Volume 30 | Mar 2021
March 2021 Spiritual Message
Suzanne Hunt, Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher
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Avoiding pain . . .
Touch a hot stove and your hand automatically snaps back very quickly. Our internal reflexes are built to protect us from experiencing pain and damage to the body. In the physical sense, we need these automatic responses to protect us from injury. And it is a natural blessing.

Our automatic reflex to recoil from emotional pain is also a type of self-protection, but - not a blessing. Painful emotions don't feel very good and most of us want to avoid them. But avoiding painful feelings for very long causes them to go underground, on the shelf or become that incessant mind chatter that just won't stop.

Feelings that go underground create resistance and fear around the painful experience or any situation that may be similar. We may feel immobilized like we can't move forward; blocked in an area of life. Buried emotions from a painful relationship break-up may cause us to avoid meeting new people or bury ourselves in our work. We distance or hide from ourselves as we grow older -- and life around us moves on.

Feelings that go on the shelf tend to make us go numb. It is like we have flipped a switch and turned our emotions off completely. When we turn off feelings in this way, we lose touch with both sad, painful feelings as well as happy and joyful ones. We are no longer present in our bodies to feel. Soon we have forgotten how to enjoy a laugh or give a natural smile.

Feelings that turn into mind chatter become fretting or nagging worry. The memory keeps coming up again and again. We re-evaluate every nuance of what happened, over and over. We may find ourselves turning it around and over in our minds. Or repeatedly talking about it to a trusted friend, trying to slice it, dice it, explain it, justify it, and analyze it rather than let ourselves really feel and accept what happened.

  • It takes courage to face painful feelings.
  • And self-awareness to recognize when we are resisting them.

And here is the good news:
  • Moving through our feelings and experiencing them is so much easier than resistance!

Deciding to accept and embrace our feelings can begin just with the intention to do so. Recognize that our feelings are one of the most important aspects of who we are as spirit. Our feelings can help us identify what is meaningful to us. Our emotions help steer us toward what brings truth, integrity and purpose into our lives. Our feelings help create inner peace and joy. But emotions come in a package and we must embrace all of them.

How can we get there?
Find time to slow down and breathe deeply.
Allow yourself to feel everything.
Surrender to emotions that come up.
Experience them with compassion.
Embrace a new experience of ourselves.

Talking can help if we let the words express how we felt about it rather than justifying or explaining it. If something has been buried deeply, it may take time to open it up and process it fully. Give yourself the time you need, just as you would do for a good friend.

You may find that embracing pain becomes much easier than all the effort that goes into resistance.

And sometime soon . . . life begins to look a little richer, brighter and much more expansive.

Blessings to each of you on your journey,

Special Announcement!!
Energetic Spiritual Academy,
a personal development program
Introducing a new spiritual and personal development program designed to energize, enrich and transform your life!

What is it?

Energetic Spiritual Academy is a series of 7 week modules based on the empowering concepts of intention and attention. The program teaches self-healing meditation tools, trust for your intuitive wisdom and growth inspiring concepts in a small group over Zoom.

See below for more information about the program!
Upcoming Events

Energetic Spiritual Academy
Healing Meditation Module 4 - Empowerment
One Heart One Earth 1 Year Anniversary
Free Aura Healing Clinic (Center for Inspired Action)
Body Mind Spirit Expo in Denver this weekend
Body Mind Spirit Expo in Colorado Springs in April
(see below)

Energetic Spiritual Academy, a personal growth program

A series of 7-week class modules based on the empowering concepts of using intention and attention to create, shift and release energy. Classes are taught through instruction, guided meditation and discussion. Learn to open up your energetic awareness, live from your own truth and create space for the growth and change you desire. 

Module 1 provides a foundation of energy tools to calm, clear and uplift the body, spirit and mind. Module 2 teaches structured tools and formats to expand self-awareness and build trust for your intuition. Modules 3 through 8 provide advanced studies designed to release old patterns that no longer support, broaden your perspectives and prompt new insights to enrich and transform your life.  

Program is sponsored by Althea Center for the Spiritually Engaged.
Classes are taught by Rev. Suzanne Hunt and offered over Zoom 

Healing Meditation Modules:
1 - Energy Awareness
2 - Intuitive Awareness
3 - Relationships
4 – Empowerment
5 – Manifestation
6 – Spiritual Anatomy
7 – Spiritual Growth
8 – Astral Body

Click below to learn about spiritual and personal growth classes
Healing Meditation 4 – Empowerment
Wednesday evenings for 7 weeks, 6:30 pm to 8:30ish pm MT – over Zoom!
Apr 21 – Jun 2 
Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt
Discover more freedom. 
Enjoy more personal power.

Create more permission with tools to increase your personal power. Clear energy from your space that may limit your capacity for freedom and growth. Spiritual study of competition and ways we tend to invalidate ourselves. Learn to raise the vibration in your home, office or any space. Class is taught through instruction, guided meditation and discussion. Module 1 and 2 or equivalent training is a prerequisite.    

Starts Wednesday, Apr 21 – over Zoom
    Connect with like-minded souls in a small group limited to 8 people
      Wednesday evenings for 7 weeks, 6:30 pm to 8:30ish MT
      Apr 21 – Jun 2 
    Early registration $145, until Apr 14 ($170 on Apr 15)
      Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt

Program topics include:
·       Learn more ways to create neutrality for greater self-understanding
·       Activate your personal power
·       Release limitations
·       Spiritual study of competition and invalidation
·       Set a healing vibration for any space
·       Create permission for more spiritual freedom
·       Receive healing and guidance from ascended masters
·       Continued work with spirit guide for healing

Click below for more information about the class
Last March, 2020 when we are all trying to adjust to the news of a growing pandemic and lockdowns, something beautiful happened. Lisa Gunshore (Buddhist Biohacker) brought a group of spiritual teachers and healers together to build a resource of light. Together, we made videos and shared spiritual teachings and gave uplifting messages of hope. We stood together to uplift and share with all who participated. 

This month we celebrate the one year anniversary of the One Heart One Earth Global Collaboration!  For the celebration, we invite you to spend next weekend watching any of these live presentations and discussions, revisit all the inspiring messages these teachers. 

From March 26th- March 28th the OHOE community is coming together for three days of LIVE interaction. We have 223 hours of conscious content that include healing, meditation, yoga, relaxation techniques, astrology, readings of all types and amazing teachings from beyond.  Enrich yourself by watching one video or a hundred videos!   

One Heart One Earth Global Healing Network (OHOE)
We want to re-invent the way we think of conscious television. 
Uplift humanity one byte at a time!

One Heart One Earth is a collaborative effort with practitioners from across the Globe. Our mission is to create a Resource of Light that is accessible to everyone who feels called to connect. Our network of conscious YouTube channels will serve as a vehicle for the teachings of teachers and your spiritual enlightenment.

Celebrate this beautiful event with us! 
1.    Join our Global Network by subscribing to ALL of our YouTube channels within the network as listed on the website. Simply click each photo/logo and it will link you to their YouTube. Click subscribe!
2.    Complete the form on the website www.oneheartoneearth.net when you are complete. You will receive a FREE gold ribbon for non-violence and be entered to win one of the many prizes available for this event.
3.    Visit www.ajatakasa.com and download the community app. Join our watch party in the OHOE group and be eligible to win even more prizes.

Watch the entire schedule of LIVE presentations. Our mission is to uplift humanity. Our gifts in the form of prizes, our channels full of conscious content, and your energy participating with us LIVE is what will shift the globe during this auspicious astrological time.
Please visit www.oneheartoneearth.net for the schedule of events, the form, the network and all the important information.
FREE Aura Healing Clinic - Weekly over Zoom!
Sponsored by Center for Center for Inspired Action
Rev. Tanya Ferencak

An Aura healing is an energy clearing, like a psychic shower! During a healing, energy you don’t need to be carrying is cleared out of your space, including energies that block growth and flow. Whether feeling ill or well, anyone can receive a healing, anytime. These clearings are energizing and clear the body – spirit communication, bringing you back in touch with yourself. Join us tonight with the link below!

Every Wednesday 6-7pm CT
Aura Healing Clinic
Center for Inspired Action
• Length: 5 - 20 minutes each
• Contribution: Suggested donation $20 (First time FREE).
* Must log in by 5:45 PM Central Standard Time to receive a healing.
* Participants will first be sent to a waiting room, then called in for their aura healing
* Participants are served on a first come first serve basis.

Questions? Contact Tanya at 303-547-5458
Body Mind Spirit Celebration
Emerge Into Your Brilliant Future in Denver!

Body Mind Spirit Celebration is back and better than ever! With ALL readings and healings just $25 for 20 minutes, there’s no better place to celebrate this theme! Come explore the expo with our incredible selection of the nation's finest psychics and mediums, the best in alternative health, wellness tools, products and resources. Enjoy free speaking sessions every hour daily, covering a range of topics from past lives to animal communication, healthy diets to tarot 101; featuring industry-leading experts in their fields. You’ll find just what you need at the Denver Body Mind Spirit Celebration event.

March 19-21, 2021
Opening Hours
Friday 1-9, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center,
15500 E 40th Ave,
Denver, CO.
Admission $8

Body Mind Spirit Celebration
Emerge Into Your Brilliant Future in Colorado Springs!

Body Mind Spirit Celebration in Colorado Springs! ALL readings and healings just $25 for 20 minutes. Come explore the expo with our incredible selection of the nation's finest psychics and mediums, the best in alternative health, wellness tools, products and resources. Enjoy free speaking sessions every hour daily, covering a range of topics from past lives to animal communication, healthy diets to tarot 101; featuring industry-leading experts in their fields. You’ll find just what you need at the Denver Body Mind Spirit Celebration event.

Colorado Springs,
April 16-18, 2021
Opening Hours
Friday 1-9, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Colorado Springs Event Center,
3960 Palmer Park Blvd,
Colorado Springs, CO.
Admission $7

I am available to schedule clairvoyant reading and healing sessions. Click on the scheduling link below.

Read more information about services at www.EnergeticHealingArts.com
call/text 720.351.3492
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