Volume 15 | March 2021
This Month We Bring You The Effects of Static Electricity, Color Label Printers, A New Sign for EMP, and Much More!
Almost exactly a year ago, the world was shutting down as the pandemic began. This year, we have hope that better days are around the corner. Thank you for your continued partnership through this past year, and let's keep working to make 2021 a great one!
New Sign for New Times
It has been 3 ½ years since the EMP Tech Group acquired eSolutions in Lafayette, Indiana. The eSolutions group are all still with EMP, adding a fantastic layer of skills and experience, thriving in our combined companies. Want to hear more about how we are moving forward through the pandemic? Click below!
Staying on Top of the Best Software Solution
Part of our job at EMP, is to stay on top of all the latest software at our customers' facilities so we can provide the best solution possible. This is a difficult task with all of the software available. We recently lost a job at one of our long time customers simply because our competitor offered a better interface between the mobile computer and the ERP system. Check out the article below to learn how we are continuing to learn more to better serve you.
Multi Generation Mobile Computer Application
We love long-term customers. It is so good for both EMP and the customers when we have long-term relationships. The speed of trust kicks in and everything just starts to work so smoothly. We recently completed a programming application with just such a customer. Check it out below!
The Effects of Static
It is invisible but can reach out and bite you in more than one way. Static electricity can cause issues in your labeling and it is not always obvious that it is the issue. Static tends to be worse in the colder months when the humidity is low but can be an issue year round when dealing with plastic based labels or substrates. Want to learn more? Click on the article below!
Color Label Printers from Epson and EMP
Several things kind of got lost in the shuffle last year. One of them was the arrival of two new color label printers from Epson, the C6000 and the C6500. Our demo unit arrived early in the year and our technical group was thrilled with the durability of the labels and the ease of operation. Check out the article below to learn more!
GoZebra Trade-In Program