March 2021 Newsletter
Vol. 9 No. 03
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If you do not have one yet, it is because you are not looking! Hotels across South Florida are hiring to accommodate the Spring & Summer travel demand. Click on the images below to be redirected to their career application websites.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to for a possible reference if you are not familiar with anyone at the property that you are applying.
Congratulations Mariana Malek on accepting the Chef Concierge position at the Four Seasons

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New SFCA Podcast and Video series on YouTube and SoundCloud

Our very own Miguel Pena has found his calling as host of the hottest new YouTube and podcast channel in South Florida!

There's a handful of brand new content discussing the future of Miami through the eyes of GMCVB experts, hospitality pros and local vendors.

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by Eater Miami
"An Eater's Guide to Miami"
Miami Eater, Updated 02/21/21
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"While the DJs playing in a restaurant used to get more attention than than the chefs cooking there, Miami’s culinary scene has finally shifted. The focus now is on flavor, not flash. Today’s Miami culinary landscape reflects that, with locals stepping up their game and pouring their diverse backgrounds into the meals they prepare. Use this guide to find the places that matter the most in Miami."
14 New Restaurants
to Try in Miami
Miami, Eater, Updated 02/04/21
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"More often than not, tipsters, readers, friends and family of Eater have one question: Where should I eat right now? And while the restaurant industry certainly looks different now, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, a bevy of new restaurants have persevered and have managed to open their doors over the past few months to new customers. Here are 12 of the best this month."
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Concierge Birthdays

03/01 Claudia Gaskins
03/03 Juan Carlos Velasco, Dream Hotel
03/03 Mike Aguilar, Marriott South Beach
03/04 Rashaad Shaw, Ritz Carlton Key Bisc.
03/05 Jackie Crevoshay, Loews Miami Beach
03/06 Paulo Frassinetti, Pallazo Del Sol
03/10 Danny Perez, Loews Miami Beach
03/14 Jean Paul Monsalve
03/15 Stefanny Sosa, Fontainebleau
03/20 Gene Ruotolo

03/21 Alejandro Franco, Anglers Resort
03/22 Kay Cremeens, Honorary Member
03/26 Jose Flores, EDITION Residences
03/27 Brenda Santana
03/29 Paul Drecq, Betsy South Beach
03/30 Antonio Azevedo, Hilton Bentley
03/30 Hana Besadova, Shoreclub Hotel
03/31 Maylin Rodriguez, Bella Mare WI
03/31 Melissa Baez, St. Regis Residences
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