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Upcoming educational events
Join us for Phoenix Landing's 20th Birthday Celebration!
Saturday, April 18, 1:00 - 5:00 PM
Phoenix Landing Foundation Campus, 31 Landing Place, Alexander, NC

Fun for the whole family! Join us for cake, music, and fun! Meet the parrots at the adoption center, explore the campus via a scavenger hunt, and bring your instrument or dancing shoes and join in with the Pickin' for Parrots Pickup Band! We'll be celebrating with other area non-profits and businesses. Meet guide dogs in training from the Asheville Area Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. Pick up some gluten free breads from Urban Peasants for you and your flock. There will also be face painting, a sale in the Helping Parrots store, a Spring Bazaar, and more!
Sonny and Marley are two conures
Sonny is a 3 year old turquoise green cheek conure and Marley is a 6 year old black capped conure. Marley is very social and says, "Kiss, gimme kiss." Sonny is more observant at first, but is warming up as we get to know him. Gender unconfirmed. (NC) More on Sonny and Marley.
Jasmine the Moluccan
Jasmine is a male Moluccan cockatoo who has been waiting for a home for almost 5 years. He needs a behavior savvy home that will give him lots of projects. He enjoys shredding wood and paper. While he can be loud, he also has the sweetest voice when he talks. (NC)
Arnold and Haye are two Quakers who are the best of friends. They are energetic, and eat a variety of fresh, healthy vegetables. While they may never want a hands on relationship with people, they are a lot of fun to watch! (MD)
Tiki the Amazon
Tiki is over 50 years old, and has a great vocabulary. He enjoys hanging out near people, and taking baths. While he's not sure of hands, he'll step onto a perch to go from place to place. (FL)
Five cockatiels from shelter
Adoptable cockatiels and parakeets!
Phoenix Landing recently was asked to take in five cockatiels from a shelter in Maryland. Special thanks to Anne H. for picking them up and fostering them! She's now fostering a total of 7 cockatiels and 3 parakeets for Phoenix Landing. They are pictured in their travel carrier to the left. (Don't worry, it isn't their main cage. They were enroute from the shelter.)

We are also looking for homes for a number of parakeets who came in through a shelter in North Carolina in December. Thank you to Liz for fostering the 5 girls and 3 boys!
Interested in adopting a parrot, big or small? Information on Phoenix Landing's adoption process may be found at
Fuel for thought: What is a parrot, naturally?
Bird flying bird bathing
Have you stopped to think about what behaviors your bird does regularly that are natural behaviors? What behaviors might you encourage more of, to further improve your birds' quality of life? (Are we really ever able to provide them with enough exercise, or foraging opportunities, for instance?)

Also, what parrot myths might still be in practice? Now is a good time to stop and reassess what we believed to be true years ago.

If you do just one new thing for your parrots in March, read " Encouraging natural behaviors in captive parrots" by Pamela Clark from her Parrot Steward blog. It's inspirational, and excellent fuel for thought!
Georgia's story: A little help from new friends
Georgia the military macaw
Some birds need extra help to be well

Meet Georgia. Georgia is a Military Macaw who came to Phoenix Landing in July of 2019 after years in a conure-sized cage, on an unhealthy, seed diet.

She has faced several medical issues since her arrival. We hope soon she will be well enough to find a home of her own! Soon after arriving in her foster home, she became a chronic egg layer, and actually required two implants to help her regulate her hormones. She is lucky enough to also have a foster home committed to setting her up in an environment that dissuaded egg laying. The egg laying apparently strained her immune system and her white cell count steadily increased. She was treated for a bacterial infection, but her white count remained high even after the bacteria was gone. Searching for answers, her vet then tested her for chlamydia and aspergillosis, and found out she was positive for aspergillosis. After two months on two anti-fungal medications, her white count is significantly lower and the aspergillus count is decreasing; she will continue the anti-fungals for another month. During this process, Georgia also underwent x-rays to see if there were fungal abscesses. The good news was that there weren’t! However, the x-rays did find that her liver is enlarged, likely from her previous, unhealthy, seed diet.

The veterinary and lab costs to date are over $2000. We are so appreciative of the incredible volunteers in Jacksonville, FL who are helping Georgia, and to the excellent care she is receiving at Exotic Bird Hospital. She has already come so far, thanks to the dedicated people helping her!

While Georgia had a strong bond with a teenage boy in her previous home, she was initially leery of
people in her new foster home. Over time, she has learned to trust other people and has recently
begun stepping up for her foster mom. In her most recent visit to Exotic Bird Hospital, she was happy to step up onto the arm of anyone who was interested in holding her. There are still times when she wants to be left alone, but she is definitely enjoying life in a large cage with a healthy, varied diet.

Send Georgia good thoughts or prayers for healthier times ahead!

If you would like to make a contribution to Georgia's care, please consider making a tax deductible donation to Phoenix Landing Foundation.

If you are interested in giving this incredible girl, who is determined to get well, a home, check out information about our adoption process .
Now in the Helping Parrots Store
Birdy Brackets
Untreated lumber makes for excellent perches (and chewing material) for some parrots and other birds. But, how do you safely attach them to aviaries or cages? Why, with Birdy Brackets, of course!

The Helping Parrots Store now has Birdy Brackets back in stock. They are available powder coated or in stainless steel.

Groovy Blocks
Made of pine, and easy to chip away at, because of the slide slits, even many picky chewers will happily shred Groovy Blocks! They come in three different sizes, and each pack has an assortment of colors. Add to them to a DIY toy, or put them in a foraging bowl or bucket as a foot toy. Fun for everybirdie!

Tiki Ropes
Choose from 1.5" or 2" diameters, and 4', 6', 8', 10', or 12' lengths. They work well for indoor and outdoor use. So, you can use them in cages, outside cages in play gyms, or in outdoor aviaries. They are made from non-toxic manila rope, and all hardware is stainless steel.

Find these items in more in Phoenix Landing's volunteer-run Helping Parrots online store!
All proceeds benefit the parrots of Phoenix Landing.
PARROT (and other bird) NEWS
Adoptions finalized in January and February!
Argo a Timneh African Grey
Please join us in congratulating the following birds and their families on finalizing their adoptions in January or February of 2020!

Alex (Congo African grey), Archie (green cheek conure), Argo (Timneh African grey), Asiago (Jardines), Bitty Blue (budgie), Cotton (Goffins cockatoo), Dylan (Moluccan Cockatoo), Foster (budgie), Fruitti (budgie), Jewel (budgie), Moko (Congo African Grey), Nico (budgie), Oshun (green cheek conure), Petunia (Senegal), Phoenix (Green wing macaw), Pickles (quaker), Pika (cinnamon green cheek conure), Piper (Timneh African Grey), Pippin (bare eyed cockatoo), Sammie (blue and gold macaw), Scooter (sun conure), Sierra (Congo African grey), Sori (budgie), and Tin Tin (budgie).
Volunteer Opportunities
Phoenix Landing is primarily a community of volunteers. By having a lot of people each do a bit, we can do more for parrots. Together, we help parrots. We thank our hardworking adoption, education, and outreach coordinators, who give many hours of their time each week. General information about volunteering may be found at

Help with transport. Join the Phoenix Landing Volunteers Facebook group to learn about upcoming transportation needs for parrots moving to new homes. (Be sure to answer both questions to be added.)

Share your Phoenix Landing story to celebrate our 20th birthday! If you have fostered or adopted a bird from Phoenix Landing, volunteered, gone on an ecotour, attended a class, or anything else that you'd like to share a story about, please let us know by emailing Pictures and video are welcome!

Write for the Phoenix Landing blog. Have a tip to share with others who live with parrots? A favorite DIY toy you make, or healthy recipe you prepare? Consider sharing it with others through the Phoenix Landing blog.

Western NC volunteers: We would love your help with the Phoenix Landing Birthday Party on April 18th! Email us at if you can help us during the April 18th event. If you have a minivan or passenger van and are willing to shuttle people between the adoption center and overflow parking at the church (several doors down) please let us know! We will also have a Prep Day on April 4th during which we will be making educational and directional posters, starting to prepare the grounds for the event (weeding, power-washing), assembling or preparing items for the Helping Parrots store sale, and more. If you can help either or both days, please let us know and join us! Lend us a hand, or a table: Have a 6' or 8' folding table, or a 10'x10' portable canopy, or other fun party supplies we can borrow for the birthday party in? Let us know. Thanks in advance!
Phoenix Landing Wish List
  • Forever stamps
  • Chlorhexidine solution for cleaning.
  • New vacuum for adoption center.
  • New dustpan and brooms for adoption center.
  • Digital camera/camcorder for videos for online and offline classes.
  • Contribute to the Phoenix Landing Core Fund for general maintenance and repairs.
  • Storage space for cages, especially in the D.C. area. (Have a basement, or a garage we could use?)
  • Use our Amazon Affiliate Link when shopping at, or select Phoenix Landing Foundation as the non-profit you support on Amazon Smile when using the Amazon App.
  • Join iGive and select Phoenix Landing Foundation as the non-profit you support when shopping online.
  • NEW! Have a car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or boat you would like to donate? Perhaps it is in need of repair? Now you can donate it through the non-profit, CARS, and have it benefit Phoenix Landing Foundation:
  • Volunteer.
  • Become a Phoenix Landing member. (Good for one year from join date.)
  • Shop for your bird supplies on This helps support the birds in our adoption program.

Donated items may be sent to Phoenix Landing Foundation, 31 Landing Place, Alexander, NC 28701.

Please drop us a note at if you purchase something for us, if you'd like a thank you note, as vendors do not always provide information on who generously purchased something for us. Thank you for helping parrots!
Thank you to everyone who donated items from previous wish lists in the last month to Phoenix Landing! Special thanks go to Michaeline, Bobbie, Laura, Smedis, Cheryl, and Jody, who drove great distances (hours and hours) to help parrots and Phoenix Landing Foundation in February! We appreciate everyone who volunteered in February, whether it was 1 hour, or 199 hours, 17 minutes (yes, actual time reported. WOW!) Every minute and hour makes a difference for parrots. Thank you!