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Mayor's Message
  "Only in Orem"

I was recently at the Timpanogos Hospital getting my vaccination for Covid19 and
ended up speaking with one of our police officers. He mentioned that when he got the first shot he felt sick. When he got his second shot he felt sick again immediately. But he also mentioned to me that he recently pulled over a citizen who had violated a traffic law. He did not say which law. But he said that after he had stopped the person and had given him a citation that a funny thing happened.

The police officer mentioned that the resident turned to him and thanked him for giving him a ticket and for helping Orem citizens obey the law. The citizen said he appreciated the officer for doing his job.  The police officer's comment to me was that "only in Orem" would a person getting a ticket thank the officer writing it for doing his job and keeping the peace in our city.

I have thought about that comment for a while. What is it that makes a city a wonderful place to live in for people and families? Well, I believe it is the people and the families themselves. I recently watched one of our city employees helping an elderly gentleman walk into the city center. This gentleman appeared to be quite old and had to use a cane to shuffle a few steps at a time. The city employee held his arm out so that this man could hold on and steady himself. Their pace into the building was quite slow but the employee just took the time to make sure that this elderly gentleman made it into the building safely. I remember seeing a young lady a while back help push a baby carriage down the sidewalk in front of the ball fields by the city center to help a mother who had other children with her.

At our city council meeting last night we had the Orem Beautification Committee make their annual report. They showed us pictures of some of the houses and businesses that they had given awards to on how beautiful they were keeping their yards with flowers, bird feeders, well-painted fences, etc. As I looked at the pictures it came to me how much I appreciate families that try to keep their homes and yards in good repair and attractive.

I guess what I am trying to say is that what I appreciate most about Orem are my neighbors and your neighbors and our businesses and our families and our citizens. We have strong and good people whom we get to live with in Orem. It is you, the citizens of Orem, that make Orem such a great place to live in and be a part of each day. Thank you.
Mayor Brunst
Message from Councilmember Brent Sumner
Grand Openings of Library Hall and Fitness Center
Spring is fast approaching but bigger than spring will be the Grand Openings of the Library Hall and Orem Fitness Center. 

After over a decade of planning, fundraising, and citizen support during the Covid pandemic, the new Library Hall is ready to open. A big thanks to Ashton Family Foundation, Timpanogos Storytelling. Utah County TRCC tax Fund for Tourism, Recreation, Culture, and Convention Tax Fund, Sorenson Legacy Foundation, doTERRA, George S. and Delores Dore Eccles Foundation, and the A130 Foundation. The Library is still accepting support by joining our Friends of the Library Campaign: The library is still selling naming opportunities for seats in Library Hall ($300 per seat) and wall donations over $1000.00. Pins and seats can also be purchased at the library and The Orem 311 Help Center. The Library Hall Ribbon Cutting will be on Tuesday, March 9 at 2 PM. This event will be for the City Council and invited guests. Public tours will be available soon after.

The Grand Opening of the new Orem Fitness Center will be March 20 and the facility is opening to the public at 10 AM. The swimming pools will be closed from March 1-20. Passes are 20% off until March 20 and you can sign up for a tour and buy discounted passes. On March 17-19, you can schedule your tour of the new facility. Watch the Orem Recreation Facebook page and website and Orem City Website. Information about donations can be found here.

Some of the highlights of the new Orem Fitness Center new locker rooms, new hot tub and steam room, upgraded pool with 250 spectator seats, elevated track, indoor playground, new childcare, soundproof spinning room, two full-size multipurpose gyms, large cardio area, strength room with new equipment, racquetball courts, teen lounge with video and gaming equipment. Orem citizens, get ready to celebrate the new Grand Openings of Library Hall and Orem Fitness Center. Things are happening in Orem!

Councilmember Sumner
Recreation Center Jobs

With opening day just a few weeks away, we're looking for the people that will breathe life into our beautiful new Fitness Center.
We've got a bunch of job openings including:
• Child Care Attendant
• Custodian
• Lifeguard / Swim Instructor
• Personal Trainer

• Recreational Instructors: Barre, Boot Camp, Dance, Gymnastics/Tumbling, Floorball, Karate/Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Pickleball, Pilates, Silver Sneakers, Spinning, Sports Camp, Strength Conditioning, TRX, Water Aerobics, and Zumba.

Click on the icon below to learn all about classes, programs, and events happening with Recreation!
Resident Resources
The City of Orem understands many area residents are struggling to meet basic needs due to job loss and other effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our webpage includes resource flyers in English and Spanish, as well as information on rental and utility assistance, food assistance, employment, mental health, and more.
Resident Resources Highlight:
Need help with taxes? VITA is here to offer free assistance! Click here.
Home Improvement Help from the Building Safety Division
Questions about permits as related to home repairs, such as water heater installation, air-conditioner replacement, electrical or plumbing changes? We've got the answers! For this month's highlight, click below to learn more about installing fire blocking in your home.
The Grand Opening of the new Orem Family Fitness Center will be March 20th. That will also be the last day you can get the 20% discount. Be sure to lock in your annual membership before it's too late.
Everyday Strong Tip
How we respond when a child is having a hard time can impact how a child deals with their feelings. When a child is met with quick fixes or told to “turn their frown upside down”, they can begin to see their emotions as failure to manage themselves.
Next time a child comes to you with emotions, big or small, try to normalize their feelings. You could respond with kind words like, “I understand how you could feel that way,” or even ask them more questions to help them understand their emotions better. Empathy helps children know they are safe to feel.

To learn more about how emotional safety impacts a child’s mental health, click the link below to see stories, read interviews, and register for webinars with Everyday Strong!
Neighborhood Corner
Spring is coming! Learn more about creating a bee-friendly garden by clicking here.

The Central Utah Water Conservancy District is offering free landscaping classes, as well as classes for children and youth. Landscaping classes cover growing fruits and vegetables, sprinkler classes, planting bed design classes, and much more. Click here.

The Orem Neighborhood Commission has been created with one Commission member representing each of Orem's nine neighborhood districts. Learn more here.

The Property All-Star award program recognizes homeowners and landlords who have improved their once-blighted properties and have brought them up to a community standard or beyond. More information can be found here. Nominate someone today!
Orem Business Alliance
Do you run a business in Orem? Are you tuned in to what's happening with the Orem Business Alliance? The OBA currently holds webinars and regularly sends out informative emails about funding sources, trainings, and other important information to help Orem Businesses. Check out last month's webinar titled "Networking Amid the Pandemic." Also, sign up here to receive emails and get the inside scoop!

Recycle Coach
Sometimes all we need to do the right thing is a simple nudge. When it comes to being a good recycler, we've got a FREE app that will provide all the nudges you need.

Recycle Coach is Orem's free app for both iPhone and Android that provides simple reminders for your trash pick-up day, how to recycle pretty much anything, and monthly tips on how to be a recycling all-star.

Just search for "Recycle Coach" in your app store.
The City of Orem is Hiring
We are hiring for multiple full-time and part-time positions. To view a list of available job openings and to submit an application, follow the link below.
Know somebody with a great yard? Nominate them for one of our beautification awards. Just click here.