March 2021 Newsletter
Bar-B-Que, here we come!
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From "In this together to "Let's get together"
With the vaccine roll-out moving ahead quickly, it may be soon when we can say "let's get together" and not mean online!

For now, though, all our events will continue to be online... which means you can easily attend if you aren't in central Ohio or just prefer wearing pajama bottoms to work.

In this issue of the Greater Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce newsletter, you will find the following:

  • Chinese Chamber Member Spotlight

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  • Chinese Chamber News

  • Community News

  • Past Events

  • Upcoming Chinese Chamber (in bold) and partner events (in italics):

  • March 23, US-China Agriculture Roundtable, with the USHCA

  • April 21, China Policy & Business

  • May 12, Resources for Central Ohio Exporters
Photo by Alva Chien
Interesting fact: On March 24, 1103, the Southern Song general Yue Fei was born. Yue Fei 岳飞 fought against the Jurchens, an ethnic group that ruled part of what is now northern China; political intrigue led to his arrest and death in 1142.

His place in the Chinese cultural memory is complicated, which makes his story even more interesting. Part of the Yue Fei story is that his mother inked a tattoo on his back exhorting him to be loyal to his country (depending on the version of the story, either "精忠报国" jīngzhōngbàoguó or 尽忠报国 jìnzhōngbàoguó).
Member Spotlight
Schuerger Law Group is a full-service HUBZone-certified law firm that offers a variety of legal and debt collection services to corporate, government and individual clients. Their core practice areas include creditor’s rights, corporate law, commercial law (including international business), and personal injury representation. In addition, they offer call center and related BPO services. As an industry leader with key partnerships, they leverage state-of-the-art technology solutions and compliance-driven training to achieve maximum results for every client.

Firm founder Robert Schuerger and Chief Legal Officer James Sisto each have extensive international business experience and clientele. As Ohio International Trade Director under Governor’s Voinovich and Taft, Columbus Chinese Chamber board member James Sisto managed an 11-country operation including offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo covering the east Asian markets of Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Jaime’s clients include outbound and inbound investors from the region as well as trade in both directions. Robert Schuerger has been active in managing EB5 investments involving China as well as representing clients with interests in the Asia market.
Member News
Jack Beeler and Chinese Chamber board member Diana Jia 贾凌玉 of Porter Wright recently wrote an article on the new US Corporate Transparency Act and its requirement that companies disclose their beneficial owner.

From the article:

"Most companies established or registered to do business in the U.S. do not have to disclose or report their ownership information. That is about to change."

Visit the Porter Wright website to continue reading this article.

In Spring 2021, Denison is partnering with CIEE, one of the largest and most respected study abroad providers in the world, to organize and run a unique program in Shanghai.

Denison students still in China study Denison-approved courses taught in English. They connect with hundreds of other Chinese students studying at other U.S. universities such as UPenn, Syracuse, Tulane, Babson, who participated in similar programs in Shanghai.

Read more about this program here.
Chinese Chamber News
DVW Aviation Advisor
The Chinese Chamber welcomes these new members: the East Asian Studies Center at OSU and DVW Aviation Advisor.

The East Asian Studies Center (EASC) at The Ohio State University is a major hub and catalyst for original thought and action in the study of East Asia. With unique expertise and domestic and international partnerships, EASC continually challenges paradigms to further knowledge, increase understanding, and inspire life-long learning of East Asia and its impact on the world.

DVW Aviation Advisor founder David Whitaker works with communities and airports to assess needs, set quantifiable objectives, and develop and execute successful initiatives.

His expertise includes:
• Global Logistics Marketplace
• Commercial Development
• International Partnerships
• Team Engagement
• Revenue Growth
• Public Communication • Strategic Planning
• Marketing Strategies
• Terminal Management
Ohio Business for Immigration Solutions (OBIS) organized a meeting with Senator Portman's office on March 24 for interested members of signatory organizations (including the Chinese Chamber).

Agenda for this meeting:
1. Introductions from Ohio Business for Immigration Solutions (OBIS) and New American Economy (NAE)
2. Discussions regarding the DREAM Act, the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, and OBIS Policy priorities
3. Q&A with Senator Portman office

Registration for this event is now closed; if you are interested in participating in future OBIS events/discussions, please feel free to reach out to the Chinese Chamber or to OBIS directly.
Community News
Photo: Huisi Zhao
Hundreds of people rallied in Bicentennial Park on Saturday, March 20th to show that anti-Asian hate has no place in the US.

The immediate cause of the rally was the shooting in Atlanta that killed four ethnic Koreans, two ethnic Chinese, and two Caucasians. Expressions of anti-Asian sentiment appears to be on the rise nationwide, as well.

The rally was covered by a number of local news outlets, including NBC, Fox, the Dispatch, and The Lantern.
The city of Xiangyang in Ohio's sister province of Hubei has introduced high-tech public buses with touchless payment, on-board vending machines, and other equipment. Read more about it here.
Recent Chinese Chamber Events
March 4, 2021 Get to Know Wuhan, Columbus' Friendship City
Ohio and Hubei established the first US-China sister state/province relationship in 1979, and the people in their capitals, Columbus and Wuhan, have developed many relationships in the years since.

On March 4, the Columbus Region Logistics Council of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and the Chinese Chamber hosted an introduction to Wuhan featuring:

Introduction to Wuhan and its Columbus connections
Dr. Minru Li, Assistant Director, National East Asian Foreign Language Resource Center at OSU (Chinese Chamber member)

Healthcare cooperation between Wuhan and Columbus
Dr. Henry Xiang, Professor of Pediatric Medicine and Epidemiology, Nationwide Children's Hospital

Business opportunities between Wuhan & Columbus
Denis Wang, President of DenisTek and Wuhan native

Shipping goods between Columbus and Wuhan
Bryan Schreiber, Manager, Air Cargo Business Development at Columbus Regional Airport Authority (Chinese Chamber member)

The panel presentations were followed by 30 minutes of virtual networking.​​​​​​​

A recording of the event is available to Chinese Chamber members on the Chamber members-only content page.
Upcoming Chinese Chamber Events
April 21, 2021 2pm ET
China Policy and Business
China recently announced the contents its 14th Five-Year Plan (FYP) and set national economic goals out to 2035.

As a blueprint for China’s social, environmental, and economic development, what can we can expect from China’s latest economic roadmap, and what does this mean for American businesses?

Sunny Yang, Attorney, Porter Wright

Kim Kirkendall, President, International Resource Development, Inc.

John Holden, Senior Director, McLarty Associates

Following the presentation and Q&A, there will be 30 minutes of small-group virtual networking for attendees.

This webinar is hosted by the America-China Society of Indiana, Greater Cleveland Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and Greater Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Admission is free for members of the three host organizations and $30/person for non-members.
If your organization would like to become a member and attend the event without charge, please contact Pat McAloon.
May 12, 2021 10am ET
Resources for Central Ohio Exporters
Are you thinking about exporting products or services? Are you already doing so, but not sure if you know about all the local resources available to you to maximize your sales and minimize your risks?

Be sure to attend our May event in which these local experts will share resources and tips for starting and expanding overseas sales, including services and grants available to exporters:

  • Darren Srebnick, US Commerce Service

  • Alex Kohls, US Small Business Administration

  • Roberta Winch, Ohio Small Business Development Center (Chinese Chamber member)

  • Steve Renaker, Global Recovery Group (affiliate of Chinese Chamber member Mid-American Global Ventures)

This one-hour event is free for all attendees, and will be followed by 30 minutes of networking in virtual breakout rooms.
Upcoming Partner Events
March 23, 2021 8pm ET
US-China Agriculture Roundtable
On March 23rd, the US Heartland China Association is hosting the kickoff event for a series of discussions of topics in US-China Agriculture. This series is sponsored in part by Chinese Chamber member JobsOhio.

The kickoff event is open to all, while the follow-up events on trade, education, and the future of agricultural collaboration are by invitation only.

Chinese Chamber members are welcome to attend all events in the series. To receive your Columbus Chinese Chamber membership-based invitation to any of the follow up events, please send your name, email, and organization to Pat.
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