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March Newsletter

This may seem an odd way to start the newsletter, but, March is the month my sister was born. What does that have to do with the BRC and breastfeeding? The answer is just about everything. My sister is the person who opened my eyes to natural childbirth and breastfeeding. At the time of no internet, you really depended on close friends and family members for advice. In the early weeks, I practically called her on a daily basis. I called her so often I had my long distance telephone service cut off because I couldn't pay the bill! I had so many questions and the majority of them were about feeding. There had to be an easier way! This was just one of the reasons the BRC was created. We need access to a village of support. I'm glad we can be here for all the new families and this crazy and fun time in their lives. Happy Birthday, Ruth, and thank you for your support and the inspiration to create the BRC!

Colette Acker
Executive Director

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Have you heard of the Peanut App?

While I encourage all of you to come out and meet new moms at our support groups, here's another idea. Check out the Peanut app, it's basically a dating app for moms! The Peanut app 
allows moms to connect, chat, and learn from like-minded women. It shows you women in 
your neighborhood with similar-aged children and creates matches based on shared experiences. Want a walking partner? 
Someone to grab lunch with?  A friend to try a mommy + me class with? Or just someone to talk to about your experiences? Through Peanut you can chat, arrange meet-ups, and maybe  meet your new best mom friend!  

Have you heard about our Community Counselors?

Did you know that after you're finished working with our IBCLCs you have the opportunity to be assigned a Community Counselor? These are fabulous mothers who have nursed their own children and have taken an extensive breastfeeding and counseling course so that they can continue supporting YOU on YOUR journey! You can call Rebecca and ask to be assigned a counselor. You can also let her know if you have any special needs like returning to work or nursing twins. We will assign you a counselor that has experienced a similar situation. Call Rebecca at  484-582-6682. 

Do you think you'd like to become a Community Counselor? Our Spring class 
has been scheduled. Check out the detail HERE!

What other fun things do we do? Our Community Counselor volunteers and our staff get together a couple of times a year for a book club. We had a lively discussion last week after reading two great books. Not only did we discuss them, but BOTH authors facetimed in so we could get the inside scoop and get all of our questions answered. The first book we discussed was "I Just Can't Ducking Pump Anymore". Sarah Ferrell Johnson discusses her struggles with low milk supply. We also read " Yellow Crocus" which was a fiction novel about an enslaved mother of a 3 month old baby who has to leave her baby behind to care for her owner's baby. This author loves to put breastfeeding in her novels! 


Support Group for Women of Color

Are you a woman of color and want support by those who understand the different
needs you may face in our culture? It's on Tuesday, March 3rd night at 6:30pm. Please register HERE!

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Thank you for choosing the BRC for all your breastfeeding needs. If there is anything else our organization can offer, please let me know!


Colette M. Acker, IBCLC
Executive Director
Breastfeeding Resource Center