Conestoga High School
Issue 14: March 2021
T/E School Board Approves New Reopening 
Plan - Expanded In-Person 
Instruction Tentatively Scheduled 
to Start on March 15, 2021

At its meeting on March 1, 2021, the T/E Board of School Directors voted to begin expanded in-person instruction on March 15, 2021, contingent on county transmission levels remaining below the Very High threshold. A virtual instruction option will continue to be available for the remainder of the school year. The expanded in-person instructional model will include 4 days a week of in-person instruction and virtual instruction on Wednesdays. The District is considering potential modifications to school day schedules to accommodate 5 in-person days beginning as soon as the week of April 19, 2021.

Parents were asked to select an instructional model of either full in-person instruction or 100% virtual instruction by midnight on March 3, 2021. Additional logistical details such as classroom setup, bus routes, lunch arrangements and arrival/dismissal procedures will be shared directly with parents by the schools and departments as information becomes available.

The District's goal has been to increase in-person instructional opportunities while following health and safety recommendations and risk mitigation strategies supported by the Chester County Health Department (CCHD) and Pennsylvania Department of Health. The latest CCHD guidance includes physical distancing of 3-6 feet for students and 6 feet for staff, which will be observed to the greatest extent possible. TESD will continue complying with CCHD guidance which includes existing COVID-19 mitigation strategies of face coverings, daily health screening, enhanced cleaning and not allowing visitors in school buildings. The CCHD recently added additional mitigation strategies including enhanced face covering protocols (no gaiters), vaccine advocacy, antigen testing and encouraging families to drive their children to school to reduce the number of children on school buses.

At this time, TESD is planning for 5 days of in-person instruction for the 2021-2022 school year unless there is a sharp decline in pandemic conditions. The District will analyze whether to include a virtual instruction model for the 2021-2022 school year, and in what format, later this spring.

Senior Internship Program
The Senior Internship Program offers seniors in good standing an opportunity to explore an area of career or academic interest during the last month before graduation. The Senior Internship dates this year are May 10th through June 4th.
Seniors are actively looking for internships now and reaching out to professionals in a wide variety of fields, from Bioengineering to Beekeeping. Due to the uncertainty caused by Covid-19, it is harder for seniors this year to find internships, but that hasn't dampened their spirit or ingenuity. Our goal is to help the seniors explore many internship opportunities and provide some flexibility as they do that.
Seniors who wish to do an internship but have not started the process should reach out Mrs. Braun at as soon as possible.
All information, materials, deadlines, and communication for the Senior Internship is available to students through the Senior Internship Course in Schoology.
If you are interested in supporting the program by offering a Conestoga senior an internship, or have any questions, please contact Jeanne Braun, the Senior Internship Coordinator.


Attention 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students!
Save the date for Financial Aid Evening: Thursday, March 18th at 7pm.  This event will be virtual.  More information to come!

Attention Sophomores & Juniors!

More than 500 colleges and universities will present more than 1,500 Zoom sessions for high school students through the National Association for College Admissions Counseling. It's a great day to explore, ask questions, and demonstrate interest... all without leaving home.  Check out this website:

Spring Sports Update
On Wednesday we received the Return to Competition Guidance from the PIAA. We used that guidance to develop Conestoga's Athletic Health and Safety plan that was shared with all programs on Thursday through virtual meetings.  The meetings reviewed all necessary safety protocols and procedures that will ensure the safety of all involved in interscholastic sports.  These procedures can be viewed on our Athletic Website I am pleased to announce that we will start our Spring Season on March 8th.  The 9th grade Baseball program will be begin on March 23rd.  We want to emphasize how important it is that we all stay vigilant in mitigating the spread of Covid-19 at all times. We want our student athletes to have the ability to compete in a safe manner and we will take all necessary steps to do so.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

We are looking forward to meeting with Conestoga parents at the monthly parent meetings this March.  The dates and times are below, along with the Teams Meeting link.
9th Grade Parent Meeting
10:00am Tuesday, March 9, 2021
+1 717-431-7267   United States, Lancaster (Toll)
Conference ID: 772 159 115#

10th Grade Parent Meeting
10:00am Thursday, March 11, 2021
+1 717-431-7267   United States, Lancaster (Toll)
Conference ID: 544 339 188#

11th Grade Parent Meeting
10:00am Tuesday, March 16, 2021
+1 717-431-7267   United States, Lancaster (Toll)
Conference ID: 264 190 595#
12th Grade Parent Meeting
10:00am Thursday, March 18, 2021
+1 717-431-7267   United States, Lancaster (Toll)
Conference ID: 537 256 324#


Per our district's safety plan, we are not permitted to have visitors or parents/guardians in the school building. Exceptions will be made for emergency situations. Thank you for your understanding as we begin our reopening plan for hybrid instruction. 

A Note from the Attendance Office

During the hybrid model, daily attendance will continue to be taken through homeroom Schoology pages. If your child is scheduled to attend school in person but remains home (and participates virtually), there is no need to send an absence note to the attendance office. If your child is unable to attend school in person or participate virtually, please contact the attendance office at
Tech Update

In order to streamline and provide service for any district laptops that may have hardware/software issues please follow these guidelines:
1. Open any Internet browser. 
3. Log in with your network user name (ie. 202ldoej) and password. Do not include
4. Click on Report an Issue in the "I am facing an Issue" box in the middle of the page.
5. Click on the Others tab on the left and click on Student Helpdesk Request.
6. Fill out the required fields (with red asterisks). Include as many details as you can regarding your issue in the Description area. Include screenshots, too! 
7. Add request. An IT technician will reply to your ticket 
If you have an issue that necessitates an in-house visit you will be directed to visit the CHS Main Lobby. The Tech hours will be 7:30am-3pm Monday thru Friday. You will need to report any issues via the Student Helpdesk Request first or call the Family Helpdesk at 610-240-1730.
We are here to make your virtual learning experience the best it can be!
Your Helpdesk Staff

2020-2021 School District Calendar Information

Please visit the T/E School District website to view the 2020-2021 School District Calendar information. School staff members have begun planning events and activities for the 2020-2021 school year. 

To view the single page summary of the 2020-21 school year, please view this link
Inbox to Receive Feedback on TESD 
Virtual Instruction Program
TESD has created an inbox to receive comments and feedback on our virtual instruction program. Members of the school community may email comments to Feedback received through this inbox will be shared with School Board members and members of the TESD administrative team on a weekly basis. Please note: this inbox is designed for feedback on the TESD virtual instruction program. Technical questions regarding virtual instruction should be sent to Specific questions about individual classroom procedures or lessons should be directed to the teacher or school principal.

Upcoming Events

3/9/219th Grade Parent Meeting 10:00amVirtual 
3/11/2110th Grade Parent Meeting 10:00amVirtual
3/13/21SAT Testing8:00amCHS
3/16/2111th Grade Parent Meeting 10:00amVirtual 
3/18/2112th Grade Parent Meeting 10:00amVirtual 
3/18/21Financial Aid Evening7:00pmVirtual
3/24/21SAT Testing Juniors ONLY
3/29 - 4/2/21Spring Break -