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CACI Recognizes April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month


National Child Abuse Prevention Month recognizes the importance of families and communities working together to strengthen families to prevent child abuse and neglect. Awareness and prevention of child abuse is one of the most important tools to fight future victimization and the stigma involved in reaching out for help.  

Through this coordinated social media campaign, we will kick off Shine Hope Illinois and Light Up ALL 102 Counties Blue in April. Using an interactive map, each photo received will earn their county a light bulb.  


On April 1st, the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Illinois (CACI) will post the first video and challenge.

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Intergenerational Trauma: What You Need To Know

Intergenerational trauma refers to trauma that is passed from a trauma survivor to their descendants. People experiencing intergenerational trauma may experience symptoms, reactions, patterns, and emotional and psychological effects from trauma experienced by previous generations (not limited to just parents or grandparents).

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‎One in Ten: The Surprising Prevalence of Sibling Sexual Abuse on Apple Podcasts

When we think about problematic sexual behaviors in youth, we often think of a neighbor child, or someone at school. Someone acting out in the community with a child of our own. But rarely do we think about sibling sexual abuse, which we think of as somehow very rare.

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Cara Vock

Director of Programs and Member Services

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Check out the NEW Building Trauma Informed Children's Advocacy Center's Resource Guide. This guide includes a directory of current resources including fact sheets, infographics, webinars, and assessment tools to assist children's advocacy centers in building a trauma-informed response. The guide includes resources for CAC staff and all members of the multidisciplinary team, including law enforcement, child protective services, medical providers, mental health providers, victim advocates, prosecutors, forensic interviewers, and MDT facilitators.

NCA has added three new optional Standards to their 10 National Standards of Accreditation for CACs: the Physical Abuse Standard, the Commercial Exploitation of Children Standard, and the Child Abuse Prevention Standard. Each CAC has the option to include any of these in their NCA reaccreditation application, and this is an opportunity to be recognized for their expertise in these specific areas.

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The 2022 CACI Training Calendar is ready for download!

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Download your copy here

Mike Burns

 Statewide MDT Coordinator

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On March 16-17, 2022, CACI hosted The Zero Abuse Project as the presented the Illinois Prosecutor Institute. The training was virtual and there were over 30 attendees. While the training was geared for Prosecutors, other MDT member roles from across the state attended this valuable training as well. There were some new faces on the training and we are hopeful that they continue to join us in future events.

Kenny Matthews

Chief Financial Officer


Thomas Mitchell, one of our incredible keynote speakers at Champions, recommended I read "Obedience to Authority" by Stanley Milgram in order to get a better understanding of how we react to authority and normative conformity. It was such a great (and quick) read, that I just had to pass on the recommendation. Literacy and education are our only defenses against headlines built to sell and rampant groupthink. Enjoy!

Kathy L Murphy

VOCA Fiscal Grant Monitor

Kathy Murphy.jpg

Upcoming Due Dates:

CESF February Fiscal Expense PFR due Tuesday, March 5, 2022

VOCA February Fiscal Expense PFR due Monday, March 11, 2022 (10th falls on Sunday)

VOCA FY22 site visits are starting. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, either in person or virtually!

Michael Morgan

VOCA Program Grant Monitor

Michael Morgan Pic 2.JPG

We are starting VOCA FY22 Site Visits. Please look out for your 30 day letter. If the scheduled time doesn't work, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Quarterly Data is due for both CESF and VOCA on Monday, April 11th. Remember, we need you all to submit the Time Certification Form and Time sheets for VOCA and CESF (if applicable). 

Hanane Bousfoul

Data and Communications Specialist


CACs across Illinois have conducted a total of 6,183 forensic interviews in the first and second quarters of FY22. The provided graph indicates the number of child victims referred by DCFS or Law enforcement to be interviewed at an Illinois CAC per month from July 2021 to December 2021.

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The Child Advocacy Center of McHenry County is hosting a virtual training on 3 separate days throughout April. 

CACI Statewide MDT Coordinator, Mike Burns, will be speaking on April 6th.

Download Training Flyer
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Children's Advocacy Center of North and Northwest Cook County is seeking a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead one of the largest and most respected Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) in the state of Illinois with a catchment area of the northern and northwestern Cook County, Illinois. The role of the N/NWCAC CEO is to manage the day-to-day operations of the organization. In partnership with the Board of Directors, the CEO is responsible for assuring that the organization's accomplishments and financial stability are aligned with its mission, vision and strategic plan. The CEO maintains positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders, designs and directs strategies to achieve positive outcomes, ensures sound financial practices, and leads the organization towards favorable growth. The CEO reports to the Board Chair.

For more information, and how to apply:

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