March 3, 2021
March 2021
Palapa Society News
Please note, some of the photos in this newsletter are pre-pandemic.
Changing the Dynamics for
at Home Learning
Zoom fatigue is a new feeling that many of us are experiencing as the pandemic rolls into its second year. We are not alone with this experience.

Pivoting from classroom learning to distance learning via Zoom has not been easy for teachers or students. Our teachers have been rising to the occasion of overcoming this fatigue by ensuring students aren't spending too much time in front of a computer screen. Teachers continue to create homework that is meaningful, and emphasizes quality over quantity. Plus, parents and teachers communicate regularly to ensure students are receiving the support they need to be successful this school year.

Students are encouraged to attend the Zoom classes that provide guidance to workbook lessons, and allow the students to interact and ask questions. However, students have the option to work independently, as long as they submit their homework on time, and receive good grades on homework and tests. 
My Botanical Garden
The students from Grade 7 worked on a science project called "My Botanical Garden" where they built their own garden.

The first phase began in December with the realization and discussion of their own home compost from organic waste.

The second phase included a design and plan for the garden. The final phase culminated with the implementation of the plan. The objectives included learning the diversity of flora in the community and recognizing the importance of a sustainable culture. The photos are the work of student Josué M.G.
Student Literature Project
The Literature Project #2 activity was to read a compilation of poems by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1645-1698), arguably one of the greatest poets in the history of Mexico.

Students were then asked to reflect on the poems, produce a written conclusion, and choose two poems to create a drawing inspired by each poem.

We are always impressed by our students' work, their potential, and creativity.
Student Spotlight:
Mateo V.
Mateo is in his first year of secundaria, which is known as the 7th grade in the U.S. What he likes about The Palapa School is that he has the opportunity to learn about things that he would not learn in public school. He is grateful for our donors who help to cover his tuition and appreciates the support from the community.

Mateo's favorite subjects are mathematics and biology. What excites him about The Palapa School is learning new things. He looks forward to the day that we are able to hold classes in person again, so he can meet more students. He still hasn't had the experience of going to school at the Palapa Learning Center.

Distance learning has created a new lesson in learning technology.
Mateo dreams that one day he could be a mathematician and an astronomer.

Let's help Mateo to realize his dream!
Teacher Spotlight:
Monica Rodriguez 
Monica has been a teacher at The Palapa School for a year. She participates as a distance teacher and content creator for the Students Support Program.

“Everything has been a process of adaptation and joint learning. The difference between the Palapa School and other schools is the authentic interest in generating an impact on the life of its students. Palapa also demonstrates an interest and involvement with the community and families.”
The possibility of developing innovative programs in education and working on community projects is what motivates her the most at The Palapa School. Not being able to provide emotional support directly to children is the greatest challenge in this pandemic. It has already affected students with socio-emotional issues. However, she feels what has been learned is resiliency and an openness to new ways of working using technology and staying connected to families
Student Support program
 The Student Support Program aims to support first year high school students in their adaptation process to high school by offering complementary tools for their personal and academic work. Monthly workshops are also held for all students of The Palapa School in order to monitor their needs. Additionally, tutorial videos are made for parents and provide different strategies for the development of their daughters and sons.
An Adventure in Art with
Mark Gabriel
Todos Santos artist Mark Gabriel will be taking us on an adventure in his creative process that goes into creating his masterpieces. Follow him on this three week adventure into art. This piece will also be up for live auction, so one lucky person will add this piece to their collection.

Join us for the kick off on Friday, March 12th at 5 PM (local T.S. time) via live stream on The Palapa Society's YouTube (click to subscribe to our channel). Video updates will be continually offered for viewers to tune into the progress. We will end the adventure with a live show on April 3, 2021 at 5 PM where the winner of this piece will be announced. For more information please visit the Todos Santos Open Studio Tour Website.

Title: To be determined
Size: 36” x 48”
Estimated Value: $4,800 USD
Painted on prepared wood panel
Acrylic and mixed media… Finish Varnish

All proceeds for this special online event will be used to help provide scholarships for The Palapa School.
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Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska
March Update
The Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska and Children's Library remain closed to visitors. Books can be returned and/or donations received every Monday 10-1pm drop off only, no library entry will be allowed.
A Special Thank You to
The Stewart Family Foundation
The Palapa Society is grateful for the recent gift from The Stewart Family Foundation. This gift will be used for the fit out and furnish the newly completed second floor that will house our Preparatoria. Their generosity will help us to complete our 5 year goal of building out The Palapa Learning Center that houses our community programs and school.

Thank you for your continued support. We are thrilled that you are a part of our Palapa family.
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