Dear LIS Friend,

I can always count on the Lenten season to nudge me into a place of holy stretching. Just like the woman who stretched her arm out to touch the hem of Christ’s garment, I’m feeling God is nudging us to reach further outside of our comfort zones so that we may stretch into the possibilities and purpose God has ordained for each of our lives. 

A method of praying that serves to stretch me daily is the Examen by Ignatius of Loyola. I was introduced to this prayer when I made the Spiritual Exercises over 10 years ago and it has been a source of comfort, courage and enlightenment ever since. Reviewing my day with sensitivity to God’s presence in every activity, encounter, conversation, etc. stretched my understanding of how present he was in my life. 

I invite you to incorporate this 15-minute prayer into your Lenten journey. This practice is apropos for Lent as it demands a daily feast on finding God in every single thing we do, say and think. And when done regularly, allows for fasting from mindsets that are crippling us from seeking a closer relationship with Christ. My prayer is that we may increase our desire to see, to follow and to love God more this Lent than we’ve ever had. 

Peace and Blessings,

Lori Stanley
Executive Director

P.S. Be sure to read to the end of this month's Newsletter for some additional Jesuit Lenten Resources including an invitation to join us on Friday, March 6th at 7pm for an evening of prayer and fellowship.