Corona Virus, Spring Wood Treatment, Detox Treatments and Fragrance Free Policy
March 2020
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Photo, courtesy of Denise Beaudet, local artist extraordinaire

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Thoughts on the Corona Virus
Rachel Condon, Lic. Ac.
Regarding the current epidemic of the corona virus, COVID-19, I would like to offer a few thoughts and also some reminders and reassurance, as far as our protocols at the clinic.
The news and latest developments are being updated on a daily basis, and there is, understandably, a significant amount of concern and worry due the to the unknown nature of this new strain of virus. By now most of us have been bombarded with the general precautions to take, including washing our hands frequently, touching our faces as little as possible, and staying home if we are sick.

Due to the infectious and widespread nature of this particular virus, I do think it's wise to keep an eye on how this is unfolding, both for our own health concerns, and especially for those at higher risk in our communities , including those over 60, and people with immune-compromised systems and/or who have chronic illnesses.

I'm sure many of us are trying to find that balance between remaining informed, and not obsessively worrying and/or following every update released. I'm definitely going in and out of that myself! But this is a great area where we can also help one another, and when you're feeling overwhelmed, to check in with family, a friend or neighbor. We are all in this together!
So, now to the protocols... Please be assured that the clinic is wiping down surfaces regularly with disinfectants, including doorbknobs, etc.
If you are sick , especially having a fever, persistent cough, diarrhea, and/or extreme fatigue, please stay home; you are welcome to notify us and we will cancel your appointment without charge. If you are in one of the more vulnerable categories of those who may be at higher risk, we support however you are taking care of yourself, whether that is coming in more often, or taking a break from community acupuncture for the time being to minimize any exposure, until we have a better idea of how widespread this is.
Otherwise, come on in for some stress-relieving and immune-boosting acupuncture! And it would be a good time to give your immune system an extra boost with herbs and supplements, like elderberry, vitamins C and especially vitamin D - which some are claiming that this may be especially effective with a virus like thus, and many of us are deficient - and Echinacea, as well as practicing other immune-enhancing routines, including getting extra rest.
The Big Picture

Recalling our series in the last few newsletters about the Heart-Brain Connection , this would be an excellent time to be putting into practice these kinds of tools. Occurrences such as this outbreak of COVID-19 may well be on the rise, as we all see the predicted outcomes of unsustainable ways of life reaching points of crisis and breakdown. We will increasingly need to develop our resilience , both personally and as communities, and ultimately, as the one global community that we are all a part of.
Looking at this heart-brain connection again reminds us that our hearts are incredibly powerful organs – remember it has the largest magnetic field in the human body - and that we can harness this highly attuned communication network we have, to calm ourselves down during times of heightened stress.
Remember that our bodies are not built to have the “fight, flight or freeze” response activated, 24-7. We are being challenged, in times of crisis such as this, to find our way back to Rest and Digest mode, and we do have the ability to self-regulate . We just need to practice doing it. Please see our previous newsletters for more information.
Cultivating such practices as this not only helps our own bodies to relieve stress and increase well being, but we also influence every person we come into contact with . Times of uncertainty and great challenges force us to test our muscles of resilience and ability to change; may we greet this time as an opportunity to strengthen those muscles, and truly recognize that we are all part of one greater global community.
Spring is Coming... and so is the Wood Treatment!
Anne Louise Smallen, Lic. Ac.

On Friday March 20th, 11 pm-12:30 am (yes, at night!), I am very happy to offer the Five Element Wood Treatment, which is at its peak for the year between 11 pm and 3 am. The different seasons of the year carry different energies, which affect our mind, lifestyle, emotions and personality. The Liver and Gallbladder are the meridians that we are treating at that time, using GB 41 ("Governor of Tears") and LR 1 ("Big Mound") , on the top of the foot and on the big toe, respectively. GB 41 is so named because of its influence on eye health, and LR 1 is simply named so because it is located on the big toe.

What do these organs and their meridians treat?

Sleep disorders, acute pain, anger , irritability and frustration, eye disorders, genital and urinary problems, incontinence, menstrual cycle problems or pain, infertility, headaches and ear problems. 

They also apply when treating phlegm (nodules in the breast or the throat for example). Any pain due to blockage (sciatica, hip pain, neck and shoulder pain) often use Liver 3, another all-around wonderful point. Combined with Large Intestine 4 in a cross pattern, it creates movement in the body and unblocks chronic problems. I often use this set of points in regular treatments to ensure that problems are moving out.

In addition, the Gallbladder meridian governs good judgment, courage and decisiveness.

This is all mirrored in nature, where the spring energy allows for phenomenal growth, newness and moving forward. If you are interested in receiving one of these special treatments to strengthen your wood element as we enter this season of growth, sign up soon via our website (or contact us directly), as these spots fill up fast!

Spring Five Element Wood Treatment
Friday, March 20th 11pm-12:30am
Cost: $40, or one treatment from an existing package
Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot right away!

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Detox Treatments Start Soon!
Anne Louise Smallen, Lic. Ac.

Once more, Northampton Community Acupuncture will offer a series of nine detox treatments helping those who want to either change addictive behavior (alcohol, food, hallucinogens, etc) or minimize the side effects of taking powerful medicines to fight chronic illness.  Acupuncture helps with withdrawal symptoms and psychologically supports internal changes. Successes have been documented and acupuncture has become a standard for detoxification and weight management. It is an important medical support in treating addictions all over the world.
These nine sessions will be given on Saturdays during the months of April and May, except on Pride weekend (May 2nd), when the clinic will be closed. That week the detox clinic will be held instead on Friday, May 1st. 

Consistency and regularity are an important parts of success in treating addictions and we invite those who attend to register for all sessions (not required, just suggested). 

When you register online, you will have a choice between a regular follow up or detox treatment on the following dates. Or you can call the clinic and we will help you.
Spring Detox Clinic at Noho Community Acupuncture
Every Saturday in April: 4, 11, 18, 25
Friday May 1
Saturday May 9, 16, 23, 30
Open to All
Cost: $40, or one treatment from a treatment package

How Does it Work?
Acupuncture helps to release analgesic substances , such as endorphins, found in many bodily tissues (brain, pituitary glands, adrenal glands, and gastrointestinal system). They travel to the different organs through blood circulation. These natural analgesic substances reduce the need for outside substances by attaching themselves to pain receptors. Serotonin levels increase; they tone the stomach muscle and serve as a natural antidepressant. The feeling of well being that people derive from acupuncture enhances their efforts to change undesired habits.
Acupuncture also helps detoxify the body from the side effects of medication. It does so through the process of homeostasis, defined as the optimal functioning of an organism. The body naturally balances all of the substances in your body and eliminates surplus, keeping the amount necessary to help the healing process. Homeostasis is a natural function of the body simply enhanced by acupuncture.
If you are struggling to change your relationship to food, alcohol, drugs, or change other similar behaviors, or if you feel not at ease with the increasing amount of medication you take for pain, sleep, or anxiety, you might benefit from these detox treatments.
We will also encourage you to engage your brain and heart connection by suggesting practices to do at the beginning of the treatment to invite healing: breath exercises, concentration on emotional calm, lifestyle changes, better diet, etc. Each week will have a suggested theme.
Hope you will join us! Regular treatments will continue to be available during Saturday clinics and will run at the same time as detox treatments.
Please Read...

We have had a few complaints and concerns lately regarding fragrances at the clinic...

Even if you don't think this applies to you, even if you wear only "natural" fragrances, please remember that we are all sharing space together. Thanks so much for being mindful and honoring our community in this specific way.

Fragrance Free Policy:

Please remember that our clinic has a
scent-free policy.
Our clinic is a shared space and some of our patients are very sensitive.
Therefore we ask that you refrain from use of ANY scented body products and perfume before your appointment. *This includes "natural" fragrances and scents.
We appreciate your cooperation.
Northampton Community Acupuncture 413-586-8251