March 2021
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New Student Registration
Registration for all new students to VUSD, including those entering kindergarten and transitional kindergarten, should be completed and submitted online. Please visit to view the registration directions and forms.  The online registration opened on March 15, 2021.

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VTEC Early College Pathway Enrollment
The VTEC Early College Pathway is an opportunity for students to begin earning college credit during their high school years. Students can take up to 11 units per semester at no cost.

Enrollment is still open for 9-12th graders. Space is limited.
Call (559) 622-3212 for more information or email

VUSD Prepares for the Return of 7-12 Grade Students for In-person Learning
VUSD is excited to bring students back to middle and high school campuses! The scheduled date to return Grades 7-12 is March 25, 2021. The COVID-19 Safety Plan (CSP) has been posted on our website since late January 2021. The CSP is composed of two parts: The COVID-19 Prevention Program and the COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist. An updated version of the School Guidance Checklist was posted on March 2, 2021. The Return to School Planning Guide was revised to reflect the new state requirements and is also posted on our website. To view both the COVID-19 Safety Plan and Return to School Planning Guide visit
Expanded Learning Strategy for VUSD Students
On March 13, 2020, Governor Newsom enacted Executive Order N-26-20, which was the catalyst for school districts closing throughout the state. As Visalia Unified learned more about COVID-19 and new state safety mechanisms were established in the ensuing months, the criteria for reopening schools became more defined. As time has progressed and districts remain closed, the focus on reopening, addressing learning loss, and meeting students’ social and emotional needs has become Visalia Unified School District’s priority.
When schools closed, the dedicated team of instructional and operational leaders immediately collaborated on how VUSD could best provide for its students and families with continued services.  Instructional and operational leaders knew that these services would be different in light of the pandemic.
The development of learning packets for all students in grades preschool to twelve was the first step in ensuring that students continued to learn. These packets were developed to focus students’ learning on what we call priority standards. These are the learning standards used to measure what students must know to be successful.
VUSD knew that not all students in our district would have access to the internet; therefore, this posed a digital inequity for many of our households. This is why we focused on packets in K-8 and if needed at the 9-12 grades. This digital divide was a ubiquitous issue at the national level.
As packet learning was ensuing, we also were accelerating access to the internet and devices to all students in our district. VUSD acquired and installed WiFi towers, which increased access to the internet for our students, including in some of our more rural areas of Goshen and Ivanhoe. We were also able to acquire a large number of hotspots, which allowed students to have access to the internet. Finally, we were able to obtain enough Chromebooks to allow students to engage with hybrid learning for the 2020-21 school year.
During the summer of 2020, we provided access to credit recovery and original credit courses for our students in grades 9-12 to which they did not have access during the closure. We also began to plan how instruction would look in a hybrid model for the 2020-21 school year. This planning including the following: which online tools teachers and students would use; what the instructional day would look like in a hybrid format; how parents would connect to teachers and the school; which social and emotional resources would be available to students and families; and more.
Even with all of this planning and additional resource supports from the state and federal governments, we know that the current learning model is not ideal for students. Research indicates that students have regressed in their learning, especially in mathematics in Grades 2-6. Research has also demonstrated that there are higher levels of social and emotional issues with students and families as they cope with quarantine and the added financial stresses brought on by the pandemic. Throughout the school closures, we have not lost sight of our students and families, knowing that they are experiencing these types of losses.
Now that we are beginning to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, we have moved from 100% online instruction during the first semester to bringing back students by grade-level. We currently have students in grades TK-6 grade learning in person on our 26 elementary campuses. Our hope is that we return Grades 7-12 back to campus for in-person learning by March 25, 2021. Having students in classrooms with their teachers is the optimal learning and social and emotional model.
While we wait to have all students return, we have not waited to see how we can serve our students and families since March 13, 2020.
We are now planning how we take all of those efforts and align them in a single expanded learning plan. This plan will be developed by internal and external stakeholders to align those same resources to support Visalia Unified students and families. Not one group alone will be able to meet the needs of every one of our students and families; but If we do this together, as one community with one mission and vision, then we will stand a better chance of eradicating learning loss and the social and emotional toll that the pandemic has placed on all of us.
Save the Date!!!
2021 High School Commencement Ceremonies
Parent University
Social-Emotional Wellness Workshops
Visalia Unified School District’s Parent University has created a six-part parent workshop series focusing on the Social Emotion Wellness in the Home. The workshops are FREE to the public, and anyone is welcome to attend. Workshops are facilitated by local experts through partnerships between VUSD and community providers: Family Services, TCOE Behavioral Health Services, and Visalia Youth Services including local behaviorists, psychologists, social workers, and teachers.
Parent University Social Emotional Wellness Workshop series go from 6:30-8:30 pm on the following dates:
  • April 7, 2021 - Helping Your Family Cope with Traumatic Events
  • April 14, 2021 - Creating Expectations & Setting Limits
  • April 28, 2021 - Supporting Children's Positive Mental Health

Register for workshops at