MPAC’s Zone 5 (Central Ontario) Municipal and Stakeholder Relations team recently hosted a Day With MPAC event that provided municipal staff the chance to connect with MPAC and one another to discuss the latest in business operations, as well as an opportunity to network. 

Acknowledging the challenges social distancing created, Zone 5 took the initiative to modify their Day with MPAC to still provide the opportunity to connect, just virtually. In recreating this event online, the team saw an increase in attendance and engagement. The virtual event also gave the team more flexibility with timing, hosting the event over a week instead of one day, and provided different audience members more options to join in. 

“Hosting our virtual Day with MPAC gave us the opportunity to explore new ways of information sharing and allowed us to provide our clients with different tools to facilitate discussions and engagements,” commented Sarah Groves, MPAC Account Manager. “The online platform also allowed us to reach a wider municipal audience and create broader awareness.” 
The virtual Day with MPAC was hosted between March 2 and March 9, 2022, with attendance reaching upwards of 100 participants during some of the sessions. 

“By being able to provide more information online, we gave our audience members the chance to pick and choose which content was most relevant to their work and more details on the topics they were interested in learning more about.” stated Rebecca Webb, Regional Manager. “Overall, the virtual event was a great learning opportunity on how to continue work with our municipal partners in different forums.” 
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