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March 2022

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  • President's Message
  • Fall 2022 News: In-Person and on Zoom
  • Call for Course Proposals
  • Second 6-Week Classes
  • Long Range Planning Survey
  • Stew Goodwin Recording
  • Special Events
  • Carol Call Tribute
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ALL Contact Information
The ALL Office at Cape Cod Community College is closed temporarily.

Feel free to contact us:
Telephone 774-330-4400 (please leave a message)
President's Message

Two weeks ago, board members Marilyn Nouri, Paul Coteus, Judy Roettig, and I had a very interesting and encouraging meeting with the College’s president, Dr. John Cox, and Chris Clark, VP of Finance and Operations. We requested the meeting to start the discussion about renewing or extending the Memorandum of Agreement and License that governs the relationship between ALL and the College. We were very gratified to hear from Dr. Cox that the “welcome mat” is out for ALL and that it is in front of Rooms C115 and C106. At the board meeting that followed, we voted to proceed with both in-person classes and Zoom classes in the Fall 2022 semester.

It feels good to report positive news like this, but it also means there are a lot of different areas needing attention over the next six months, such as reaching out to those members and coordinators who did not follow us into the world of Zoom, tweaking the registration processes and software to accommodate vaccination information, and developing a roster of volunteers for the Desk. This seems like a good time to remind our members that several committees will be looking for volunteers over the coming months, so please give that some thought.

We will need to comply with the College’s COVID-related policies that are in place when we return, and we all need to be aware of the possibility for potential snags such as any resurgence in the COVID threat.

The near future is looking pretty bright now and I am probably not alone in looking forward to seeing some familiar faces in the fall. 

Jim Lathrop
ALL President

Fall 2022: In-Person and on Zoom!
We are so pleased to announce that starting in the fall we will be able to meet at Cape Cod Community College in our old rooms - 115 and 106. We will continue to offer courses on Zoom, as well as in-person courses. We will be opening up a new Zoom slot: 6:00-7:20 p.m. because people have suggested that they would take courses after they come back from work if courses were offered at that time.

If you know people who would be open to serving as coordinators, please contact them and ask them to send in a proposal for a new course. We are hopeful that former coordinators will be returning to ALL now that we can be back together in person. Our portal welcomes one and all for the fall!
Miriam Kronish
Chair, Curriculum Committee

Fall 2022: Time to submit courses
Your Curriculum Committee happily announces
that our portal is open and ready to receive
proposals for fall courses

We will offer in-person courses at Cape Cod Community College
and also on Zoom

Please consider sharing your talents with ALL of us

An added feature is opening up: a Zoom 6:00 - 7:20 p.m. slot
for those who have asked for courses to be offered in the evening
Come one - come all
Let’s learn together
No matter the weather!
We look forward to hearing from you - soon
Miriam Kronish
Chair, Curriculum Committee

Second 6-Week Session Begins March 21st
Classes are Available

There is still time to sign up for some second-session classes!

ALL members registered for spring 2022 classes are welcome to sign up for the following classes with openings. These classes run during our second 6-week session, from March 21st through May 2nd. 
See our catalog for full course descriptions.
If interested, please contact our Registration Team:
ALL Registration
Jean DeVincentis
Registration Committee Chair

Long Range Planning Committee Survey Results Coming Next Month

We want to thank the ALL members who participated in the recent Long Range Planning Committee survey. The ideas and suggestions received were shared with the ALL Board and are helping us plan for the Fall semester.

A brief summary of the survey findings will be posted in next month's newsletter.

Recording of
Stew Goodwin's March 9 Lecture Available
Stew Goodwin has been teaching at ALL for over 15 years after retiring from a career in the international investment business. On March 9th he presented a timely special event lecture via Zoom. A recording of that lecture is now available on the ALL website for those of you who missed it.

A recording of Stew Goodwin's March 9th ALL Special Presentation of “The Triangle - Russia, China, and the U.S.” is available through March 15th on ALL's website.

On Wednesday, March 9th at 1:30 p.m., ALL member and coordinator Stew Goodwin presented

“The Triangle - Russia, China, and the U.S.”

Putin has crossed the Rubicon, and in effect declared war on NATO. Europe is not entering another Cold War, it is in the midst of a dangerous hot war that has resulted from mutual underestimation. 
To access the recording before March 15th, click here:
Diane Hoover
Chair, Special Events Committee

Special Events
On February 9 and February 16, 2022, John Ward presented the Special Event entitled “Sagamore to Provincetown – One Photographer’s Journey Around Cape Cod” to two ALL Zoom audiences at 1:30 to 2:50. A keen amateur photographer, John Ward moved to Cape Cod from Westchester County, NY, in 2008 and has been taking photographs ever since. He has been active as an ALL coordinator over the past five years as well as a member of the Cape Cod Viewfinders Camera Club.

John’s presentation included over 120 or so pictures showing the many faces of Cape Cod from his personal vantage point – what you might see when driving or walking along a Cape Cod road, the Cape Cod Canal, or along the ocean or a Cape Cod beach – such images as fishermen, quaint and stately Cape houses, picturesque views at dawn and sunset, Cape Cod Bridges, the beaches, the Figawi Race of sailboats, the night sky including the Milky Way, to name a few. Following his event, John answered various questions posed to him by the audience.
Stay tuned for our next Zoom special event. On Wednesday, March 23, from 1:30 to 2:50 p.m. June Calendar will present the “ALL Reflections Launch Celebration”.

Diane Hoover
Chair, Special Events Committee

A Tribute to Carol Call

ALL member and former office administrator Carol Call died on Feb. 6, 2022 at Pleasant Bay Center, Brewster, MA after a mighty struggle with cancer. She is survived by daughter, Ardie, of Hyannis.

Carol was a friend of many during her time at the ALL desk. She also attended many classes and was adept at helping people with copying and printing course materials.

Carol’s musical abilities were legend. A long-time member of the Harwich Town Band, Carol played three instruments. A member of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Barnstable, Carol and Ardie were choir members. Carol also volunteered in the Church office.

Carol will be remembered by many, many people on Cape Cod as a kind and loving woman who lent her helping hands to anyone. We will sorely miss her.

Barbara Leedom
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