March 2021 | W911D3
Early Closing on Friday, March 19, 2021
Please note that Ingen will be closing early at 3pm CST on Friday, March 19.
In June we will remove the O4 Dashboard for all NON O4 customers.
Configure User Types
It is imperative that we have user types in OASIS configured. Users with admin access can configure a user's user type, which blocks or grants user access to O4 and/or Legacy OASIS. The user type can be changed at any time but any changes that are made will affect billing. To learn more click the button below!
If you need further help, please contact OASIS sales at or 501-843-6750.
February Webinar
Take a look at our February webinar on part one of projects! We discussed the beginning stages of a project, how to find a project, and the fields within a project. If you missed the last webinar click here.
*Projects will be a three part series*
March Webinar
The second part of our Project series will be March 25th! Click below to register.
Monthly Maintenance
Ingen Software has monthly planned maintenance windows. These take place on the Saturday after the monthly production release, which is generally the first Tuesday of the month, during the hours of 8:00 AM Central through 8:00 PM Central. During these maintenance windows, operating system updates and patches will be applied to our Windows and Red Hat Linux servers, firewalls, and switches as necessary. Therapeutic reboots of virtualization hosts may also be performed. Temporary outages can be expected during these planned maintenance windows. 

This month's maintenance window was
Saturday, March 6, 2021. 

Next planned maintenance windows:
4/3/2021, 5/1/2021, 6/5/2021
Submitted Quotes Reports for Manufacturers
Manufacturers may request information regarding their agent's "soon-to-be" orders. This information can help manufacturers anticipate order trends and prepare warehouse stock. These order trends can be identified by knowing the current "submitted" and "order pending" quotes that the agents have.

To learn how to create this report, click the link below.
O4 Users
O4 Survey
We want to hear from YOU! We are always open to new ideas on how to better our software for our users. This month we want to know your thoughts on all things O4. Please take our survey so we can better fit our software for your needs.
O4 Pricing Update
The O4 service is billed based on the tier that the company falls into. Tiers are based on the number of O4 and Hybrid users that a company has OR the size of the database, whichever limit is reached first. Click here to learn more about our new pricing.
For more information about the updated costs associated withO4, please contact our sales department at or
by phone at 501-843-6750.
Customer Web Portal - Customizing the Welcome Page
The first screen that customers will see when accessing the O4 Customer Portal is the Welcome Page. Users can create a personal welcome message and upload their company logo.
O4 Samples
Need help navigating your way through Samples? O4 allows users to manage samples on the go either through a web browser or mobile device. Users can generate QR codes, create new samples, and track samples as they move in and out of the office. This page discusses all the features and tools available in O4 Samples. 
Order Sales Account Goal Tile
Please note that we will be removing this tile from O4 soon.