New Faces in The Clubhouse: 
  • Jamal Nordman is the Activity Generator and tutor. Jamal is a Ypsilanti Community School 5th year STEM graduate and a 2021 graduate. He has been with the clubhouse for two years. 
  • Kendall Johnstone is a Friday Math Tutor. Kendall is from EMU working on her Senior Capstone.
  • Justin is a third year Wayne State student. He was a participant at Educate Youth for five years before attending Wayne State University. Justin volunteers Monday and Friday.
  • Two separate groups of Social Work 350 students from EMU. These students meet virtually Monday and Wednesday.
  • Four students from EMU will complete their Senior Capstone project. David and Kaila are updating the website and Mandy will make social media a regular part of Educate Youth.