CCEI March 2022 Newsletter
Speech and Language Development
The first few years of a child’s life are the optimal time for speech and language skills to develop. This period is called the window of opportunity for speech and language development. This means that during this time, the brain is primed to absorb language and make essential brain connections related to communication. Learn More
Elements of Speech and Language Development
Speech and Language Milestones
Promoting Speech and
Language Development
Augmentative and Alternative Communication Tools
Additional Articles
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CCEI Poll Results: February 2022 Newsletter
What is the main reason that you conduct observations in your learning environment?

A. Because it is required - 15.2% (86)
B. So I can complete assessments on children - 16% (90)
C. To be able to talk with families in an informed manner - 14.5% (82)
D. It helps me make decisions about curriculum and interactions with children - 17.2% (97)
E. For all of the above reasons - 27.1% (209)

Total: 564 responses

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Have you used sign language or alternative communication tools in your learning environment?
A. Yes, I have used both sign language and other alternative communication tools
B. I have used sign language but not alternative communication tools
C. I have used alternative communication tools, but not sign language
D. I don’t have experience with sign language or alternative communication tools
CCEI Student Spotlight
Kierst Doolittle
Boston, MA
CCEI was recommended to me by one of my co-teachers and the director of the school. We all had a positive experience with CCEI! My education coach was very helpful, responsive, and encouraging. I would not hesitate to recommend CCEI to anyone in the ECE field!

Using Sign Language to Promote Communication Skills

We have all heard the phrase - children are hands on learners. This means that they tend to learn through the concrete manipulation of materials with their hands. For example, children learn how to stack blocks, not by being told how to, but by...

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