG.  This is the only place where you can join an existing SIG.  Speaking of existing SIGs one of our existing SIGs has changed it up a bit on how they are operating.  Dinner Adventures has decided to expand the area they will have dinners to not only Center City but surrounding neighborhoods.  They love to try different cuisines and truly are 'Adventurers'.  Locate this group looking for new members on the SIG webpage

Remember, if you do not see any SIGs that interest you and/or don't meet your schedule needs, if you are willing to lead a new group, contact the Sally Mazzarella, the SIG Chair to discuss your idea for a newly forming SIG.

Here is the link to the SIG webpage.  Try it out!

Special Interest Groups are a benefit of TTN Membership.