The Smith Clinic For Physical Therapy
March 2021
Smith Clinic Friends,
Spring seems to be right around the corner which reminds us that new life and dedication should be right behind it. We have a renewed sense of dedication to your treatment needs and look forward to serving you and your fmaily. Our patients and their needs are our top priority as we strive to serve you with intentionality. God has called us to a life dedicated to those around us and we hope our clinic acts as a blessing to you and your family. As we begin to sense Spring around the corner, be reminded that new life comes from Christ. This time of year should prompt us to glorify the Father for bringing death to life and darkness to light.
Girl's Night Out
This month The Smith Clinic Girls were able to go out to dinner and celebrate being vaccinated for COVID-19. Our table was filled with lots of laughter and good conversations. We are so thankful to work with ladies we also call friends. After months of not getting together, it was great to hear life updates and be able to experience community again. Time spent with these girls is always leaves us planning our next outing.

Cervicogenic Headache (CGH)
What are Cervicogenic Headaches? These specific types of headaches originate in the cervical area and present themselves with pain in the head and neck. In simple terms, these headaches are a result of musculoskeletal impairments in the neck which send pain to the head. How do you know if you have CGHs? Some of the most common characteristics are pain on one side of the head, headaches lasting longer than 3 days in duration, and neck pain decreasing movement and/or range of motion. Arm pain on one side of the body would also further indicate the neck is the origin of your problems. Cervicogenic headaches typically affect individuals over the age of 40, additionally, women are 4x more likely to experience these headaches than men. This condition is more common than you may think, so if you feel you are suffering from Cervicogenic Headaches we are more than willing to help. Our Physical Therapists are specifically trained to treat CGHs and would love to evaluate you and set you on the road to a pain-free life.
Give us a call at (901)756-1650 or visit us at 8110 Cordova Road, Cordova TN in order to schedule an initial evaluation. 
Spring Break
As Spring begins to show signs of its arrival, our staff was able to make some fun memories outside of the clinic. We love seeing the creative activities they experience including Goat Yoga. Michael and Angie spent a week in Arizona, enjoying some outdoor activities and beautiful weather. Ellie Grace enjoyed several days with close family and friends at the beach, while Ava spent a weekend in Murfreesboro with her husband and foster daughter. Chris and his family spent their spring break in Nashville and Gatlinburg. Below are some of the highlights of their vacations. Be sure to ask them about their travels the next time you are in the clinic.
A Short Devotional
As I sit at my kitchen table this morning thinking about the week of snow and even this last year, my mind continues to prompt me of how little control we have over our lives. There are two lies we tend to believe about ourselves and the world around us. These two lies cut us off from the grace and freedom that Christ offers through His Son.

The first is the lie of self-autonomy. This tells us that we are able to do as we please without answering to those around or above us. We forget that we belong to a God who created each human being for a unique purpose and has complete control over our lives. Some may quiver at the idea of not having control, but if you think deeper it may comfort you to realize this control is not one that limits us. It actually frees us to live a full life pleasing to the Lord. Our weakness, performance, and desires are no longer limited but completely consumed by the strength, ability, and plan of the Almighty God. When we submit to becoming a living sacrifice to the Lord, our lives will start to look a lot more like Jesus’ life, shouldn't that be our main goal? Paul David Tripp says it best,
“In a world where you are on your own, where you have to find your own way and independently build your life, weakness is a thing to be feared. In a world where all you have in the end is your thinking, your drive, your performance, and your achievements, weakness is a thing to be regretted. In a world where you have no one to turn to for strength and few who accept you when you don't have it, weakness is a thing to be avoided. What you need to avoid is your delusions of strength. Those assessments of independent strength are much more dangerous. Sin has left us weak of heart and hands, but God’s grace makes weakness a thing to be feared no longer. Grace frees me from being devastated that I can no longer trust me because grace connects me to the One who is worthy of my trust and who will always deliver what I need.”

The second lie we tend to believe about the human experience is that we are able to be self-sufficient. This message leads us to believe we have all the resources within ourselves to live as we were meant to live and do what we were meant to do. It should be obvious to us, especially after recent events, that this worldview is broken. As humans, we are subject to many things that are out of our control whether that be sickness, natural disasters, physical limitations, or relational circumstances. The truth is we were created to be dependent on purpose. God uses these things to remind us of how immensely dependent we are on Him and those around us. Our dependency should not be pushed away or avoided. It should be embraced and valued as Christ did. Even Jesus taught about His dependency on the Father and submitted to the will of God so that salvation would be made possible. Imagine if Christ had not acknowledged the Father’s authority and humbled Himself to death on the cross? Where would we be without the example of Christ washing the disciple's feet? If Christ lived a life of dependency on the Father and His disciples, how much more should we submit ourselves to Him? Because of Christ’s humility, Almighty God ultimately raised Him to sit at His right hand for eternity and used His death to reconcile each of us to Himself. Christ now advocates on our behalf, passing on His righteousness to us. Our pride should fall away and our crowns be laid at the foot of Jesus for this truth has made our way out of our weakness.

Happy 8 Months, Meg
Over this past year, we have added several new members to our Smith Clinic Family one of which was Meg Bolton. She has filled the clinic with laughter and is a joy to work with. Our most recent Youtube video features her answering some questions, helping you get to know her better and see her in action. We hope this video gives you some behind-the-scenes of what a therapist's day looks like and allows you to see Meg's heart for her patients. We look forward to you continuing to form a relationship with Meg throughout your treatment.