CCEI March 2021 Newsletter
Universal Design for Learning
Isn’t it amazing to see all of the different ways that children show us what they know? Some children tell us what they know, some children draw what they know. At the same time, other children will construct, reenact, write, sing, dance, and sculpt their knowledge for us to see.
Action & Expression
UDL with Adults
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CCEI Poll Results: February 2021 Newsletter
When you think about teachable moments with children, what comes to mind?

A. They are an invaluable teaching tool in my experience. -
285 responses or 49%
B. I would love to provide more teachable moments, there just isn’t enough time. - 119 responses or 20%
C. I address teachable moments when I can, but I am not sure they are valuable. - 93 responses or 16%
D. I don’t see many opportunities, but I will start looking for more. -
84 responses or 15%

Total: 581 responses
Which statement best reflects your experience with Universal Design for Learning (UDL)?
A. I am well-versed in the recommended practices of UDL.
B. I am aware of UDL and use some of the strategies in my work with children.
C. I have heard of UDL, but I am not intentionally using any of the practices.
D. I have not heard of UDL, but it sounds helpful.
CCEI Student Spotlight
Amber Dash
St. Augustine, Florida
This past year I’ve successfully completed my Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC) courses with ChildCare Education Institute. I plan to continue my education by obtaining my Director’s Certification with CCEI as well. I would absolutely recommend ChildCare Education Institute to anyone looking to start their career in early childhood education. With my busy schedule, I needed courses that were flexible and informative. The FCCPC courses were a great way to learn an immense amount of information in such a short period of time. I now feel like I am a more well-rounded teacher because of the training I received.

Supporting All Learners | CCEI

This month, the CCEI newsletter explores the recommended practices included in what is known as the Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The strategies contained within the UDL Guidelines are designed to level the playing field in classrooms...

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