A whole year, but we never stopped dancing! MC on 3/19/21!
March 2021 Newsletter
Sharing the love in February was amazing! The Valentine's class was a big hit full of love songs, sexy songs and Zumba acapella birthday singing for Andrea! Thanks for joining us and helping us spread the love!

It's been 1 full year since COVID-19 made us shut our physical doors and open our virtual doors, but I am proud to say that we never stopped dancing and many of you took this virtual Zumba in stride! This month, we celebrate a year of never stopping with nothing else but a Zumba MC! See details below! We are hoping to try some in person classes towards the end of the month, but not concrete plans yet. Stay tuned and please answer poll questions below.
How do you feel about in studio classes?
Will join in studio classes when you resume
Will continue to stay virtual
Hybrid class (in-person/virtual): does me teaching in a mask affect your experience virtually?
No, I just want to dance and don't mind the mask
Yes I can't follow without facial cues, I won't join virtually during hybrid
Virtual Zumba classes (livestream) on Zoom: Option 1
We have 12 classes (Zumba, Strong Nation and Zumba Toning) available for LiveStream with Sabrina, Quetzalli, Rita, Andrea, Alisa and Jackie. All classes are listed in Mountain Standard Time (MST, local NM time). To convert to your local time zone click here. You may use your existing punch cards or unlimited passes for classes online or you may purchase a drop in ($5) or 10 class punch ($47.50) or unlimited month pass ($65) online through MindBody.

Please sign-up on MindBody.

*THIS IS IMPORTANT *Zoom links are sent by FitGrid automatically to registered participants. You sign up on MindBody and should receive the email with the link 1 hour before class to the email address listed on your MindBody account. If you sign up anytime within the hour before the class (even 1 min before) you will get the link immediately...automatically. No need to email or text me anymore. No need to feel bad about signing up late!

To ensure that you get the emails in your inbox, please follow these steps

Jackie takes over Thursday classes at 4:30pm! Join her and all the rest of our instructors for some amazing classes! Punch cards & unlim passes accepted at all classes!

Mondays at 6pm with Quetzalli
Wednesdays at 4:30pm with RIta
Thursdays at 4:30pm with Jackie
Fridays at 6am with Alisa
Fridays at 12pm noon with Andrea

Zumba Toning: Tuesdays 4:30pm (MST)
Let's TONE those muscles in this Zumba Toning class! We are building muscle endurance, challenging our bodies and brains in this hour long class!

You can do this class without weights, but if you want to use weights but don't have toning sticks please use weights that are 3lbs or less.

Strong: Wednesdays 6pm (MST)
Strong Nation high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes on Zoom. You will punch, jump, squat & plank in this 45 min class. Let's get #STRONGerTogether

Take your workouts to the next level and see results! Limit of 12 people. Not ready for a live class yet? See our pre-recorded classes below. No pressure and take at your pace, even pause if needed.
Pre-Recorded classes ZIN Studio: Option 2
ZIN & SYNC Studio pre-recorded classes are available at YOUR convenience for a 24 hour period! Join me AND my ZCREW instructors in these hour long classes!

NOW we have added Strong classes on SYNC studio in addition to our Zumba classes on ZIN Studio!
Friday 3/19/21 at 6pm (MST)
90 minutes of celebrating us never shutting down, but only adapting virtually in the last year!
Sign up HERE!
A message from Sabrina
How did we do on those resolutions...are you ready for those spring break bikinis yet? Yeah me neither...lol! One thing is for sure that we keep having a lot of fun connecting virtually with our ZCREW! It has been one full year since the pandemic made us close our doors, but you know what they say, when one door closes, another opens! We opened our virtual doors and we have not stopped dancing, not even one day! We will celebrate with a never stop dancing MC on March 19th. Hopefully squeeze in a couple in studio classes later in the month, but no set date yet. I still love being able to stay close to you guys virtually despite the social distancing. So let's keep dancing in our new reality!

We are continuing to grow our ZCREW family virtually and we invite you to tell your friends and family in other states and around the world about our Zumba family and ask them to join us at a class! Our ZCREW family now extends to other areas in NM, CO, AZ, CA, VA, NY, NJ, NC, SC, TN, TX, OR, PA, HI, VT Australia and COLOMBIA!!

If you find yourself in difficult financial situations and you can't afford classes, PLEASE contact me privately and we will work something out. Also, if you are having technical difficulties with Zoom or your personal set up, please contact me privately and I can give you some pointers (preferably after you read the above instructions and tips for virtual classes). If you have questions about in-studio class credits and when they might resume, I am here for you!

As always I am available by phone to all of you if you have questions about your account or about classes. I can also do credit card transactions over the phone if that helps you. If you are on social media, please friend or follow me so we can keep in contact in every way possible!
Get rewarded for joining us!
Attendance Award
This month's attendance award goes to Theresa Cornelius with 17 classes in the month of Feb! Keep up the great work and keep dancing! You have one free class on your MindBody profile that you can use towards any one of our classes!

If you didn't win this time, there is always next month! Theresa can't win for a whole year...will it be you next month?
Loyalty Points
All of you are still receiving loyalty points for every class you attend which can be turned in for FREE classes and 20% percentage off your next punch card or unlim pass. You MUST call, text or email me to redeem the 20% off, I will give you a promo code to redeem online. Make sure we have your phone number so that you can receive text updates about how many points you have and whether you would like to redeem them for anything.

Contact Sabrina to redeem or for details.
One of the great things about virtual classes is that we get to connect with others who have moved away or are not local. So this means you can have your family members join us from different states or even out of the country!

You can help our studio by sharing this information with others anywhere in the world either by email or social media using this link. Plus you will even get rewarded when the people you refer join our classes! Contact Sabrina for details.