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Our March 2020 Newsletter


February was another active month for us , especially online, and we're making great headway on the new arrivals that will be the soul of our May show. We're trying to keep all of our anxieties about health and politics in the background - with varying degrees of success.

We were set to leave for England on March 16, beginning our time in Europe with an eight-day holiday in Florence. In light of the corona virus that is spreading through parts of Northern Italy, we decided to cancel that part of our trip and leave for London a week later. We had arranged to stay in an apartment in Oltrarno, near the Ponte Vecchio, so we're more than a little disappointed. Yesterday we read that Americans are being advised to refrain from traveling in that region - not far from Florence - so we are more certain than ever that we made the right decision. And today, the airline on which we were scheduled to fly from London to Florence informed us that our flight had been cancelled and our fare would be refunded. And so it goes . . .

Back to Conway....

As we made decisions for 2020, we decided not to do a mid-Winter sale as we've sometimes done in the past. So, to provide a little variety, we decided to mark St. Patrick's Day with a small jewelry offering featuring the color green. You'll find a link in the Featured Listings box below.

To relieve the Winter doldrums (doldra?) we're inviting our readers to help us identify the source of a painting we sold over a year ago. Since then, we've found two similar works, suggesting a common source. But what is that source? More about this below.

Pippin's here, too, and our back page features a new acquisition that will adorn the entry to our barn in December.

Please, enjoy.
This Month's Featured Listings

We know of course that antiques are, by their nature, green. This group of lovely antique pieces are all green in color, as well. Most are listed on our website for the first time. It's a lovely grouping, and each piece is priced to sell. Click the picture for details and prices.

Can you help us solve a mystery?

This fascinating painting passed through our shop last year, and we've just found a near-twin, leading us to believe that the two might have a common source. To learn more about the paintings and what we do and don't know about them, click the image.

Pippin's Page

As Winter begins to release its icy hold on New England, Pippin continues on his life-long quest for warmth. Click on his picture to share a cozy moment.
The Back Page

A fanciful pair of ermines, harnessed to pull a miniature sleigh. These little guys are part of a wonderful diorama we purchased last week from the estate of a local artist. To see more and learn about the artist, click the picture .
Today is Super Tuesday - primary day in Massachusetts. We feel that it has never been more important for us to be heard than it is this year. Whenever your part of the world holds its primary, please vote.  
John and Jan