March 2021
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How are we holding our balance this month? The Spring Equinox balances for a moment the deep sleep of winter and pauses before unfolding its dream of spring, summer, and the full return of the light. This last week of March finds us between the Jewish celebration of liberation from slavery, Passover, and the original Pagan celebration of rebirth, Ostara, now the Christian holy day of Easter, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Collectively, our human family continues to emerge from a thousands-year-old sleep that finds some of us in shock from our lack of self-knowledge that we were dreaming in darkness, entranced, in bondage. There is a moment in this struggle of suspended belief and disbelief, as Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl says, when we pause and decide to awake, or not: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

I have found in my own struggle to awaken, shake off the dream, and move into light-filled spaces many allies, and many are not human. A childhood ritual of lying on the still cold earth in early spring, giving myself over to the tiny wildflowers carpeting Virginia hillsides, and un-treated lawns, is a dependable ceremony of full-being, somatic remembering and awakening. As a child, this nature-assisted awakening felt lightening quick and joyful. As an adult, the process can take longer, and more skills are needed. For example, after a year of quarantine, America’s slide into fascism, and climate change policy-paralysis, my lifelong spring rite of awakening to joy lying in a patch of cheerful wildflowers feels like slogging through a cold bog in a dark wood. According to my friends, family, and research, numbness is not unique this spring.

As Stephanie Mines writes in her book, We Are All In Shock (reviewed below by Darcia Narveaz), if we chose to participate in our own and humanity’s transformation, it is time to learn the difference between shock and trauma, to recognize when we are in a sympathetic or parasympathetic state of shock, and to develop our grown-up skills for self-healing. Also in your spring gift collection this month is Rhea Kormarek's podcast interview. Rhea shares with us how tending to our somatic states has the powerful capacity to shift our worldview. Rhea shares her personal story of moving through injury and “panic states” when trying to approach her body, and discovering the neurobiological roots of her body’s responses.

We've also included below the Eco Attachment Dance, pioneered by Darcia Narvaez and her students to help us restore our nature connection for self-healing in a delightful 28 day process. What are your personal rituals to support your desire to wake and welcome the light? If you would like to join us in our new, and still experimental, Kindred World social media platform and app through Mighty Networks, you can request to join our Eco Attachment Dance community here. We will be extending more invitations to join us at our new Mighty Networks platform in the coming weeks and months.

This month's New Story Glossary Phrase is Communal Imagination. As our Kindred community grows, we invite you to join us in collectively imaging the light-filled spaces we can create together this year!

Please enjoy this month's consciously-curated gifts for your light-welcoming journey. And please support our nonprofit work with your tax-deductible donations.

Happy Spring Awakening,
Editor, Kindred

Indigenous Wisdom and Worldview
Finding A Bridge To Indigenous Wisdom And Worldview: An Interview With Kelly Wendorf
The United Nation’s report on mass extinction rates warned in 2019 that technology will not save us. Our only hope, states the report, is that humans shift their consciousness from a Western, Dominator Culture Worldview to a Nature-Connected Indigenous Worldview

For two decades, this shift in human consciousness has been the focus of Kelly Wendorf’s life work, which included the founding of Kindred as the world’s first eco-parenting magazine. Kelly’s new book, Flying Lead Change, distills two decades of personal growth, neuroscience research, and allyship for indigenous wisdom teachings. Today, Kindred serves as an urgently needed alternative media platform (no longer a parenting magazine) in support of cultural change makers and trance breakers who champion the science and thought leaders of the conscious living movement.

Where Does Empowerment Or De-Humanization Begin? Where Is Sovereignty Learned?
“I think most children are aware of the ways in which they get silenced and written out and disempowered and those kinds of things. I don't think most children necessarily have the language and the social structures around them to just support that idea. But I also don't think women did either pre-feminism. So I think it's actually very much the same idea. I also compare it to anti-racism that someone experiencing racism has always experienced racism in one way or another, even if they didn't know the word racism or anti-racism.” – John Wall, PhD, founder of the Childism Institute, Rutgers University, from the Kindred podcast interview.

Listen to John Wall, PhD, talk with Dave Metler, Kindred's social justice editor, about the ongoing and growing international discussions, research, and insights into childism. Find resources for international Children's Parliments and research supporting extending voting rights to children.

Conscious Activism
The Promise Of Centering Childhood In Social Justice Education
By Dave Metler

Confucius once said that “we have two lives, and the second one begins when we realize we only have one.” I am convinced that social justice education has two awareness deepening lifecycle journeys. The first begins when you connect your personal experience to a systemic level and the second one begins when you realize social justice begins with childhood.

The Pandemic Through A Childist Lens
By John Wall

What might be made visible using the lens of childism? How does the critique of normative adultism, and responding to the distinctive experiences of childhoods, help to imagine a more just post-pandemic world?
One conclusion is that the pandemic clearly demonstrates humanity’s deep social interdependence. People are not just related or interconnected to one another, but in a very real sense mutually reliant. The independence to live and act individually and uniquely is bound up with myriad necessary dependencies on others for survival and well-being. Old adultist conceptions of autonomy and agency misunderstand the actual human condition. Your choice whether to socially distance or support health funding profoundly impacts me, and vice versa. Human beings are thoroughly inter-dependent at every level from relationships to communities, countries, and globally.

Education and Ecology
How Does Education Create Ecological Illiteracy?
By Darcia Narvaez, PhD

David Orr’s book, Earth in Mind: On Education, Environment, and the Human Prospect, seems as relevant today as when it was first published a few decades. Schooling is failing to do what society and children need. Without careful attention to how schooled education is structured, Orr warns:

“Without significant precautions, education can equip people merely to be more effective vandals of the earth. If one listens carefully, it may even be possible to hear the Creation groan every year in late May when another batch of smart, degree-holding, but ecologically illiterate, Homo sapiens who are eager to succeed are launched into the biosphere.” (Orr, 1994, p. 5)

Forest Schools: Lessons In Outdoor Education
With the pandemic forcing educators and parents to rethink schooling, Forest Schools are now being taken seriously for their outdoor and nature-connected model of learning. Take a look at this CBS Morning Sunday Morning News Show and then check out Kindred's education resources for more insights on alternative learning.

Short Films Supporting Allyship
SPARK: A Systemic Racism Story – A Short Documentary
The tragedy of George Floyd’s death sparked a look at the historical context of deep-seated, systemic racism in America. Spark explores the root causes of this systemic racism and proposes remedies in public safety, policing, criminal justice, and social norms. 

This 32-minute documentary is a call to action: Consider becoming a Black community ally. Spark, made by white allies, encourages recognition of unconscious bias and commitment to unlearning a historical narrative that redefined an entire race.

Awareness, listening, and daily practice can begin to reverse systemic racism. Until everyone is free, no one is free.

By exploring systemic racism’s roots and remedies, SPARK hopes to inspire people to move from simply not being a racist, which does little to dismantle racism, to actively living an anti-racist life and becoming an ally to the Black community.

The Girl Child Walk: Understanding Our History Of Patriarchy, A Short Film
Can you imagine a world where girls grow up feeling safe and equally valued? This “explainer” video provides an orientation to the history of patriarchy and its intersection with faith. Join us on this short journey to re-see, re-learn, and re-know a world that is free from humanity’s oldest oppression.

Change Your Physiology To Change Your Worldview
In this discussion with Rhea Komarek, DC, we ask what happens to our worldview, our neuroceptions, when we bring ourselves out of our heads and into our bodies? Is this a “which comes first, the chicken or the egg” question? Dr. Rhea shares insights from Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Movement and how, befriending and tending our bodies, allows us to create the safe space that becomes the fertile, “tonified” soil for perceiving our world around us. As we say on Kindred, our worldview becomes our world. So imagine with us a growing collective of adults committed to self-awareness and self-regulation practices.

“When our physiology changes, our worldview changes. We can also use worldviewto help us change physiology. There is so much we can do to tonify and nurture our physiology – to get ourselves into a healthier worldview.  They can work together, the intellect and the intelligence. It is not a battle, but people need to be safe enough to shift their neuroceptions.”

Women's History Month
Meet Riane Eisler: Author of The Chalice and the Blade, and the new, Nurturing Our Humanity.
After two decades of interviewing thought-leaders, this interview with Riane Eisler – a social systems scientist, human rights advocate, attorney, cultural historian, and Holocaust refugee – feels like summiting a formidable mountain whose expansive vista reveals a post-COVID sustainable path forward. In 1987, Eisler’s seminal work, The Chalice and the Blade, showed us how we, as a species, left a path and narrative of peaceful beings five thousand years ago. The Dominator path, and the culture and systems this splintered worldview created, warped our neurobiology and being into an atypical species disconnected from itself, others, and its life-giving environment. 

What does our intact, peace-loving neurobiology look like? Is it still accessible to us? In her book, Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives, and Future, Eisler explores our neurobiological and cultural hurtles to recovery. 

As Eisler says in the interview, “The Dominator Culture is a trauma factory.” In a hopeful observation, Eisler believes the many consciousness-raising movements of the past fifty years, including the Conscious Parenting Movement, aka the Child Liberation Movement, are results of our attempts to wake ourselves from the Dominator Trance. How do we wake ourselves up in time to heal ourselves, break cycles of violence, model peace for our children, and transform our world? We must become the seeds of the new Partnership Culture and Caring Economy by embodying those values, Eisler writes in Nurturing Our Humanity.

We Can Heal The Shock We Carry: 10 Steps To Resolving Shock
By Darcia Narvaez, PhD

We are all in shock. The most recent set of shocks come from physical isolation and distancing from loved ones, fear-based media messages, economic distress, racism in policing and medicine. Most of the time, we don’t know what to do to resolve shock and end up living less fully as a result. Even before shock experiences in adulthood, many of us have unresolved shock from birth and early life phases.

The timing of Stephanie Mines’ new edition of her book, We Are All in Shock: Energy Healing for Traumatic Times, could not be better. She guides readers in self-healing through an integration of trauma psychology, neuroscience, and energy medicine. Energy medicine is attuned to the body’s natural healing responses.

The Life and Insights of Joseph Chilton Pearce
By Michael Mendizza

Much of Joe’s life was spent exploring what he called ‘cracks,’ those very real phenomena that manifest, plain as day, but should not, given the limitations of our day-dreaming reality.

Joe used the ancient Vedic image of a Cosmic Egg to describe what is allowed, and therefore possible, in our sleep-walking reality, the images and beliefs that cast our self-world-view. When a crack opens in the egg, excluded potentials slip through, illuminating the true nature of our nature, much of which has been excluded by the egg. Hallelujah, we shout. A miracle! 

Upcoming Interviews
Genevieve Vaughn
"How we are really homo donnas, a gift-giving species? How does capitalism co-opt gift-giving?"
Tanu Biswas
Tanu's theoretical and geographical journey with children and childhood in India, Italy, Norway and Germany has led to a hybrid nomadic sensibility in her contribution to childism research.
Teresa Graham Brett
Parenting for Social Change, author and Kindred board member. We're celebrating Parenting for Social Change's 10th anniversary and its timeless insights.
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Meet Kindred Board Member: Kelly Wendorf
We hope you’ll enjoy the interview with Kelly, who shares with us her story of meeting and chronicling wisdom teachings from Uncle Bob Randall, an elder “Tjilpi” of the Yankunytjatjara Aboriginal Nation, and listed traditional owner of Uluru, the great monolith in the Central Australian Desert. You’ll also meet Thunderbird Ridge’s horses, hear their personal stories, and discover for yourself how Westerners can and are shifting their worldview through indigenous wisdom teachings that hail from Indigenous Worldview.

Kindred World Launches Fellowship Program To Support Next Generation Of Changemakers
Kindred World is proud to announce the launch of its newest endeavor, the Kindred Fellowship Program (KFP). KFP’s inaugural session takes place in summer 2021 with applications opening March 1, 2021. KFP’s mission is to guide college students on an innovative educational journey that explores the systemic roots of social (in)justice in childhood through kindred activism: a theory of activism centering childhood in activism that is authentic, reflexive and relational.

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How powerful are words? They are the building blocks of our reality, at least in our Western, enculturated minds. Scholars are noticing the shift away from nature and toward technology in our language, and many are protesting this shift (read about the Oxford Junior's Dictionary's elimination of nature terms for technology terms and the global outcry here).

Please help us build and expand the language we will need to share the New Story of the Human Family with our glossary. Every glossary term found throughout the website links back to the glossary, with resources and insights for its practical use.

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Take up the Eco Attachment Dance to expand your own ecological attachment through an Instagram challenge. Each day for 28 days an activity will be posted for you to practice that day. Each activity takes about 5 minutes (though you can go longer).
If you would like to take the anonymous pretest (and later a posttest) you can see how your attitudes and behaviors change after participating in the Eco Attachment Dance.

The Center for Partnership Studies Features Our New Kindred Fellowship Program
Our gratitude to Riane Eisler and her Center for Partnership Studies for featuring Dave Metler's essay on Centering Childhood in Social Justice Education in their CPS Leadership Blog this month.

Why do we need citizen-supported media? Because, as the Sustainable Human Film says below, this is how we will tell our own stories, learn about one another, and collaborate to create a compassionate, sustainable world. Enjoy the video and stay-tuned for our own forthcoming Evolved Nest video created with our partner, the Sustainable Human Film company.

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