March 26, 2021


Elite Island Resorts Trip Fundraiser Silent Auction!
Can you imagine sitting on the beach, sand between your toes, drink in your hand, and no schedule to keep??

Take a look at the United Way of Lincoln County's online silent auction to bid on a Caribbean Vacation to either Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia, or beautiful Panama. You could choose an adult only package, or maybe you want to get away with the family. Whatever you choose, Elite Island Resort has made this possible and affordable.

Past United Way of Lincoln County Board Chair, Jimmy Bagnola, purchased a trip to Panama as a UWLC fundraiser and made memories to last a lifetime! He and his wife vacationed in Panama.
Jimmy Bagnola, past United Way of Lincoln County Board Chair, and his wife in Panama!
"The resort in Panama was awesome! It was all inclusive, meals, drinks, activities-- everything! The package included activities for each day that we were able to customize once we arrived at the resort. We checked out some rope bridges through the jungle, tasted the world's most expensive coffee on a coffee tour, went white water rafting, went rock climbing/swimming in a natural gorge and hiked Volcán Barú overnight to catch the sunrise. So many great memories from that trip!" - Jimmy Bagnola

Bidding will end at midnight on Friday, March 26, 2021. All rules for entry and bidding, as well as information regarding additional fees, can be found on the United Way of Lincoln County – Elite Island Resorts Trip Fundraiser page at:

2020/2021 UWLC Campaign Ideas!

Springtime Fundraising Tips & Tricks
FUN IDEAS: 5K or Fun Run!
As the weather improves, people will be excited for an opportunity to get outdoors after being cooped up all winter. Plan a 5k or Fun Run to help raise money for your United Way of Lincoln County Campaign. There are lots of resources and templates online to help you easily get started.

FUN IDEAS: Plant Sale
In the spring, gardeners gear up to get their plants in the ground. Many plant seeds indoors in the colder months so they’re ready to transport into the soil when the ground gets warmer. Tomato and pepper plants are often started indoors in March, while several varieties of vegetables can withstand spring frosts. Coordinate with local farmers or gardeners to host a yard-to-table plant sale.

FUN IDEAS: Mowing for a Cause
For much of the country, spring is the season of cleanup. Stray sticks and stones have wandered into yards, and the grass—having finally escaped the snow—looks unruly as ever. Take the burden off of your community and advertise a lawn maintenance and cleanup service in exchange for donations. Recruit landscapers to volunteer their services.
Thank You to our United Way of Lincoln County Board Members for their hard work and dedication to connecting people, resources and ideas to create a thriving community characterized by stability, educational success, and healthy members of our community.

UWLC Board Members:
  • Fred Jarrett
  • Jordan Frye
  • Anthony Simpson
  • Lindsey Huffman
  • Ritchie Haynes
  • Natalie Ducharme
  • Dr. Heath Belcher
  • Isabelle Wadsworth
  • Neal Alexander
  • Daniel Hipps
  • Rick Thompson
  • Marsha Ivey
  • Cassie Hansley
  • Katie Saine
  • Janet Lopez
  • Charlie Reep
  • H.D. Reid
  • Jamel Farley
  • Dr. Jim Watson
Katie Saine
Katie Saine has severed on the board for almost 6 years! Katie and her husband, Alan, have volunteered for the Days of Action at the Asbury Resource Center (ARC) and at the Oaklawn Community Center, along with their son, Callan, who picked up rocks and put into his pail at the young age of 4. Katie continues to be an active and involved board member and continues to collect and donate much needed items to the ARC.
Katie was instrumental in serving on the hiring committee to recruit and interview for the open United Way of Lincoln County Executive Director position, she also serves on the event and planning committee. Katie is a very active board member and attends the UW fundraisers each year. Katie was the recipient of the Governor Volunteer Service Award in 2016.

Katie works for Duke Energy and is married to Alan and has 2 children, Callan and Madilyn. She has contributed her time and talents to the United Way and we are so grateful for her services. Katie and her husband have been leadership level givers to the United Way of Lincoln County annual campaign for the past 6 years. 

Thank You, Atrium Health, for continuing to be dedicated to our community and residents throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic!
Lincoln County and the United Way is blessed to have such a great community partner in Atrium Health. As a life-long community member, I am thankful that Lincoln County has a state-of-the-art hospital right here in our county to serve our community members, and those living in our surrounding counties. Not only has Atrium and it's employees continued to be committed UWLC Campaign Contributors, they are also very active in the community. Atrium has proven to be dedicated to health and service for many years, but when faced with the uncertainties of the pandemic, they chose to step-up once again. Atrium employees have been instrumental in fighting the pandemic from the beginning while hosting mask giveaways, COVID testing, and now vaccine clinics. The United Way of Lincoln County recognizes the help and support provided by Atrium Lincoln, as well as other Lincoln County Healthcare and Public Health providers, during our time of need to help get us through this devastating pandemic and hopefully back to "our new normal" as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Meanwhile, we still need your help to prevent the spread of this deadly virus! You can continue to help your community, family, and friends by wearing a face covering, maintaining social distancing, avoiding crowds, and getting vaccinated once it is offered to your group.

Thank you, Atrium Health, for making us all proud! We are all #AtriumProud!
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