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Happy March everybody! I hope the extra day in February provided rest, relaxation, more time, or whatever everyone needed to finish up the month and head into March. I know my family and I appreciated the day; I was able to get so much done. Between International Women's Day and St. Patrick's Day, March is sure to be busy, and I hope this month's newsletter helps you navigate the month even better!
Home Improvement - Color Trends 2020
A quick & effective way to improve your home is with some fresh paint! Not to mention, it's a more inexpensive option than a full on remodel or replacing expensive items. Check out these top color trends of 2020 !
DIY - Release Tension & Stress
With work, kids, and an increasingly-busy schedule, I find it difficult to relax. Over the years, the tension from my lifestyle has definitely built up. Of course, massages are a great solution and I get them when I can. But there is not always time for a massage. So, I recently took up Vinyasa Yoga! It has been truly life-changing. Honestly, life-enhancing. Try it at home here !
Events around you
Concord Wedding Fair
March 22
Crowne Plaza Concord/WC
More info here
The Inflatable Run & Festival
March 30
900 Fairgrounds Drive, Solano
More info here
Walnut Creek Tablescaping Event
March 26
Anthropologie Walnut Creek
More info here
Recipe of the Month: Authentic Canadian Poutine
This recipe is so perfect this month! The french fries make it sure to keep your kids happy while all of the ingredients together are perfect post-St. Patrick's Day activities. Enjoy!

(courtesy of Half Baked Harvest)