There is a large effort in place to connect people who need help with people who are willing to help. This has been organized by neighborhoods, and Cordata has its own group. You can access through Facebook. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can set one up for free. If you are hesitant to get on the Facebook bandwagon, you can choose to join only this group without "friending" anyone else and avoid the bombardment of posts. Once you have an account, search for "Cordata Neighborhood, Bellingham." When it opens you will find links to "Neighbors in Need" where you can share any needs you have not been able to meet, as well as a link to "Look for the Helpers'" where you can volunteer to help. This is a great example of grassroots efforts to lean on each other.

Food Bank

If you or someone you know is in need of food, check out the Bellingham Food Bank website where you will find that they are currently offering Drive-Up Food Boxes during the health crisis. If you are in a position to help, you can also contact them about donations.


Another place to communicate with your neighbors is the Nextdoor site, which includes all the neighborhoods in the area. Within the Cordata neighborhoods, you can organize for your own smaller HOA/COA or neighborhood. Posts can include topics ranging from events, lost and found, for sale, crime and safety, local deals, and general information.


There are lots of resources for how to keep you sane and your kids busy during these times. Common Sense Media has suggestions for movies, books and video games with reviews and ratings. And don't forget that although the Bellingham Library is closed, you can still download eBooks and eAudiobooks. Maybe it's a good time to bring back the old days of sitting around a radio (or more modern version) and listen to stories together. It seemed to work for our parents and grandparents.


If you haven't done so yet, be sure to complete the Census online . If you have received a letter, you have a code that you can enter when you go online. However, you don't have to wait for that code to enter your information. Doing this online now will mean that the army of census takers don't have to risk their health by coming out to our homes. Accurate data helps to support many governmental and public services and resources. It only takes a few minutes.

Are you looking for ways to support our local businesses? This database is a partial list of local businesses that are still operating and that need our help to continue to do so. Check it out, but be sure you're protecting yourself and your family's health if you interact with people outside of your home.


We are all practicing safe distance from each other, but that doesn't mean we can't still interact and connect with each other safely. Here are a few ideas for how you can do that:
  1. Take Walks. We are lucky to have great parks and trails in our area. You and your family or neighbors can take walks together to enjoy our Spring weather while still keeping a safe distance from each other. Check out the progress on our new Cordata Park on your walk.
  2. Bike Ride. See above.
  3. Take Hikes. The trails are wonderful this time of year. The trees and shrubs are starting to bud.
  4. Foster a Cat or Dog. It's a great time to devote to giving some love to a shelter animal who is waiting for adoption. Contact the Whatcom Humane Society for more information.
  5. Gather Outside. On one of our warmer nights, invite neighbors to bring their own chairs and favorite beverage to a central area and set up your chairs six feet apart. You can even order delivery or take out from a local restaurant. If you do so, ask for contact-less delivery and make sure the order is clearly marked to avoid unnecessary contact. Also, use your own utensils and napkins. Be safe.
  6. Netflix has a program that allows you to watch programs together in different locations.
  7. Christmas Lights. Some neighborhoods are putting up their Christmas lights or other visual signs of support and connection.
  8. Garden. The Cordata Community Garden still has some spots available.


I hope you take all these suggestions in the spirit that they are offered. You and your family and friends may very well have better ideas for how to weather this storm together.

Bellingham is a special place where the community has always supported each other. It is why we are so proud of our community. Instead of thinking of "social distancing," let's think of it as "distance socializing." We need each other, now more than ever, and with kindness, common sense, and care we will all look back on this time with pride for how our community pulled together.

For the most up-to-date information on the virus, go to the Center for Disease Control website.

Stay strong, stay smart, and stay safe.

Kate McDonald
Cordata Neighborhood Association