We are in unprecedented times. Devastating tornado damage in Davidson and Wilson counties on March 3, 2020 and then the onset of COVID-19. Unimaginable fortitude and leadership has been shown in Tennessee amidst both crises. Our Wilson County planners, speakers and sponsors did not want the Marh 8-9, 2020 session to be canceled. It was an opportunity for the Class of 2020 to see how the county was able to come together in such a trying time. Wilson County shined as did the Class of 2020. Things changed hour by hour. Speakers were called to press conferences, companies that sustained damage had to cancel, leaders in the community stepped up to fill in where needed and the Class of 2020 took EVERYTHING with in stride with much grace. The Blackhawk flight was canceled due to weather, there were rolling road blocks for pulling electric wire across I-40 that made for longer alternate routes and then, COVID-19. One of the stops on day two had to pull out due to the parent company instituting a new policy "outside groups prohibited". Lessons learned: flexibility, patience, safety, resilience of a community and the importance camaraderie. The Class of 2020 gets an A+! Enjoy some smiles from session that focused on transportation.
Above: The Class of 2020 at Cumberland University on Day One. Thank you for hosting, Paul Stumb (LMT 2006).
Above: The Class of 2020 pre-session lunch at The Goat in Mt. Juliet.
Above: Wilson County Session planners, Jason Loggins (LMT 2018) and Leighton Bush (LMT 2019) with the "Road Map for the Day" on Day One.
Above: Melanie Minter (LMT 2017) welcoming the Class of 2020 to Wilson County at the Historic Capitol Theatre
Above: Tim Adkins (Class of 2020) at the Wilson County Fairgounds on Day One. Got Milk?
Above Center: Class members at the Wilson County Agriculture Center on Day One.
Below Left: Rick Bell (LMT 2009) explains the history and function of the Music City Star on Day Two.
Left Center: Carrie Brumfield, Jennifer Pagliara, Eryn McHugh, Margaret Brooke and Brigitte Tubbs-Jones enjoying wine at Cedar Creek Yacht Club on Day One.
Above: Happy Birthday to Jason Loggins (LMT 2018) and Carrie Brumfield (Class of 2020)! Cake for everyone!

Below RIght: The Music City Star and a portion of the Class of 2020 prior to boarding on Day Two.

Below Center: Inside the Music City Star
Above: Nick Bishop (Class of of 2020) explains the role of Vol State Community College in Wilson County on Day Two.
Above: COL Jay Deason, U. S. Army, addresses the Class of 2020. Although the weather of Day Two didn't cooperate, the Blackhawk flights will take place at a future session. Thank you for the IOU, COL Deason!
Above: A shot of the Lebanon Airport airfield on Day Two. Wilson County suffered tornado damage and the Lebanon Airport was not spared. Hangers and planes were damaged but the main facility was left in tact. Blessings noted.
A very special THANK YOU to our Wilson County planners! They did a fantastic job under rapidly changing circumstances.

We had recruitment events in Maury and Rutherford c ounties in the month of March. A special THANK YOU to the following hosts:

Rutherford County: Anne Davis (LMT 2016), Rita Ash (LMT 2004), Tracey Binkley (LMT 2019) and Patrick Cammack (LMT 2019) held at The Christy-Houston Foundation in Murfreesboro.
Maury County: Randy Wilmore (LMT 2010) held at Greymere Country Club in Columbia.

We have three recruitment events that have been postponed until further notice, Davidson, Williamson and Wilson Counties. However, applications are OPEN! The deadline to apply has been extended to May 15, 2020 ! THANK YOU for all recruiting efforts. We are meeting some great people across the region!
Above: Rutherford County recruitment event at The Christy-Houston Foundation in Murfreesboro,
Above: Anne Davis (LMT 2016) and Rita Ash (LMT 2004)
Above: Richard Stone (LMT 2014) with potential Class of 2021 applicants for Rutherford County.
Above: Maury County recruitment event attendees Robyn Graham (LMT 2019) and Trent Ogilvie (LMT 2012).
Above: Maury County recruitment event attendees Berrie Coble (LMT 2014), Missy Meader (Class of 2020), Jimmy D. Dugger (LMT 2009) and Class of 2021 applicant.
Above: Maury County recruitment event attendees, Brenda Hogan (LMT 2019), Becca Melton (Class of 2020) and Kim Willis (LMT 2012)
LMT Events/Session Information

Upcoming Class of 2021 Recruitment Events:

  • Wilson County: Postponed until further notice
  • Williamson County: Postponed until further notice
  • Davidson County: Postponed until further notice

Executive Committee (via Zoom) and Board Meeting (via email) April 1, 2020
Class of 2020 Fundraiser - Cheers to 20 Years: Postponed until further notice
Maury County Session - April 8-9, 2020:   Cancelled
Sumner County Session - May 6-7, 2020: Cancelled
Buddy Bench Build and Paint Day!

It was a perfect sunny day for the Montgomery County Buddy Bench Build and Paint Day! However, the volunteers only needed to paint because Norman Quirion (LMT 2018) aka "Stormin" Norman, already had the twenty-four benches built! Thank you to everyone that volunteered to kickoff this pilot project.

The Buddy Bench and Lead with Kindness curriculum was approved by the LMT Board of Directors in the fall of 2019. The curriculum is in development with LMT alumni in charge. We should be able to kick off this positive reinforcement of anti-bullying and being kind, this fall. Keep an eye out for more opportunities to volunteer!

A special THANK YOU to Norman Quirion (LMT 2018) and Dalih Suchet (LMT 2018) who have worked so hard to make this dream a reality!

Above: It was all on board in Montgomery County to help paint twenty-four Buddy Benches! Pictured: Back Row: Ellen Rucks, Charlie Koon (LMT 2012), Clarksville father who stopped by, and Allan Groves (LMT 2019) Row Two: Lee Rucks, President, Khandra Smalley (LMT 2008), Clarksville mother and daughter who heard about the project, Matt Rucks, Ginna Holleman (Class of 2020), Tara Quirion, O'Neal Wiggins and Kimberly Wiggins (Class of 2020) Front and Center: Norman Quirion (LMT 2018)
Above: Twenty-four Buddy Benches are ready to go!

RIght: Kimberly Wiggins and Ginna Holleman, both members of the Class of 2020, jumping in to help paint.
The Class of 2020 service project "Hand Out Hope" is a wrap! To provide assistance of HOPE, the Class of 2020 prepared small individual kits with basic toilet items. In February, they completed stuffing 580 one gallon bags. Each county received 58 bags to take back to distribute to individuals or shelters in their community. With the help of alumni, the class collected over 7900 items consisting of the following:

  • Body wash: 742 bottles
  • Toothbrushes: 732
  • Conditioner: 710 bottles
  • Gallon zip-lock bags: 705 bags
  • Toothpaste: 631
  • Deodorant: 551 sticks
  • Shampoo: 545 bottles
  • Bars of soap: 524 bars
  • Combs: 515
  • Floss: 478
  • Lotion: 463 bottles
  • Packs of Gum: 400
  • Chapstick: 400
  • Socks: 358 pairs
  • Rolls of Hard Candy: 18 + 8 lbs. of hard candy
  • Hats: 73
  • Gloves: 60

The items were distributed in February and March throughout Middle Tennessee. Thank you to everyone that participated in the project. A special thank you to Marc Pearson (Class of 2020) for being the project chair and coordinating receipt of items, including storing them! Another shout out to Corey Albert (Class of 2020) for coordinating efforts with Dickson County planners to stuff the bags during the session.

"Just as despair can come to one only from other human beings, hope, too, can be given to one only by other human beings." - Elie Wiese

Above: Tim Adkins (Class of 2020) with Ronnie Anderson, Director, Bethesda Center, Ashland City (Cheatham County).

Below Right: Montgomery County donated their 58 "Blessing Bags" to Austin Peay State University to assist their homeless student population.
Above: 580 one gallon bags stuffed at the Dickson County Session in February
Tornado Relief Needed

Our region experienced severe tornado damage in Davidson and Wilson Counties. We are in the midst of social isolation with much rebuilding and recovery efforts still to come. To the right are a few links for donations and volunteers. The American Red Cross is in critical need of blood donations and Second Harvest Food Bank has many more folks in need of food. These are tough times but we have the ability to make an impact through these organizations.

It takes a village when things are normal. Now, even more, it will take our entire region to help each other in the months to come. If you or someone you know needs our network of help, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Dear LMT Family,

We have learned that health care workers staffing COVID-19 wards are working under extremely difficult circumstances, working extended hours and with hardly the time or resources to replenish themselves.

We hope to organize and deliver a lunch to COVID-19 nursing ward personnel at one hospital in each of our ten middle-Tennessee counties. Our immediate goal is one lunch, one hospital in each MT county.

Our hope is to help boost the morale of these valiant workers who are on the front line. At the very least, we as leaders ought to demonstrate our support and gratefulness for what they are doing.

This COVID-19 outbreak and the recent Tornado have also caused many to lose their jobs and are struggling to put food on their families’ tables. Money raised through this LMT endeavor will also go towards Second Harvest Food Bank to help people in our communities.

The goal is to execute the plan the week of April 1st.

1. Financial donations to purchase lunches from a local restaurant for nursing ward staff, and also help Tornado victims and those who have recently lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Coordination for COVID-19 Ward Staff Appreciation
1. Please respond now to Lee Rucks if you have a hospital contact for your county and are willing to assist with simple logistics: communicate with the hospital, learn the lunch quantities, and help coordinate the drop-off.

2. One person in each county to order the lunch, pick up* and drop off at security*.
* Per city or county emergency order guidelines

1. We need your financial contribution to purchase lunches and donate to Second Harvest as an LMT family.

2. Use your resourcefulness to collect contributions from your personal network.

3. Donate using the following the payment link below

This is a wonderful way for our LMT family to demonstrate our leadership and community support.
Leadership Middle Tennessee, Inc.