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March, 2022

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James Pollack

New Lecturer in Legal Studies

March Trivia Question!

Guess right and you can win lunch with Daniel Breen and a surprise guest!


"Walk the land"... that's the defacto motto of one James B. Pollack, and when asked if his students could only take one thing away from his courses…"walk the land" was how Pollack replied. Brandeis Professor James Pollack is currently in his first semester of teaching at Brandeis. His expertise lies in environmental law and policy, federal Indian law, natural resources law, and public land law. His interest in environmental law is deeply rooted in his innate connection with the wilderness and the natural world. His love of fishing and mountain climbing has fostered his growing understanding of where our land comes from, to whom it belongs, and how we can collectively harness public land to further our learning.


If cloning technology existed during the 1920s, and if Chief Justice William Howard Taft were to have been cloned at some point circa the year 1925, how many such clones could fit on the third floor of Brown Hall (including classrooms and offices)?

The first 3 students who submit the right answer will be invited to the faculty club for a lunch with Prof. Dan Breen and surprise guest!

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Community Shout-outs

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Recent & Upcoming Events:


Inspector General of the Department of Justice Visits Brandeis

Michael Horowitz '84, Inspector General of the Department of Justice, speak to LGLS 118 and LGLS 89A on Wed., March 9, on the topic of law school, the Inspector General statute, and the way it structures Horowitz's role as IG of the Justice Department. He went on to speak about the importance of the Rule of Law and the need to make sure powerful agencies like the FBI stay within the rules. Attorney Horowitz is the recipient of the 2022 Brandeis Alumni Achievement Award.


Brandeis Educational Justice Initiative Reading Group

The Brandeis Educational Justice Initiative (BEJI) works with a range of partners who aim to reach those currently impacted by the criminal justice system.

BEJI Reading Group will be on Monday, March 21 @ 2pm. Kevin Doherty from the Philosophy department will share both artistic and philosophical materials that explore the underpinnings and the true reasons for our current system of incarceration--and help us think about what alternatives to that system are possible, and why.

For more information or to get involved, contact Rosalind Kabrhel


From Science to Action

on Climate Change:

Peter Frumhoff

Peter C. Frumhoff has been selected as the 2022 Richman Distinguished Fellow in Public Life. He will be in residence at Brandeis March 29 - 31, 2022. His award ceremony and lecture, hosted by Provost Carol Fierke, is open to all. Dr. Frumhoff visits Prof. Melissa Stimell's open class session. This course teaches students about our democracy through active engagement in the state-level legislative process. Students focus on a variety of topics, including the environment, health-care equity, homelessness, and immigration.

Thursday, March 31

2-3:20 p.m.

Olin-Sang 116: Advocacy for Policy Change

Join us in person or

via Zoom:

For other additional open events, please visit here for more details. 

Boston Courts and Civic Resources:

Did you know courts have reopened and students are welcome to attend live sessions? You can also watch online!

Massachusetts Federal Courts


Supreme Judicial Court:

1 Pemberton Sq., Boston, MA (may be limited as to availability)

SJC: Log on remotely or go live. 

SJC Calendar:


US District Court (Federal) for MA:

1 Courthouse Way

Boston, Massachusetts 02210

State and District Court


Suffolk County Superior Court:

3 Pemberton Sq., Boston, MA


Boston Municipal Court - Central Division:

Edward W. Brooke Courthouse, Boston, MA


Suffolk County Probate and Family Court:

24 New Chardon St., Boston, MA 02114 

Just walk in any time.


Waltham District Court:

38 Linden St., Waltham, MA

Zoom meeting ID is 160 7740 6501

(Civil and criminal at same court in same courtroom)

Arts, Journalism & Literature Recommendation:

Law & Society Series at the Brandeis University Press


Brandeis University Press and the Brandeis Legal Studies Program at Brandeis University are pleased to announce a new book series - the Brandeis Series in Law and Society. This series is edited by Rosalind Kabrhel J.D. and Daniel Breen, J.D. Ph.D. and will publish books that take an interdisciplinary approach to the law with a view towards shedding light on the variety of ways in which legal rules and the institutions that enforce them affect our lives. On Oct. 12th, 2021 we celebrated the launch of the book series by having a conversation with the author Jan Nisbet and the co-founder of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network Ari Ne'eman.

The Brandeis Series in Law and Society is adding a new book to the series--When Freedom Speaks. This new book which chronicles Supreme Court cases on the First Amendment will be coming out this spring. Please follow this link for more details. 

Job Postings and Internship Opportunities:

2022 Joshua A. Guberman Teaching Fellowships

Brandeis University

Waltham, MA

Follow Link Below to Apply:

Fall 2022 Joshua A. Guberman Teaching Fellowships 

Student Resources:


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Grace Last

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