The Advanced Academic Studies department will be sending out regular updates over the coming weeks with information about services, identification, and programming during this time of school closures due to COVID-19.  These updates will only pertain to gifted services and advanced academics, please continue to observe all SBISD communications.


If you have or you plan to initiate an appeal for GT identification, that will still occur. Our appeals committee will most likely meet now in the summer to make decisions on appeals, which will go into affect for the 2020-2021 school year as originally planned, the start of services for students identified from an appeal has always been at the start the new school year.  Please email any appeals information to your child's counselor.


Please check our website for all updates about the Spring Branch Academic Institute application and lottery.

Primary Gifted Program (K-2) Students

Some PGP teachers have reached out to parents letting them know they can continue to work on their project at home if they are able.  If your student has questions about the work they have been doing in PGP, please reach out to the PGP teacher directly. Additionally, starting with the roll out of Week 3, there will be weekly activities for PGP students posted in the Resources section of the  Digital Backpack.

In the meantime, learn a new game (watch the video for instructions for any and all ages to play) using what you already have at home: use a checker/chess board, or draw lines on paper, and 2 different types of pieces (think: 2 different types of dried beans or peas, game pieces from another game, colored pieces of paper - anything works!), to increase the difficulty try making a larger board.  

Additionally, here is part 1 of a critical thinking lesson from our partners at ThinkLaw.  Click here to launch the video lesson and here to view the student sheet where they can record their answers,  Students can also use a sheet a paper and the worksheet as a guide. Look for parts 2 and 3 in upcoming weeks!

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SPIRAL (3-5) Students

An email went out from Bendwood on Monday with a letter from Ms. Bassett and Ms. de Conceicao with details about how SPIRAL students will be able to continue their learning from home.  

- SPIRAL teachers are also reaching out to each of their students individually to check in and discuss next steps

- SPIRAL teachers are working on lessons and engaging activities to put on their It's Learning page for students to begin accessing on Monday March 30th

- The best way to contact your SPIRAL teacher is through their district email, students are able to communicate through It's Learning as well

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Secondary Students

Here are some resources that may be helpful to furthering learning at home:

EdX - Free, open access to a wide variety of courses from top universities

Shmoop - Browse this district provided resource for any and all test prep needs including AP, SAT, and ACT; access log-in instructions here


A partner of SBISD Advanced Academics and the Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented, Colin Seale of ThinkLaw, recorded a webinar for parents on very practical and realistic tips for keeping student's minds engaged during this time of uncharted territory.  Take a listen here.

General Resources for At Home Engagement

America's Test Kitchen Kids - @testkitchenkids on Instagram, a great source of inspiration and direction for cooking at home

Houston Museum of Natural Science - check out these free resources the museum is providing for at home learning

Free art lessons! - Many artists and illustrators have come together to offer free classes for adults and kids alike, take advantage and learn new skills!