From Our President
Betsy Slocum

Recently LAA members (mostly those with gmail accounts) have been receiving emails supposedly from LAA asking them for money, gift cards, and/or call backs. The LAA would NEVER email, phone call, or text asking for money, gift cards, call backs, etc.
The reason why this is being brought up is that anytime a bulk mailing is sent out (like the ones we send to our members), it may generate a few spam pulls. Not to be confused with hacking, spam cannot invade your personal information unless you feed it with such. However, it may look like it comes directly from the LAA and may ask you to do favors for us. We would never ask our members to do any type of personal favors.
You can tell when it’s an official LAA mailing because it comes from email address Just ignore the ones without this return address and DO NOT respond. Your email is selected at random via a program that spammers use. If you answer the email, then they have your email address and will add it to their spam list.
On your acrylic painting on paper, “The Shopper”, being accepted into the Georgia Watercolor Society, 2021 National Exhibition. From 347 submissions, 80 works were chosen by Judge John Salminen. The exhibit is located at the Carrollton Center for the Arts, Carrollton, Georgia and runs from April 5 through May 14. 

Also, another of Brenda’s paintings, “Woman with Dog” was accepted this past fall into the South Carolina Watermedia Society, 43rd Annual National Exhibition. Due to CPVID, this show was virtual with Judge Ted Nuttall selecting 71 pieces. All are available for viewing on-line at

Should any member have news regarding an award, exhibition, or show they’ve recently been involved in, please send it to so we can share good news with our fellow artists!