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March 2020 Newsletter

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President's Corner - Musings from "Doc" Ross
2020 ULFC Connect COVID-19 update,  Zoom Proposal Pitch Party, Alumni Highlights, Alumni Reward Program and Merchandise, and  Job Opportunities     

President's Corner
Greetings ULFC friends and family,  

I hope this finds you all well, full of health, and observing stay-at-home orders to ensure the safety of us all. Although this current new normal seems like a challenge, I would like to remind us all that we have a choice in how we receive it. If I am honest, the reality is many of us have not lived long enough to see a recession, depression, or pandemic of this nature. Although it feels like a movie plot to a Will Smith science fiction film, the truth is this is real. It's real that COVID-19 has compromised our ability to move freely and be in control of certain things. It's real that the rapid changes and increased doses of isolation can create some mental health concerns. It is also accurate that many of us, our neighbors, or family members are in situations where our very ability to thrive has been affected. HOWEVER ITS ALSO VERY TRUE THAT THE PREVIOUS TRUTHS MENTIONED DO NOT DEFINE US!
We have a choice to take what may be our greatest challenge and allow it to fuel our most significant achievements. Maybe this experience will catalyze a change in employment or a new business idea in the future. Perhaps a unique training opportunity is now available that will allow new passions or opportunities to emerge in your life.
Maybe the stillness of the Stay-at-home order has allowed you to bolster your relationship with your children or connect with others in ways that we've previously taken for granted.
Social distancing does not equate to learned isolation. Take this time an choose to engage in a way that fuels your happiness, encourages you to try something new, supports conversations that you have hoped to have, and allows you remain the driver on this road trip we call life. You being the "master of your fate and captain of your soul" is more important now than it has ever been!
After taking inventory of yourself, please take a moment to assess our community. Individuals employed through the Gig economy, small business, and Black and Indigenous people of color are being affected in ways we can't imagine. Last month I talked about operational excellence. This virus and the impact it has had in only 30 days has revealed a lack of excellence in many aspects of our government. Whether it was not taking the threat of a pandemic seriously, the unreasonable layers of bureaucracy blocking action, or lack of information at the onset, the message is clear. We are our heroes. The community: grassroots - you and I - we are who will help each other through this. Our collective voice of accountability and expectation must emerge as the new authorizing environment. Our collective actions, grace, spirit of sharing, and acts of service are of paramount importance. We can all do our part. Stay at home. Say hello to a neighbor as they walk the neighborhood to address cabin fever. Edify those at work and in the health industry, making sure the rest of us access resources and care. In simplest form, once you have taken care of yourself, do your darndest to be of service to others.
A few tips to stay victorious despite challenges associated with Coronavirus (COVID- 19):
- Find a social outlet or distraction (perhaps a virtual happy hour or dance party)
- Create a work and school routine for you and your children.
- Don't quit on you. Keep your hygiene up (no three-day stints in the same pajamas) and get dressed.
- For every hour of work take 15 minutes to recharge. That could be a walk, mediation, reading, listening to music, a video game - whatever centers you and keeps you in the game.
- Operate with Grace. This is time for connection, empathy, and understanding. You can choose not to be a Jerk. It's an energy drain, and we can all live without that person.
-Take some time and make a note of changes within the authorizing environments that pertain to you. Knowing the appropriate and/or changed processes, procedures, and decision-makers are necessary.
- No matter what you do take time for you!
Be safe, healthy, and operate with excellence,
Doc Ross
Dr. Ryan Ross    
In an effort to respect and support the health and well being of our community, alumni, and the 20/20 fellows the current ULF classes will be moved to an online platform through April 17th. We look forward to gathering again in a setting where we can shake a hand, give a hug, and break bread together. We will keep you posted on this process and revisit this decision in real-time with the release of new information and guidance from Governor Polis. 

...WE pledge ourselves to liberate all people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering of any sort, against gender and any other discrimination.
Nelson Mandela
When many of us joined the Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado, (formerly known as the Chamber Connect), it was with hope toward the future and making a difference in the community.
Our experiences have been varied, both before and most definitely after engaging in this impactful work to make ourselves and the places where we carry influence - Better!
As you know, the strength of the Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado is found in its alumni. This necessary work of developing leaders and supporting growth, lives on as we continue our commitment to its success, through our support both physically and financially.
The Alumni Pledge Program provides you with the opportunity to continue your support and commitment at the level that is most meaningful to you.

Please see below for our level of contributions. To make your pledge please contact Jasmine Elizabeth - jasmine.elizabeth@ulfcolorado.org


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Upcoming Events and Initiatives of Interest for ULFC Alumni and Friends


 Please send job highlights or announcements to info@ulfcolorado.org 

Emily Griffith - Director, Industry Partnership
Reporting to the Executive, the Director of Industry Partnerships is an innovative administrator who will be instrumental in developing and strengthening an industry and employer engagement strategy for EGTC. The Director will engage with industry experts, current and prospective employers, and community leaders to create a robust and impactful network of opportunity for students and alumni. 
As an influential leader within the Classroom to Career Hub, the Director will lead strategic efforts to identify, strengthen, and maintain lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with employers The Director is responsible for overseeing research, strategic planning, and program implementation of industry engagement and campus recruiting activities and is responsible for working collaboratively across campus to leverage university talent and resources. Additionally, the Director will manage the industry engagement team, which is responsible for developing, maintaining, and enhancing relationships with employers who offer a variety of meaningful career development, experiential learning, and employment opportunities for students. 
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS - Describe general or broad functions of work.  
Leadership and Strategy (60%) 
  • Strategically grow EGTC's employer base; deepen existing recruiting relationships. 
  • Meet regularly with Advancement partners to ensure alignment between vision for impactful industry partnerships and Corporate and Foundation Relations; coordinate outreach and engagement efforts to leverage collaborative relationships and minimize potential conflicting messages to our industry partners and university stakeholders. 
  • Anticipate employer needs and nuances; forecast recruiting and partnership trends. 
  • Direct external relations and oversee successful implementation of current and prospective employer engagement initiatives including on-campus recruiting events and activities, employer facilitated career education, and experiential learning programs. 
  • Ensure implementation and management of Career Link, a Simplicity platform and online career services management tool, is utilized to its full capability. 
  • Steward industry partnerships to expand opportunity network for students and alumni 
  • Create and implement employer facilitated and/or engaged programming focused on career exploration, job search strategies, and mentorship. 
  • Ensure that the number of types of opportunities available match the needs of students and academic departments. Supervision/Management (25%) 
  • Responsible for providing direct supervision to respective campus recruitment and industry engagement team. 
  • Manage performance aligned to EGTC success metrics. 
  • Develop an inclusive workplace aligned to best practices for equitable career development outcomes. 
  • Manage budget and revenue streams connected to campus recruiting activities. Assessment and Reporting (15%) 
  • Partner with all EGTC's department to support career outcomes survey and related success measures. 
Required Qualifications 
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent related work experience (two years of work experience equals one year of education) 
  • Experience leading and developing cohesive teams, managing performance and productivity, and data-informed decision making. 
  • Experience in employer or university relations, recruitment activities, and experiential learning and internship programs. 
  • Knowledge of trends in career development, workforce needs and how to address such needs with a talent pipeline. 
  • Experience managing budgets and assessing program effectiveness. 

Preferred  Qualifications 
  • Master's degree in related field 
  • Experience working at a Hispanic serving institution 
  • Entrepreneurial spirit; comfort with leading change management. 
  • Experience providing leadership to both professional staff and faculty. 
  • Demonstrated management/administrative skills (for policy, budget, supervisory, and program development and evaluation responsibilities). 
  • Extensive knowledge of higher education, student affairs philosophy, best practices, and the policies and procedures of a higher education institution.
  •  Knowledge of emerging trends and needs in the student population. 
  • Demonstrated experience working with and advocating for ethnically and culturally diverse student populations. 
  • Exceptional research, market and data analysis 
  • Participation in relevant local, state, and national organizations, assuming leadership roles as appropriate. 
  • 5-7 years of experience working with industry and/or community leaders to expand opportunity and career education for college students. 
  • Experience working with students, faculty, and administrators in higher education, with significant administrative and supervisory experience managing programs focused on student career success.

Emily Griffith - Dean, Health Sciences & Administration

The Dean of the College of Health Sciences and Administration is responsible for the academic and administrative leadership of all programs in the College of Health Sciences and Administration, including budgeting; program development; course scheduling; longrange planning; physical resources; faculty recruitment and retention; collaboration with external agencies; programmatic and institutional accreditation; and oversight of program advisory committees. 

The Dean is also an integral component of the EGTC leadership team and is responsible for actively participating with other departments in the strategic, operational, and tactical planning of the College. 


 * Lead and support the foundation of a coordinated health sciences structure within the College and coordinate health science and administration programs 
* Aligns the strategic direction, mission, vision, and cultural values of EGTC with all health sciences and administrative programs
* Monitors instructional programs to ensure compliance with the Council on Occupational Education (COE), the Accrediting Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), the Colorado State Board of Nursing (SBON), the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), and other accrediting organizations as applicable 
* Provides leadership for faculty in designing and implementing student learning outcomes and program outcomes that align with the Colorado Community College System (CCCS): Common Course Number System and in compliance with CCCS program approval standards 
* Validate that data entered for all program proposals, departmental schedules, annual and special reports are utilized for continuous program improvement 
* Collaborates with the associate dean and full-time faculty in developing master course schedules and assigning faculty workloads 
* Develop and maintain the relationship between the practical nursing program and the Governing Body, including but not limited to acting as liaison with other programs within the Governing Body and with other Nursing Education Programs 
* Establishes and maintains partnerships and cooperative agreements with community health care providers, including oversight of all clinical agreements 
* Represents EGTC and the College of Health Sciences and Administration in appropriate public and private forums 
* Maintains active involvement in the local and global community, including the promotion and development of articulation agreements with high schools, community colleges, and other institutions of higher learning as appropriate 
* Provide leadership in the development, revision, and interpretation of curriculum, programs, catalog, and course information. 
* Facilitates departmental meetings to disseminate school policy/procedures and review departmental goals and objectives. 
* Provide oversight of all program advisory committees to ensure compliance with regulatory and % of Time 40% 


* Monitors enrollment, completion, and placement data for all health science and administration programs 
* Collaborate with the Student Services Department to address student needs and to serve as intermediary between student and faculty when academic issues arise 
* Advise and assist students with selection of and progression through departmental programs as appropriate 
* Collaborate with the Student Services Department regarding course/program enrollment, recruitment of students, and retention of current students focusing on improving student success. 
* Evaluate, delegate, and address responsibility for student/staff complaints, suggestions, requests and disciplinary action outside Code of Conduct (non-instructional) issues that are handled by the Director of Student Services as appropriate 10% Staff and Faculty Support 
* Collaborates with the Human Recourses Department to develop and maintain current written job descriptions for all faculty and staff positions 
*  Provides oversight for the Department Administrator and Associate Dean of Instruction positions, including the development of annual goals and participation in the appraisal process 
* Collaborates with the Associate Dean and faculty to establish annual goals and professional development plans, including staff development through professional growth activities, industry visits, conferences/workshops, quest speakers, and university/college courses. 
* Collaborates with the Associate Dean in oversight of all classroom activity via scheduled classroom visitations, observations, and communication with staff and students. 
* Ensure adequate classroom supervision by hiring required personnel as determined by state requirement and relevant regulatory agencies by working with human resources, oversee the interview and hiring process for all departmental personnel, ensuring credentialing requirements are met for all recommended new hires. 
* Provide oversight of school/department orientation of new employees and support the on-going professional development for all faculty and staff 
* Collaborate with the College Credentialing Officer in matters pertaining to teacher credentialing. 
* Collaborate with the Associate Dean to ensure that faculty are in compliance with institutional and regulating agency requirements, including financial aid guidelines, student record keeping, attendance tracking, credit requirements as they relate to state mandates. 25% Fiscal Management 
* Develops, administers, and maintains the annual budget for the College of Health Sciences and Administration, including the oversight of grants and endowments 
* Collaborates with the Director of Instructional Programs and the Director of Business Services to analyze the budget for cost-effectiveness and program viability 
* Oversee the preparation and reporting processes for departmental grants per grant guidelines 
* Collaborate with staff to identify and secure equipment, furniture, supplies, and curricular materials to assure quality program instruction 15% Institutional Professional Service 
* Remain current in understanding and compliance with appropriate policies and procedures related to the operations of EGTC and Denver Public Schools 
* Maintain active memberships in professional, business, and community service organizations. 
* Research industry trends and advancements leading to development of new programs. 
* Attend and participate in local, area, and national conferences related to job responsibilities. 
* Review legislation at the local, state, and national level as it relates to department. 
* Collaborate with the Marketing Department to market departmental courses and programs. 
* Actively participates in administrative meetings and school-wide committees. 
* Serve as a guest speaker at organization functions, school-to-career groups, and upon request of local organizations and school groups. 
* Other duties as assigned by the Director of Instructional Programs 

* Appropriate current licensure/certification in nursing or health science discipline 

* Master's degree in a relevant discipline related to the healthcare industry 
* Minimum of 3-5 years of demonstrated experience in a leadership role in education, preferably in a postsecondary setting. 

* 5 years of demonstrated experience in a leadership role in a postsecondary setting. 

* Ability to lead a team with focus on strategic planning and continuous improvement. 
* Ability to communicate effectively through speaking and writing. 
* Ability to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the relevant instructional programs. 
* Ability to demonstrate knowledge of curriculum and procedures for instructional improvement. 
* Ability to plan, implement, supervise, and evaluate instructional activities. 
* Ability to resolve conflict in a diplomatic and reasonable manner. 
* Ability to meet and talk to individuals, community representatives, and industry groups. 
* Ability to work under imposed deadlines and schedules. 
* Ability to work as a team member. 

To apply, please email resume to Tayseer Abdalla at tayseer_abdalla@dpsk12.org.

Note: urban leadership foundation does not guarantee an interview or employment.  
This is provided as a community service.


What is your current title?
Behavioral Health Program Manager
Year the ULC Connect Program was completed?

ULFC class of 2018

What is a new endeavor, project, business, or goal that you would like to share with your fellow Alum?

For the past year I have been building the Enrichment Scholarship Fund which is a program that will provide mentoring and small financial awards to high school students of color seeking post secondary education options. I thought about some of the challenges I faced as a high school student when exploring college options such as application and exam fees, book fees and lack of mentorship, and wanted to find a way to be supportive of other students in their journey. During my time in ULFC I collaborated with one of my cohort members and joined the Board of Director's for her program, the St. Clair Drake Enrichment Program. The Enrichment Scholarship Fun was founded while building her program, which is currently in several middle and high schools. I am currently seeking funding for the scholarship fund and am excited to watch this grow. 

What is your greatest takeaway from the ULF Connect program?

My greatest takeaway from the ULFC program- This program is instrumental in developing leadership within the Black community. Everyone joins ULFC as a leader and your potential as a leader is enhanced through the program. I learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable and to step out of the box and try new things. Although it is cliche, we have to be the change we want to see. Leadership is neither a position or title, it is about how you impact your community and your ability to inspire others to do the same. 
  What is your leadership philosophy? Why?

My leadership philosophy is: Be your authentic self. Know yourself, understand your personal strengths and limitations, stick to your values and lead with transparency. The work that we do is always bigger than us even if it is driven by our own personal interests.

What civic, nonprofit, or service community project or endeavor are you most proud of since becoming an ULF Connect alumnus?

My favorite community service project is Thanksgiving in July which is an annual BBQ and community event for those without homes. I had the opportunity to serve during this project in its first year, 2017. This was before I was even apart of ULFC. In the following years I have been a team lead for this project and have enjoyed every moment. This event is held in the heart of Denver and in the very community that I grew up in, the Eastside/5 Points. Everything about this event is centered around building community. Not only do we provide food and music but we get to fellowship with those who are less fortunate and have the opportunity to connect them to resources that are critical to their everyday lives. Each year I look forward to this event and the new ways we can serve and provide new resources. My function as a team lead is to bring in these new resources and partnerships that have a positive impact on the lives of this community. I am thankful for Jasmine and her vision and allowing me to be apart of this event each year. 

What advice do you have for the current cohort of ULF Connect Fellows?

 I will leave you with these things:  Investing in ULFC is not only an investment in yourself, but an investment in the community to make lasting change. Show up, be present, do the work and remain teachable. Use this time to align your passion with your purpose. 
- If we cannot be united within our communities then how can we fight challenges outside of them? Leave your ego at home. Collaboration is always better than competition and we will go further together. 


What is your current title?
UBT Consultant Kaiser Permanente
Year the ULC Connect Program was completed?
What is a new endeavor, project, business, or goal that you would like to share with your fellow Alum?

Actually my biggest endeavor was culminated in 2019. I worked very hard with my Union SEIU Local 105 by winning our contract fight with Kaiser Permanente for higher wages, and longer contracts.
What is your greatest takeaway from the ULF Connect program?

The camaraderie  that I saw and experienced with my cohorts. I am a touchy feely person and enjoy watching the forming storming and norming of groups.  The   community work   and ability for any of us to find a niche we can serve was very valuable, and love helping wherever needed.  
Finally the historical information  was so important. It's easier to get somewhere if you have a vague idea know where you've been.

What is your leadership philosophy? Why?

Making and keeping commitments as best a person can. Integrity and character are important, but I also value a sense of humor in situations that can totally stress anyone out.  We think things matter that don't, because we take ourselves too seriously. On the flip side, we don't think things matter that do, because we don't take life too seriously.
What civic, nonprofit, or service community project or endeavor are you most proud of since becoming an ULF Connect alumnus?

  I absolutely loved working with Jason Delaney and his Father's Suit collection at the Red Shield Recreation Ctr.  That was so fulfilling. To see those men young and old receive beautiful suits along with the other events going on at the center was so inspiring. The teamwork established by the volunteers was what giving back to the community is all about. You walk away with your heart and spirit filled to the brim!
What advice do you have for the current cohort of ULF Connect Fellows?

Keep your heart, mind and spirit open. Realize even when you think you are not contributing or making a difference, you will surprise yourself. 
And you are NEVER to old to learn something new!!!