Coralie Van de Bruinhorst was born and raised near Nobleford, Alberta on her parents family farm. Growing up in that environment came with chores and responsibilities including helping her parents at the local farmers markets.

After high school, she started a job in a kitchen at a seniors living facility in Lethbridge, Alberta and found she quite enjoyed her experience in the kitchen and decided to continue following it. Soon after, she received a position at a new
restaurant opening in Lethbridge called The Italian Table where she quickly moved into a role as a line supervisor and her chef recommended she consider culinary school.

Chef Skylar Sawers put her in contact with her mentor, Chef Doug Overes, C.C.C. who helped Coralie enroll in the Lethbridge College Culinary WAT 1 Apprenticeship program. This officially started Coralie’s culinary journey with Elim Village care facility, The Italian Table and their parent company, Prime Catering where Coralie progressed into doing banquet work full-time with Chef Skylar.

Coralie neared the beginning of her second year of school and through Chef Skylar and Executive Chef Mathieu Daniel’s recommendation, to train to take over the execution of Banquets, replacing Chef Skylar. Coralie went through fast and rigorous training over a few months to fill the position where she expanded her skills immensely and began to develop her management skills as well. Toward the end of Coralie’s first year of cooking school, she joined the Culinary Federation and by second year, she had taken the position of Young Chef President for the Lethbridge Branch, a role she still currently holds.

Despite the hardships of 2020, she is continuing to work with The Italian Table,
going for her Journeyman and Red Seal in Cook Trade in May 2021. She has
also taken up training for competitions with Chef Doug in her spare time.
From a young age, Coralie was always attracted to baking. Her first recipe book
came with a set of baking tools and in the future, she would like to pursue her
Baking and Pastry Red Seal as well.

Chef Skylar quotes “Coralie is a bright and ambitious woman. She is very
passionate about her career and performance. I believe a strong willed woman
like that can make quite the difference in our industry. I am grateful to have been
part of her education thus far.”

Chef Doug cites “Coralie is sensitive and passionate to the industry and her path
through her career. The fact Coralie is entertaining getting a second trade ticket
shows dedication, pride and a desire for lifelong learning. I am so proud of her”.