March 2021
Families, we encourage you to stay updated on what's going on regarding COVID-19 and FAU. Click on the image to the left to review the latest updates.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

With St. Patrick's Day approaching on Wednesday March 17, we would like to provide you with some historical context on how this holiday came to be.

St. Patrick's Day was originally a day to celebrate the life of St. Patrick who is known for bringing Christianity to the people of Ireland. He later passed away on March 17 which is now popularly known as St. Patrick's Day!

Today, the tradition of celebrating St. Patrick's Day is additionally associated with leprechauns, fairy creatures, and luck. In fact, the popularity of wearing green originated from a folklore that a person must wear green on St. Patrick's Day to avoid being pinched by leprechauns.

So as you safely celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year, encourage your loved ones to learn more about how this holiday grew into the day that we celebrate today!
Summer and Fall 2021 Virtual Academic Advising is Underway!

It is important for students to see their advisor at least once a semester, especially to verify their appropriate course options for upcoming semester(s) registration.

  • First-Year students, or RISING SOPHOMORES, may have a Freshman Advising Hold on their account until they have their advising ZOOM meeting with an Academic Advisor.  

  • Please encourage your student to meet with their Academic Advisor early, since it is in their best interest not to wait until Advance Registration for Summer and Fall 2021 (which will open March 29th - April 1st).

Please review the following website for more registration information:

Student Privacy

  • We are unable to generously share information with you regarding your student's academic information, we are more than willing to speak about general policies. 

  • It is our hope that you’ll share your questions with your student, and encourage them to talk to us about their needs and inquiries if they want to learn more.

  • If you see something in this newsletter or on the university websites that you think would benefit your student, please pass it on to them, or suggest that they make an appointment with their advisor to discuss it further.

  • Students can make an appointment with a PEER ACADEMIC COACH to get detailed help on how to develop a time management and study schedule, along with other academic skills that can help them be successful for the remainder of this semester.

Marsha Saddler, University Advising Services Liaison to Families | | 561-297-3064

Class Rings!
FAU class rings are now on sale!

Join the timeless graduation tradition by purchasing a class ring for your graduating Owl!
Join Handshake!
Families, if your student is searching for a job or an internship, encourage them to join Handshake. Handshake is an amazing website dedicated to helping college students. The best part is that this site affiliated with FAU making it easier for FAU students to receive job and internship offers.

Encourage your students to make a Handshake account today!

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