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March 2020 Newsletter
President's Message

Let's eliminate "made in China" together

Greetings from beautiful Colorado! We thought we would take a ski vacation this spring, but little did we know that the Coronavirus would spread around the world. I do not believe it is wise to overreact, so we kept our plans and are taking reasonable precautions. Along the lines of reasonable precautions, I suggested and the executive board has agreed to cancel this month's general meeting. We have members with young children and older members who should avoid large groups. We do a lot of hand-shaking and hugging at our meetings, and while "social distancing" is a good means of reducing close contact, it is not a sure thing to avoid the spread. We hope that all of you will agree that this was a cautious and wise decision.

This recent pandemic has taught us a lot about the dangers of relying on other countries instead of ourselves. It is not just our elected representatives who need to fix this problem, but it is "we" - the business owners, inventors, manufacturers, and consumers. We do not have to purchase items that are made in China. We do not have to manufacture in China. We choose to send our U.S. Dollars to a communist regime that has no respect for its people or the liberty that we hold so dear.

I have 2 requests going forward. First, before each purchase, turn the item over or read the label. If it is "made in China," then please reconsider. It may cost more sometimes for "made in the USA," but that is because we have standards. Put your money where your mouth is. Second, I would ask that you keep calm. We should go about our usual business, but with some minor modifications. Keep washing hands and pay attention to the experts, not the pundits. We will see you in April.

May God bless us all,
  Bonnie Jackson
Winter Park Election Information
Remember to vote on Tuesday March 17, 2020. On the City of Winter Park ballot are the candidates running for the two City Commission seats. Running for Seat 1, the candidates are Jeffrey Blydenburg and James (Marty) Sullivan. Running for Seat 2, the candidates are Carl Creasman and Sheila DeCiccio. Mr. Creasman is the only registered Republican in the race.

Click here for more information on the City of Winter Park ballot.

The Presidential Preference Primary is also on March 17, 2020.


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Members in Print
Club member Ellie Warner recently had a commentary published by the American Thinker .
Thank the Media for Democrat Free Fallin'
by Elinor Lynn Warner

Operating in a carefully protected bubble for decades formed the current state of the Democrat party.  Their indefatigable media cheerleaders never dog them with microphones and cameras, demanding they go on the record to defend their awful policies , their flashing neon hypocrisy , or their repeated failures .  They are not hounded to denounce bad behavior from their side.  Folks like NBC's Chuck Todd just stroke them with dulcet tones and a deep and loving policy massage.  Get a room, Chuck, and the rest of you media sycophants!  Stop irreparably harming your loved ones with this on-camera incest.

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