BREWSTER DAY CAMP          Newsletter March 1st, 2021        Vol. 40 Issue 5
Dear BDC Family & Friends,  

Happy March! 

Spring is in the air and as the days grow longer, our EXCITEMENT for this summer is stirring.

In the Camp Office, March marks another milestone on our journey to BDC'21. Our hiring is in full swing, our phones are ringing off the hook and our campus shakes off the snow that has fallen to begin making room for the magic of the summer. 

In such a turbulent year as this, EXCITEMENT is a valuable resource. It is one that can be cultivated in many forms and leveraged to improve our today, while looking forward to tomorrow. 

As our BDC'21 team grows, so does our EXCITEMENT for another magical summer at 3570 Main Street. We are full of joy and EXCITEMENT that you may join us again at BDC!

Along with our EXCITEMENT, we continue to share our Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace with you!


Daniel Michel


Sign up for a week-long deep dive into one of our incredible programs! Our co-ed mixed age groups, 3-5th grades & 6-9th grades, create stable pods that provide your child with opportunity to engage with peers and foster the ever-important interpersonal skills development in a safe and nurturing environment.  

BDC is thrilled to welcome rising 
10th & 11th graders into our new Camper Leader Program for summer 2021! These Camper Leaders will participate in training sessions targeting social and emotional development, communication skills, and a variety of other life skills, then practice these skills with their peers during our 6-day or 3-day sessions. 
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LEAP (Learn, Explore, Adventure Program) Head

Isabelle Eastman holds BAs in History and English from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Isabelle was born and raised on Cape Cod and has been a part of the BDC family since 2017, holding roles such as Tent Counselor and Admirals Hill Head. In her spare time, Isabelle loves reading, rollerblading, and spending time with her pet chickens.

BDOC (Brewster Day Camp Outdoor Challenge) Head

Sage Orvis graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2019 with a BA in Communications and is headed to Columbia University in the fall to pursue a Master of Education in Cognitive Science in Education. Sage started her time at BDC in the family school and has spent every possible summer since as a camper, CL, and counselor through 2017. Sage loves BDC's balance of innovation and tradition and cannot wait to see what summer 2021 has in store! In her free time, Sage enjoys dancing, journaling, reading, and fitness. 

ART Head

Erin Dubis is very excited to return to BDC this summer! In the off season, Erin runs after school care at her daughter's school. This school year, she is also the art teacher for grades K-3. In her spare time, Erin enjoys yoga, art and loves to read. 

ECOD (Ecology of Cape Cod) Head

Xander Cavacas holds a bachelor's degree in Biology and a Masters degree in Secondary Education from Eastern Connecticut State University. His favorite thing about camp is the camp songs, "I can't wait for all the repeat-after-me songs this summer!"  Xander has been a Science Teacher at the Hampshire Country Day School for the past 3 years. He loves hiking and woodworking in his spare time, and has been known to knit a few cool things. 


This year, we have simplified enrollment and pricing:

Week 1 (July 5th - 9th, closed Monday 7/4): $649
Weeks 2-7 (July 12th - August 20th): $749 

Due to constraints created by COVID, we are unable to offer our traditional discounts this summer. We hope to bring these opportunities back in the coming summers! 

Space is limited to meet COVID restrictions. We hope you will join us, please enroll soon! 

If you are interested in applying for financial aid, please email our team

BDC Staff Need Your Help!

Every summer, BDC staff come from far and wide to create our incredible programs. Some of our staff are looking for housing on Cape Cod this summer! Please feel free to reach out to our Office Team via email if you have or know of any available space on the Cape! 


Want to learn more about INTENTIONALITY at BDC? Check out this article in ACA's Camping Magazine! 

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