MARCH 2021 Newsletter

New Hours begin today


A very impressive Japanese Maple order has landed at the nursery recently and the timing is perfect! The fresh new foliage is just beginning to push out.


Kwanzan Flowering Cherry trees are full in bloom


Spring is upon us

After the latest storms there is no doubt that now is go time in the garden. Though we're not out the woods with the cold and wet (hopefully) We are very busy receiving several new deliveries each week. Our nursery is filling up with specialty perennials, succulents, flowering shrubs as well as Magnolia, Redbud and Dogwood trees- many, many beautiful options! These springtime bloomers have fresh foliage pushing out from those once dormant branches, it is just beautiful!

In our garden at home I have sown some flower seed mixes directly into the garden that we carry from Botanical Interests Seeds including Flower Mix California Color and Grandmother's Cut Flower Mix. I planted these flower mixes last year and was so pleased I am planting them both again.

Pictured above is our Ruby planting her own seeds. She planted Florist's Bouquet Sunflower Seeds in paper pots that we carry in the nursery. The seeds sprouted in 4 days. Ruby checked everyday and her pride and excitement once they sprouted was infectious!

I personally choose to wait to add any summer veggies into my garden until mid to late April. When I first began working in a nursery (Zamora Nursery) in Chico over 20 years ago we would say typical last frost date was April 15. Times and climate has changed and typical last frost date is now around April 4.

I find that even if it does not frost, the plants do struggle to get growing until daytime temps are well into the 70's. If you can't wait, and you do decide to plant these tender edible plants now be sure to be aware of nightly temps and protect them as needed.

My favorite plant in the veggie garden last year I started from seed was Honeynut Winter Squash Seeds. Vigorous and fruitful this squash was a manageable size and absolutely delicious!

Even if you are not in need of any new plants for your garden I encourage you to stop in and enjoy the beauty of springtime in the nursery! It really is a magical time. -Courtney


Magnolia Elizabeth rare color for the deciduous varieties


The Gift Shop is filled to the brim with a huge selection of indoor pottery and houseplants


New Fanciful Garden Bonsai Starts are just in! We have miniature conifers and Japanese Maples (not pictured)


Local Supporting Local

We have the pleasure of carrying David Walther of Spring Fever Nursery's plants. David has long been a friend and mentor to us, and his love of dynamic gardening is infectious and inspiring. He specializes in rare and practical plants for this area. He puts every plant he sells through vigorous trial and error in his amazing Yankee Hill display garden to ensure the local performance of everything he sells. Next time you are in ask where the Spring Fever Plants are and we will happily point you in the right direction.

We also have the pleasure of carrying handcrafted totems and ceramic gnomes from local ceramist Vickie Triplett. She has made several custom pieces for Chris and I and she can for you too! She is a retired school teacher (she was actually my oldest daughters choir teacher at Chico Jr. once upon a time) Her pieces are so much fun, they are so whimsical often prompting a smile on your face when you see them. She's just as fun and great! We are always excited to see her when she brings in new goodies for us to sell at the nursery.


 Peaches Says March To Dos

 -The temps are warming. It's a good time to start fertilizing with E.B. Stone Organic Fertilizers including mature trees and shrubs after new growth begins

-Prune and fertilize Camellias (after bloom) 

-Spring is a wondrous time of year that brings much growth and re-emergence, both undesirable and desirable. Keep weeding and apply mulch to prevent future weeds

-Seeds to start outside- Broccoli. Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Radish, Beets, Mustard, Asian Greens, Onions, Arugula, Lettuce, Spinach, Sweet Pea, Marigold, Love in Mist, Poppies, and flower Mixes

-Seeds to start inside- Basil, Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant

-Harden off indoor seedlings by gradually introducing them outdoors

-The urge to plant Tomato plants and flowering Impatiens and other frost tender summer annuals can be overwhelming during this beautiful weather however, don't let yourself get ahead of the season. There is still historically a good chance for frosty temperatures which would devastate these plants. We suggest waiting to begin planting these plants a week or two into April

 Peaches is our beloved nursery cat. She has picked up lots of knowledge while lounging around the nursery.

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