The Center’s Ph.D. student, Jubaer Ahmed, M.S , was one of seven finalists in Montana State University’s Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering’s “Three Minute Thesis” competition. The competition requires graduate students to present how their research impacts the average person using only one presentation slide in 180 seconds. Jubaer presented on the connection between emotional intelligence and driving behaviors, a topic that builds on his research that addresses risky driving behaviors among different populations from the perspective of emotional intelligence.

Jubaer holds his M.S. in Logistics, Trade, and Transportation from the University of Southern Mississippi and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Jubaer previously worked for Chevron as a Health and Safety Specialist where he was responsible for ensuring safe work practices for a large workforce. Jubaer is passionate about safety research that can save lives from risk. His work at the Center focuses primarily on traffic safety.

Congratulations, Jubaer!