March 2021 Newsletter
Spring is on its way!
Greetings shipmates! With April fast approaching, it is almost time to start getting the schooner ready to go sailing! The crew are excited to get here and we are excited to get back to doing the work we love. Josh Jacques, who sailed with us much of 2019, is going to be our first mate this year. He continued sailing tall ships after his time aboard Heritage and is a fun, spirited individual whom we are happy to see return. We have several new faces joining the crew this year who are excited for the upcoming season. Their varied backgrounds and personalities will make them a well-rounded crew aboard the Heritage.
 News regarding Covid vaccines has been promising. With each passing day, it seems availability is on the rise and it is comforting to see more and more people get immunized as they become eligible. We are glad to hear that many of you who will be sailing with us have already received yours! This, coupled with readily available testing, will be the foundation for a safe and comfortable 2021 season.
If you are thinking about springtime travel plans, June is a wonderful time to go sailing aboard the Schooner Heritage. It is spring after all and new life abounds. Baby seals and osprey explore a new world as we explore the coastline. The days grow longer, the leaves on the trees are brighter and the Maine waters glisten like diamonds on the bay. Brisk breezes make for lively sailing, and while the days may be a bit cooler, there's no better excuse to enjoy that extra cup of hot cocoa or tea. 
We offer exciting trips in the spring such as the Schooner Gam 4-night cruise. Traditionally, this is the event where all of the windjammers raft up together in a spectacle not seen anywhere else in the world. Due to distancing precautions, we don’t know exactly what the gam will look like this year, but we can promise a gathering of historic and traditional sailing vessels that you can only find in Penobscot Bay. On the evening of the gam the whole fleet will wind up anchored together in a beautiful harbor for an evening of music, delicious food, and wonderful conversation. On our gam cruise as per tradition, we will be joined by the maritime photographer, Fred LeBlanc. He will sail with us and offer his expertise in capturing these vessels in their element. 
Our favorite cruises are the ones where the fleet sails together. These trips provide wonderful photo opportunities and it is always exciting to see these incredible ships sailing on the bay. These moments encompass what windjamming is all about: sharing this special place and love of these unique vessels while we all escape, explore, and recharge aboard the Heritage in a vacation like no other that we call Maine Windjamming.

Wishing you all the best,
PO Box 482 Rockland, ME