Family Focus
Programs & Ideas | March 2021
Parent Cafe: Growing Joy this Spring
“Why so optimistic about 2021? What do you think it will bring?”
I think it will bring flowers.
“Yes? How come?”
Because I am planting flowers.
Join us for a Parent Café to talk about how we can plant seeds of optimism and joy in our families this spring.

  • What brings you a sense of joy?
  • When do you see your kids feeling joyful and how do you support that?
  • Are your children natural optimists or pessimists?
  • How do you balance everyone’s need to “feel their feelings” while also encouraging a positive attitude?

These informal but structured café conversations encourage us to celebrate successes, explore challenges and learn more about our kids and ourselves. We will gain insights and tools for strengthening our families ... and we will experience a bit of joy together!
Thursday, April 1
6:00 - 7:45 PM
Parent Cafes are open to all parents, grandparents and caregivers.
Share Your Story to Build Support for Family Centers
If you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family.
--Mother Teresa
Family Resource Centers across NH, like ours at Families First and Goodwin, offer programs to support children and families. When families thrive, communities are strengthened, and we all benefit as we live happier, healthier, more connected lives.

We want to help make sure that decisionmakers in NH understand the value of these programs, and continue to fund Family Centers across the state. The state budget for the next two years is under consideration by the legislature right now!

Please take a moment to share YOUR story of how our Family Center has helped you and your children. We need your help. YOUR VOICE can make a difference.
Mind in the Making: The 7 Essential Life Skills
Do you want to help your kids learn to take on life’s challenges and achieve their full potential?

If so, there are simple everyday things you can do to help children develop seven life skills needed in today’s complicated world. These skills are important for adults too, and we have to practice them ourselves in order to help our children.

The essential skills include things like Focus and Self Control, PerspectiveTaking, Communicating, Taking on Challenges, and Critical Thinking.

This series will focus on tools and strategies that don’t cost money, are based on the latest brain science, and will help you feel more confident in your parenting.

Open to parents and grandparents of children of all ages.
Wednesdays, 6-7:30 PM
April 7- May 26
Participants are encouraged to attend all 8 sessions and will be emailed a Zoom link to join the series.
Take a Store Tour with NH Food Bank
Wednesday, March 17th
5:00 p.m.
The New Hampshire Food Bank is hosting events throughout National Nutrition Month in March to promote healthy and affordable eating for Granite State families
Join them for their main event:
Cooking Matters at the Store Tour Workshop
Learn to find whole grains, buy fruits and vegetables on a budget, compare unit prices, and read food labels in order to buy ingredients for balanced family meals.
All sessions are virtual and FREE. Join on any device with internet connection!
Survey for Parents of Kids Under 8
Do you have the family support and early-learning resources you need? United Way of the Greater Seacoast and the school districts serving Hampton, North Hampton, South Hampton, Hampton Falls, and Seabrook want to know!  Families with children under age 8 are invited to take a survey and enter into a raffle to win a $25 gift card. Survey results will be used in a needs assessment that aims to help make sure all families have what they need to prepare their children for kindergarten.