March is a month of anticipation. We await the coming of Spring and all of nature's glory that brings - flowers blooming, grass getting greener by the day and the days getting warmer. This year, we look forward to more and more people getting vaccinated and the freedom that will bring. Personally, I anticipate getting busier and busier as more clubs and organizations open up and want to book fun and energizing presentations.

I've always looked forward to the Academy Awards and watching the red carpet arrivals and presenting the Immies (Image Matters awards) for Best Color, Best Style and Best Overall. In the past, Oscar night was always the end of February but this year it has been postponed until April 25th. At last week's Golden Globes, stars were zooming in from home or wherever they happened to be and it just seemed strange to me. I hope more stars are actually walking the red carpet at the Oscars rather than zooming in from home. At any rate, it will be a very different Oscar night. Stay tuned for my Red Carpet Recap 2021 following the show.

Have you ever wished you could have the services of a personal shopper but just weren't sure if you could afford it, or how you would benefit from the service? Well, March is your chance to take advantage of my personal shopping services. I am offering my Shopping Savvy service at half price until March 31st. That means for just $125 you can have two hours of shopping time with an expert who will guide you into the styles and fit that will work for your lifestyle needs and make you feel fabulous every time you get dressed. No more wandering through department stores trying to figure out what might look good on you. No more listening to salespeople telling you how great you look in something only to buy it, take it home, put it on, look in the mirror and wonder "What was I thinking?" For the cost of one great pair of pants, or one jacket, or a dress, you can have the comfort of knowing you will never add another mistake to your wardrobe!

I've been raving about my new skin care products, and so have those of you who have tried them. These products are the best of science combined with the best of nature, formulated by a pharmacologist in partnership with a plastic surgeon. Because I have every confidence in the efficacy of these products and the success my clients will have with them, I am selling my former skin care products at 50% off. These products have served me well and served my clients well over the past decade and many of you will want to order your favorites while they are still available at half price. See the list below for what is available. Quantities are limited so don't wait to order.

Call me if you are ready to shop or if you'd like to try my new skin are products. I would love to help you look and feel better.

Take Advantage of Skin Care on Sale
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Essential Gel Cream Cleanser, regular price $26, now $13.
Uniquely textured daily cleanser. Removes makeup and deep cleans clogged pores. Softens and conditions as it cleanses, normalizes and balances skin. Paraben-free.
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Essential Toner with AHA, regular price $26, now $13.
Non-drying, alcohol-free daily tone. Exfoliates, clarifies and refines, leaving skin clean, refreshed and revitalized. Paraben-free.
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Hydrating Toner, regular price $32, now $16.
Alcohol-free freshener. Hydrates and nourishes dry skin, as it gently tones and refines. Softens and conditions skin, as it sweeps away makeup and impurities. Paraben-free.

Hydrating Night Cream, regular price $40,now $20.
Moisture-rich night cream provides intense, long-lasting hydration for dry, delicate skin. Softens and sooths skin and protects against free radial damage.
Anti-Oxidant Night Cream, regular price $40, now $20.
Hydrating night cream enriched with powerful antioxidants. Moisturizes and smoothes skin and helps protect against free radical damage Paraben-free.
Peptide Protection Moisturizer, regular $39, now $19.50
Advanced anti-aging, daily moisturizer provides broad spectrum protection against sun damage and premature aging. Helps prevent collagen and elastin breakdown for firmer, more resilient skin. Improves tone and radiance. Paraben-free.

Peptide Eye Cream, regular price $36, now $18.
Fights crepiness, crow’s feet and fine lines, delivering firmness and lift. Deeply hydrates and reduces puffiness and discoloration.  Fragrance-free, paraben-free.

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 If a shoe hurts, it is probably damaging your foot. So don't do that! There's no point in having a fabulous pair of shoes if you are grimacing with every step you take. When you find a pair of shoes that is actually comfortable and good-looking, consider buying two pair. Perhaps two different colors, or even if you buy two of the same color, you can extend the life of the shoes by switching back and forth between the two pairs. And make sure all your shoes are in good shape with no worn out heels or soles.

A shoe with a closed toe or a peep toe will be slightly "dressier" than an open sandal. A shoe with a back, or back strap, is often more comfortable as it provides for a steadier and more secure step. A shoe with arch support will provide more comfort as well. If you need a heel, look for a shoe with a rubber sole, a wedge heel and a roomy toe box. These styles are more slip-proof, and the greater surface area of the sole helps absorb shock, adds stability and reduces stress on pressure points.

Consider trying a size, or half size larger with your next pair of shoes. Our feet often expand with age and going for a larger shoe size may make a big difference in the comfort level.

If you need a size or width that is typically not carried in the retail stores, shop online. There are many online sources available and is one of the most popular. (They also offer free shipping and free returns.) The shoes shown below are from and they should provide comfort and stability.

Have fun shoe shopping. Don't forget my shopping services are on sale this month and I love shopping for shoes!
Go for Green this month!

Let's talk about green as many of us will be wearing green on the 17th. Emerald green is a particular favorite of mine but there are many shades of green to choose from. Choosing your best shade of green will have much to do with your hair color and skin tone.

If you are a dark haired brunette the stronger shades of green, such as forest or pine or hunter will look best on you. But this is where skin tone becomes important. If your skin tone is peachy or golden and/or you are a freckled beauty, your greens need to have a warm golden undertone. A deep olive or moss or the forest green will suit you well. Pine green and hunter green usually have a bluer undertone so beware. If your skin tone is milky white, pinkish or olive, then the pine and hunter shades are for you as well as an emerald or true green. Avoid moss and olive as they will make you look sallow.

If you have light to medium brown hair look for a mid-tone sage, mint or celery green. Avoid greens that are too bright or too dark.

Redheads can wear almost any shade of green. Auburn or chestnut tresses shine in olive or moss. Carrot tops and strawberry blondes do particularly well in lime or grass green.

Blondes should stick with greens that are light to mid-tone and avoid dark tones such as forest, pine or olive. A mint or jade green will look fabulous on ash blondes and blondes with pinkish skin tones. Golden blondes can wear the mint and jade but will also look well in a lime or light olive.

For those of us with gray hair, make sure your green is a "cool" green with no golden or yellow undertones. Lime, grass green and olive all have strong golden undertones and should be avoided
This dark emerald looks great on a brunette but the dark olive is too dull.
Lime green is too light and too golden for a brunette with a pinkish skin tone but looks great on a blonde with an ivory skin tone.
Blondes can wear a mint green well but are overpowered by a dark hunter green.

If you haven't worn green before, now is the time to try it. There is a green out there waiting for your discovery. If you'd like help finding your best green, call me for my Shopping Savvy services - on sale this month.opping Savces - on sale this month.
Image Presentations -

Is this the right time?

Some clubhouses are open and hosting events with social distancing and mask wearing. If your clubhouse is open or you belong to an organization that is holding meetings either in-person or virtually, call me and book an informative and entertaining image presentation.

If your clubhouse is still closed, keep me in mind for a presentation when things open up again. Everyone will be anxious to get out and socialize and an Image Matters presentation is always well received.
If you belong to a group or organization that is meeting virtually, I have several presentations that work well with that format.

The most requested topic is "Look Good and Feel Great . . . with Color!" Many other image-related topics are available, such as 
"SW Florida Style", "Fashionality" and "Accessorizing with Ease." 

All presentations are tailored to fit the needs/goals of the group.  You could be the one to introduce Image Matters to your group - and be a STAR!
Call me at 239-454-0044 to discuss.